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The Benefits of Financing Furniture

When you’re investing in a new business, sometimes cash is hard to come by. But there is one way to spend less money and that is to finance office furniture instead of buying it outright. It’s a great option instead of renting it or buying it with cash. Renting it can be expensive too as a long-term option. But when you finance office furniture and equipment, you’re only making a small monthly payment, and you own the furniture at the end of the contract.

Business loan buttonNow business offices when starting out need office furniture and equipment to start operations, but often they don’t have the extra money for it. Sometimes your funding options are limited, or your line of credit is almost gone too. So, what can you do for acquiring what you need?

A lot of finance companies will offer different options for financing furniture and equipment. What you need to do is to determine what fits your needs and financial structure. For a company starting out, whether small or mid-sized, financing furniture and office equipment instead of using cash does have benefits, but also it has risks though. You still need to calculate the costs versus the gain. There are several things to check out before signing on the dotted line too. These things would be exactly what is the type of furniture and equipment being purchased, your cash flow for payment, cost-effectiveness, your other credit demands and long-term capital needs.

So, how can you figure out what is best for your new company? Things to keep in mind are your current budget, your tax situation, how much equipment and furniture you’re going to need. Also, it’s important to consider your company’s future capital needs in relation to future growth.

Below are some benefits to financing instead of using cash on hand:

  • planning with a notebook and calculatorPreserving your capital: Most businesses consider preservation of capital important, so financing furniture and equipment is an attractive option. When you are first opening a business, investing large amounts of money in these things can be a risk because your business hasn’t made a profit yet. When financing office necessities, the payment is only a small part of your investment and can be spread out over a period of time then.
  • Financing helps to preserve capital: When you have a budget without a large one-time expenditure, it keeps your budget consistent. With financing, it keeps your expenses even too by only spending a small amount each month instead of having a huge outlay all at once. A loan lets you lock in your payment at a certain interest additionally for the length of the loan. This way you can plan for each month instead of having an emergency and wishing you still had your cash to handle it.
  • Financing lets you purchase more: When you finance instead of paying cash, it allows you to purchase more of what you need. Say, for instance, your employees are asking about the ergonomic chairs which are easier on a person’s back and make an employee more productive. With financing, you would be able to afford them. When you have a better class of furniture in your office, this will boost morale and productivity; and increase your professional image with your clients.

What type of furniture and equipment can you finance for your office?

Well, you can finance work desks, ergonomic chairs, reception desks and furniture for the reception area. File cabinets, storage shelves, lighting, cubicles, conference tables, conference boards and even white screens can be financed. You can finance printers, copiers and even video conference equipment to fill your needs.

Imagine starting out your business with everything that you need, and you only have to make one payment a month? Your business is up and running, the reception area is welcoming, and the employees all have their desks and ergonomic chairs. The atmosphere is one of excitement and anticipation as your first customers show up for their appointments.

Of course; you need a good business plan to succeed, but you can’t succeed without furniture and equipment.

All this can happen with the right office furniture and equipment then, and it can be yours by simply financing your dream.


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Mid-Century Modern Office Furniture

If you’re redoing your office and want a timeless design and high-style furniture for your office, think mid-century office furniture. This type of furniture design was original in the 1950’s, but is now the latest rage. Furnishings for this look include the styles of chairs, desks, bookcases and filing cabinets used back then for starters. This furniture gives the 50’s look which has an appeal all its own.

Knoll Pollock Executive Leather Used Chair, CaramelThe furniture design is sleek with tapered legs and with edges which are beveled which give the pieces the iconic look of the ‘50’s. The designs are functional and simple, and each piece can speak for itself in elegance of an era gone by.

If you want something in your office with taste and elegance, then this is the type of furniture which is great to purchase. It makes a statement; it says something and brings warmth and shows good taste in your décor.

The 50’s

The features of this type of furniture are its classic look which is understated with clean lines. The theory behind this is that function is important because form follows function. This furniture is known for an uncluttered sleek look then that is both geometric and organic in form. The furniture has a minimum of ornamentation.

Part of the charm of this style was the combination of new construction and the use of plastic. The plastic was used for the look it brought itself too rather than trying to make it into an imitation of something else. For example, trying to make it look like wood. Other materials were used in making 50’s furniture also like metal, plywood, vinyl, glass, Lucite and Plexiglass.

When you redo your office in mid-century modern office furniture though, don’t do a full-scale replica of the time because it looks better blended. So, use pieces which reflect that period without being overwhelming. Pieces which were iconic from that period too have been copied and adapted now, so you can find pieces for your office that will fit your budget. Try not to get too many patterns and stay within a color range. Accent pieces against one another with your office furniture so that it adds to the elegance of your office setting.

Some examples of mid-century modern office furniture:

This desk is the Louis L Shape Veneer Desk Left Return, with a wood veneer surface. It has a privacy panel and a box pedestal. The legs are the chrome look of the 50’s with silver powered grommet. The desk also locks.

Herman Miller Eames ChairThis Herman Miller Eames, Molded Plastic Side Chair, is a white plastic shell with chrome legs and has a modern design. It looks like a 1950’s chair when shell chairs were all the rage.

The Knoll Pollock Executive Leather Used Chair is a fixed height with fixed arms and of a vintage design. The tan leather has buttons in it which helps to make this a workable design.

This Herman Miller Geiger L Shape 30×66 Right Return Desk is a light maple reminisce of the 50’s in both the color and sleek shape.  The wood is veneer. The desk has I box and 1 box file pedestal along with other features. There are 1-2 drawers lateral, and it has metal loop handles.

This Herman Miller Geiger Camden Used Leather Guest Chair has an upholstered seat, arms and back. It has a wood frame with fixed arms. It made from leather, the color of chocolate, with cherry legs. It has a very sleek simple design.

The furniture of the 50’s had a charm all of its own. You can acquire that same look in your office by combining different pieces together. The look is sleek, clean and functional and makes a statement. Just remember again not to over wow your clients with the 50’s so blend the furniture in. Like with technicolor where watching more than one movie can be overwhelming.

The 50’s are a time well gone. But the look is making a comeback because of the understated style which can bring an office both a professional look that says competence and a look that says a handshake is my word.


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The Ideal Office Furniture for A Business Professional

Office Specialty Used 4 Drawer Lateral File 42 Inch, Maroon

Office furniture is more than the furniture just like the flowers are not the whole garden. So, it’s also the lighting and the surroundings in the office that make the office. All of this with the right furniture pieces can play a part in boosting your productivity in your business. Think about it; you spend at least 8 hours a day, and sometimes more, in one place for most of your daylight hours. So, having boring furniture and a boring office doesn’t help to increase your work output. But having furniture which reflects your personality and the brand of your company will because you will be in the right setting.

Using color and space

Celeste by goSIT Modern Fabric Reception Chair, Ruby RedBringing color into your office with the furniture, and on your walls, can lift your mood. It can also help to relieve stress and put you in a better frame of mind. Because bright or cool colors will give a break to your eyes and help you clear your head. Rich wood furniture with bright accent colors gives a warm and homey feeling too. A chrome and glass look will give your office a more modern décor.  Additionally, interesting paintings or photos can brighten up a dull and boring area.

Another idea is to divide your office into two different areas, if you have the space. There can be an area which is more professional which would be where your desk, office chair and computer are. The other side could have two comfortable chairs; or a couch, a coffee table and elegant lighting. This can be the section where you sit and talk with clients before doing business, or even where you take a break away from your desk. Be sure the furniture is comfortable and the colors are either soothing or invigorating, depending upon your personality.

Lighting is important

Lighting is important as well. If you’re fortunate enough to have a window in your office, you can be exposed to 173% more white light. This can help you work more effectively as well as lighten your mood. If you don’t have windows, buying lighting which will brighten up your dark corners is important to relieve eye strain.

Not only that, but having plants in your office will help clean the air of impurities and bring some nature indoors. It also makes for a more welcoming atmosphere for clients who come into your office. You can place the plants by a window or display them under indirect lighting for an accent. In addition, please don’t leave any dead leaves on your plants. This looks like you don’t care and can give the wrong impression about your business. Clients aren’t going to think “Wow, they’re so busy, they don’t even have time to water the plants!” What they may think is that you don’t care, and they may wonder if you’ll care about their business.

The effect

Denmark Executive U-Shaped Desk in GrayThe overall effect you want to give is that you are a successful business professional. This should reflect not only in what you wear, but in what your office says about you. So, your office should be welcoming without being overwhelming. If your office is disorganized, then it will give the impression to your clients that you are as well too. When you combine organization with high quality furniture though, it gives your client confidence in your abilities as an entrepreneur. Your furniture should reinforce your brand as well as spell it out also. So, your furniture should fit your business brand.

If you’re a corporate office which handles computers then, your clients wouldn’t expect to see flowers and candles everywhere. Also, your office should be clean and presentable. This means no crumbs on your desk or coffee stains on your chairs. So if you have rugs on the floor, they should be vacuumed daily by maintenance or if you don’t have maintenance, then by you or someone in the office. There shouldn’t be dust anywhere or smudges either. Everything should sparkle which needs to sparkle and look sharp where it matters most.

Making the right impression on a client begins when that client walks through your office door.


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Using Mixed Materials and Superior Adjustable

The trend that everything has to match in your office is passé. Using mixed furniture instead is the new tread. When textures and colors are used in your offices, conference rooms and other rooms too, this gives everything a more personalized look too. The idea is to make the office an extension of your tastes by not using the same type of furniture pieces everywhere so that you can make an office or work place flow to your inspiration. This also extends to what the pieces are made from and their colors. A workable look which is trending now is to use metal and wood together for a more eclectic appearance additionally.

Materials which office furniture is made from

Adjustable height conference table by goSIT Modern OfficeThe trend now is to mix furniture materials for a unique look. Metal, for example, works better as an accent, though not as a material for a working desk top since metal writing surfaces will scratch easier. Metal can be used also for basic structure or support pieces. Frames and bases of some are built from polished steel and aluminum instead of chrome. The finishes are satin, polished or brushed so that the furniture looks classy.

Laminate is another option which is now frequently used with attractive patterns and colors. There are patterned woods, abstract designs and various colors with even custom graphics. There is also whites, grey-striped wood grains, grays and blacks as well as dark espresso woods. Laminate is a wonderful writing surface too. Drinks can be spilled and pen marks left behind and cleanup is easy.

Laminate is also great for tables which pull apart, mobile teaming tables and flip flop tables. In addition, laminate tables can be edged in PVC, wood and rubber edges in different styles. Laminate is harder than a wood veneer surface too, but costs less.

Now wood has a unique texture, and the grain has character which will accent any style and adds interest. Few tables are made from solid wood though because wood will contract and expand which causes warping so most furniture is made from wood veneered material. The wood grain, the sheen and the color of the wood grain will give a piece of furniture a unique appearance additionally. When different wood colors are combined together right also, this gives any office a modern look.

Examples of mixed material furniture

goSIT Modern Office 10ft White Melamine Lifting Conference Table, Gray Base

This conference table has a two-piece electric lifting top. The surface is laminated with metal legs and a gray laminated base. It’s Boatshaped which has a more graceful appearance than a regular rectangular table. However; the width and length of a Boatshaped table is almost the same as a rectangular table.

goSIT Modern Office Storage Credenza in Gray LaminiategoSIT Modern Office Melamine Credenza, Gray

Credenzas have many uses in the office such being used as file cabinets, media cabinets or even standing desks. This furniture is a wonderful addition to any office and will impress visitors and clients alike. This particular Credenza has 4 push release doors as well as four adjustable shelves. The top is gray laminated and the base is metal. Its dimensions are depth 19” x Width 71” x Height 33.5 “

goSIT Modern Office White Melamine Lifting Desk, Gray Base

A lift desk doesn’t keep you locked in your chair; you can stand up and move around with ease. The desk has an electric lift top too with lets you either sit or stand with better support. This helps with health and increases productivity. It also will increase your energy levels so that you can focus on your project.

This particular lifting desk comes in a white laminate top with metal legs and a gray laminate base.

So, mixing materials in your office furniture will give your office a new sense of style. There are colors and combinations of wood, metal and laminate to suit anyone with flair and taste. Mix and match to your heart’s content since you know what will look best in your offices and conference rooms.

When looking for a new idea for furniture check out the links above. The selection choices will astonish you even more than the great prices.


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How to Prepare for a Growing Company

Your business is growing, and you’re going to have to hire more employees to cover the growth. You also know that your business is going to grow even larger in the future. So how do you plan for buying furniture which will be sufficient for the growth now and future growth? How do you handle the growth now if you intend to move later? Below are some ideas which may help with that issue:

  • goSIT Cubicle Pod of 6 Stations in Taupe, Metal and GlassHandling the influx of employees while still in the same space: One of the problems may be managing overcrowding while waiting to move to a bigger office space. One way to do it is to replace the traditional large office furniture with something stylish and space saving. Perhaps an open work environment where employees are working closer together and need less room. It can be done by using modular workstations which can be reconfigured into various pod layouts. When you move, you just take the modular workstations with you.
  • Having private space areas: If you implement an open work environment, privacy is still needed. So, have your conference room opened for private meetings or personal phone calls. The room can be reserved for a certain amount of time depending on the number of people needing it, so everyone has a chance to use it.
  • Temporary telecommuting: Another way to handle cramped spaces is to have some of the in-office staff telecommute. Some of your team, depending on what type of work they do, don’t need to be physically around the rest of their team if they strictly do sales calls or computer work. Make sure that they skype with you and perhaps others to stay connected to the company culture.

Planning for the future

You can also buy office furniture with the future in mind. Figure out how many employees are going to be needed in each department. You have different desk types then that will fit your workspace as well. There could be conference rooms or smaller private rooms for private meetings. You have the option of using office desks or standing desks or acoustics pods additionally in various ways. If you buy modular furniture, it can be adapted as you grow as a business too, and you can conveniently use it the way you need it if you move. Filing systems and desks then can be put together to form a variety of places for your employees to work with each other without taking up a lot of room.

goSIT Telemarketing Cubicle in Taupe Fabric with GlassDifferent types of workstations can be added such as the curved workstation also. This workstation doesn’t have sharp edges so your employees can get closer to their keyboards. If arranged in the correct pattern, they can provide a degree of enclosed privacy.

Another option is the managerial collaborative workstation which can help a new employee with transition or employees who don’t spend a lot of time at their desks but still need to see what is going on with clients on the computer at times. It’s also a great station for co-workers who need to collaborate on a project. In addition, it can be used when a new employee and a mentor work together to teach the new employee.

The minimalist workstation is for people who don’t spend a lot of time working at their desks also. It has personal storage cabinets and a locked filing cabinet. It’s good for the floating worker to put important files and personal items. This type of workstation does help to increase productivity but can also hinder productivity because of the noise levels from other workers though. Buffers may need to be installed such as acoustic ceiling tiles and acoustic surrounds.

An extended work surface station is great for meetings between two co-workers on a project. It’s also ideal for impromptu meetings at the desk-side, so conferences rooms or other spaces won’t need to be used which can be time-consuming to set up.

Privacy screens at workstations can be put up or removed depending on the level of privacy wanted. This type of workstation works for staff who handle sensitive information.

Buying office furniture which you can adjust to your growing needs is the smart thing to do. You can then design the business environment and office that is right for your company.


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Why Buy a Used Office Furniture?

As a business owner, you try to save money where you can. You also know that buying new office furniture can be an expensive output. So, more and more office managers and business owners are buying used office furniture to furnish their offices. If you have a limited budget, then used furniture may be the answer to your problem of needing furniture in your office. Additionally, by shopping carefully with a reputable dealer, you can find furniture that looks as good as new and will be accepted by your office employees gladly. Then you can refurbish your entire office, including the cubicles of your employees.

HON-Initiate-6x6-01Now if you’re looking for used cubicles for your employees, Initiate Used Cube by HON is one that you should check out. The cubicles are 67’’ high by 6’ deep and 6’ feet wide, so they are roomy and can be comfortably furnished. They are on box file pedestals and have one file pedestal with an overhead storage cubicle. It comes in gray and is sold in pods of 4 or more so that you can buy for more than one employee when you purchase these. Each employee would then have their own private space. More work would then get accomplished as your employees would have better work spaces, and you’ll have happier employees. Everyone likes to have their own space, and this will be done at a considerable savings to you.

Other benefits for buying used

There are other benefits to buying used office furniture. Below are some of those benefits listed:

  • You save money: By bargain shopping and hunting for the best deals you can save up to 50 percent and still buy good quality furniture even if it’s used. Most of the office furniture only has very minimal wear and tear because of having been used for only a couple of years. Once the price tags are removed, people usually can’t tell new from used. Your office will just have a comfortable feeling to it and your office will have a whole new look at a much lower cost.
  • You save time: New office furniture can take up to 6 weeks to be delivered while you and your employees are working on top of the breakroom tables. Most used furniture places though can have your furniture to you within a 48-hour window. You and your employees will be working in offices with new used furniture in style and comfort within a short time.
  • Help the environment: By going green and recycling still good used wooden desks, they won’t go early into a landfill. So when you buy used, you get a better deal and help the environment.
  • More bang for your buck: When new office furniture arrives at your office, the resale value drops immediately. It will drop to 25% of the purchase value five years of your purchase. When used furniture is purchased, resale value can be as high as 75% of the purchase price though. So, you can save money when you buy it and get back a nice amount if you resell it at a later date.

Thoughts about used furniture

Indiana UShape EspressoOne of the biggest misconceptions about used furniture is that there isn’t much life left in this kind of furniture and that the furniture will be worn out. Additionally, it’s also thought that previously owned office furniture won’t hold up like new furniture. But by buying from a reputable dealer, you can buy pre-owned, gently used office furniture that will last for a long time that was originally expensive and meant to last to begin with. An office that was hardly used or a business that remodels a lot will have nice furniture which is perfect for what you’re looking for.

Now if you’re just starting up in a business, then you can spend up to 70% more on new furniture than when buying used. So, used furniture won’t sink your budget, and your office will still be functional and stylish.

So, why buy new when used will do. If you can find the same quality and style of furniture, why not buy it used. Desks, cubicles, chairs, and more items not mentioned are available. Check out a reputable used office furniture dealer and see for yourself.


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Going Green with Pre-owned Office Furniture

Peyton by goSIT Modern Leather Reception Chair, Blue

Going green is a popular topic today. Many companies are doing their best to eliminate waste and minimize their impact on the environment as a part of doing business. Many workplaces emphasize recycling cans, papers, bottles and reducing the amount of materials, such as paper. These are all important contributions when it comes to reducing your office’s waste materials. When it comes to really going green, there are some other big-picture strategies you should consider. Also, keep in mind that many strategies for “going green” are often cost savers.

Haworth Used Right Return Veneer U Shape Bullet Desk, Tiger MapleThere are many easy-to-implement ideas that can help you reduce waste in the office. One tactic is to have your office manager keep a careful watch over the existing office supplies. This isn’t just a strategy to manage costs. It is an effective way to get everyone in the office to use less. If people can’t easily access additional materials, they’re more likely to look on or in their desks for pens or notepads.

Cut down on your printing. Ask your team for suggestions about how to cut down on printing waste. Old habits die hard and some offices still print out meeting agendas and reports that could easily be shared digitally. A lot of company storage can be switched to online environments instead of being printed out and saved in filing cabinets and at off-site locations. You’ll also save money on printer ink, paper and storage as a bonus. Some offices switch to recycled paper but this can be costly. You can actually have more of an impact by cutting down on the amount of paper you use in the first place.

One of the most significant steps you can take towards going green is buying second-hand. Re-using existing items extends their lifetime so that they don’t end up in a landfill when they’re perfectly usable. This is especially easy to do with furniture since it isn’t technical equipment and doesn’t have to run software. This isn’t always possible, but if you can find stylish, up-to-date furniture in good condition, you’ll save the by-product wastage that’s involved in the creation of new furniture. You’ll also save a great deal of money as well.

How can you find attractive and stylish pre-owned office furniture? Your best bet is to work with a furniture liquidator. These companies purchase high-quality, pre-owned furniture pieces, including desks, file cabinets, reception items, tables, and storage products. Liquidators also offer cubicles, conference room equipment, bookcases, chairs, lighting, privacy screens, white boards and more.

A reputable furniture liquidator like National Office Interiors can provided you with quality, well-made products produced by well-known brands. Furniture liquidators will clean products before shipping them. They often make small repairs and can replace upholstery if necessary. When you receive your purchases, you’ll find that the items are almost indistinguishable from new furniture.  

Steelcase Leap V2 Used Leather Task Chair, MahoganyYou can often significantly upgrade the style of the furniture in your office with a much lower budget than you anticipated without sacrificing your commitment to the environment. You won’t find old, out-of-style second-hand furniture like you see in thrift stores. Instead you’ll find the latest styles just like you would in high-end office stores. You won’t be settling for unstable, scratched or outdated items in order to keep your commitment to the environment.

Furniture liquidators offer high-end brand names with strong reputations as high quality furniture manufacturers. These include Steelcase, Knoll, Hon, goSIT, Haworth, Teknion, Allsteel, Paoli Furniture, Amia, Brayton, Leap, Think and Herman Miller. Other brands include Anderson, La-Z-Boy, Bernhardt and many others. You can trust these brands because of their long-standing established reputations in the business.

If you live near one of the National Office Interiors & Liquidators offices and would like to see available furniture in person, you can visit a store. There are locations in Chicago, Illinois; Dallas, Texas; Houston, Texas; Norcross, Georgia; and Tucson, California. If you aren’t able to visit, detailed pictures and descriptions of available products are on the company’s website. Products are typically shown from several different angles and you’ll be able to view product dimensions to determine whether the size is appropriate for your office space. The company is able to deliver throughout the United States and some parts of Canada.

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Why National Office Interiors & Liquidators is Different

Furnishing or updating an office it is an expensive endeavor. There are many advantages to using an office furniture liquidator instead of a retail store to help you furnish your office space. When you’re planning on furnishing or redecorating your office, you should consider the options that liquidators provide. These companies purchases large quantities of furnishings and sell them at discounted prices. The same companies may also be approved distributors of new furniture for some manufacturers. Office liquidators are attractive because the costs of outfitting a workplace are intimidating.

Herman Miller White Mirra BackNational Office Interiors & Liquidators (NOL) has extensive experience in the office furniture industry. NOL is different from other furniture liquidators because they have a commitment to high quality. The company focuses on buying gently used furniture that is in excellent condition. This allows them to sell items that provide excellent value for the price. NOL can help you buy the products you need while staying within your budget.

The advantage of using a furniture liquidator like NOL is that you’ll be able to purchase high-quality and stylish used items. NOL provides more value than other furniture liquidators. Some companies cut corners by buying low quality furniture. NOL never purchases low quality furniture. The company also will not purchase used items that are in bad condition. They only look for used office products that are in good shape. After purchase, all items are carefully examined to ensure that they are in good working condition. Next, products are reconditioned and are checked for signs of wear and tear. NOL doesn’t merely purchase then resell items without a thorough quality check.

When you are planning to furnish an office, there are wide wage of items you may need. Obviously you’ll need desks and chairs for employees. NOL has an inventory of seating options that will work for different environments. Whether you’re looking for cubicles, open workspaces, traditional offices or reception rooms, you’ll find that there are stylish and reasonably priced choices available. You can choose from formal office setups; casual seating; fixed seating and easily reconfigurable workstations.

Storage is a common issue for offices. It’s important to have adequate storage when you first open an office. Over time, you’ll find that your storage needs grow as the company grows. NOL has stylish storage options that fit with nearly every office decor. Items are available in wood, metal and laminate. You won’t have problems finding storage furniture that matches even the most modern office decor.

Storage Cabinets - 4 Drawer Lateral, 2 Drawer Lateral and Mobile PedestalThrough NOL, you can find a range of products including filing cabinets, employee lockers and mail room sorting structures. Bookcases and cabinets are also available. You can also find fire and security storage options. NOL purchases products that can help companies meet their storage needs in a cost-effective manner without sacrificing security, style or function.

In addition to offering high quality new and used furniture, NOL provides additional services. One in one convenient option is the company’s chair re-upholstery service. When the company purchases office furniture with damaged leather or unusually styled fabric, NOL re-upholsters the chairs so that they are usable. In some cases, you can work with the sales designer to choose the fabric, leather or recycled leather that will be used for your chairs. This way, you can purchase like-new chairs that coordinate with your office.

NOL features a wide range of brands that you are probably familiar with. They either offer gently-used furniture or new items. These include Steelcase, Knoll, Herman Miller, Hon, goSIT, Paoli Furniture, Haworth, Teknion and Allsteel. You won’t be purchasing low-end brands that don’t provide the quality you need. Warranties are available on some products. NOL has a price match guarantee on many items. Unlike many furniture liquidators, NOL offers warrantees on both new and used products.

The company will deliver your order throughout the United States. If you require on-site assembly, you can require this service. However, some people prefer to see products in person before they make a decision. If you would rather visit a showroom and pick up your items, you have a choice of locations throughout the country. There are showrooms in Phoenix, Arizona; Chicago, Illinois; Dallas, Texas; Houston, Texas; and Tustin, California.

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Creating a Professional Home Office

Ikea Galant Used 32x63 Adjustable Height Laminate Table, White

Do you work from home part of the time or all the time? More and more people telecommute on a regular basis. It’s a great benefit for a lot of reasons. You save time on commuting and time saved on travelling and office distractions leave you with more time to do work. Because you have more time, you’ll be able to complete your work more quickly and have more free time.

If you’re thinking about taking a home office deduction on your income taxes, you’ll need to create a separate space that is dedicated exclusively to your work. It needs to be used only for performing work and meeting with clients or patients. If you are considering taking this deduction, you should consult a tax professional to ensure that you are complying with the tax code.

Everyday Gray Modern Set Right Return with Hutch and StorageYou need to create a professional space to get your work done. If you try to accomplish your work at the dining room table or on the couch, you will inevitably be distracted. Investing the time and money in creating an office that is both stylish and functional. Your workspace doesn’t have to be huge, but it needs some basic features to help you be as productive as possible.

A good desk and chair will increase your comfort and ability to work effectively. You can find many different sizes of desks, depending on what fits your office. You may find that a smaller computer desk is a good fit or you may want a larger, executive desk. Think about how you’ll use the desk and whether you want drawers, a work table and, of course the size that you need.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a good chair. It’s tempting to cut corners and buy a cheaper model, but it’s a mistake. A good chair has features like back support, adjustable arms and height, back support and neck support. These features allow you to shape the chair to fit your body. This can prevent discomfort and injuries. You can find many styles of chairs that provide the support you need.

Managing clutter is an issue for a lot of people. It’s a difficult issue for a lot of people. Papers can pile up and make it difficult for you to find what you need quickly. This happens fast because when items aren’t used often, you probably put them aside and intend to deal with them later. Then, time goes by and they’re still there. That’s why it’s important to have a strategy for managing your materials. The root cause is usually sufficient storage space.

Arlington Desk Set SeriesYou can find many different storage options for your home office. You can find them in a variety of sizes so that pieces can fit into the room you’ve designated as an office spaces. Consider storage items such as bookcases, wardrobe-style cabinets, credenzas, desks with credenzas and file cabinets. You should consider whether your storage needs will grow over time. If so, consider purchasing extra storage to accommodate growth. Another option is to find pieces that you can easily add on to.

File cabinets are especially important when it comes to organization. Even though many materials are stored online, you will likely still have many paper documents you need to manage. These include receipts, invoices, catalogs and samples, among other things. A good file cabinet will help you find the documents you need quickly for clients, accounts and tax officials.

You can easily find storage materials, desks, tables, chairs and other materials that coordinate easily with the décor of your existing space. You can purchase laminate, wood in light and dark stains and gray materials. You’ll also have the option of mixing and matching pieces to achieve a unique look.

You don’t have to go bankrupt furnishing your home office. You also don’t have to resort to buying out- of-date, damaged or sub-par furniture. Many people worry about the cost, but try shopping at a furniture liquidator. These companies offer high-quality second-hand furniture. It has often been restored. Sometimes it has nearly indistinguishable marks and scuffs, which are always disclosed before you make a purchase. This allows you to create a professional home office without breaking the bank.

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Staging a Conference Room

Steelcase Protege 433 Used Conference Chair, Blueberry

Conference rooms are an important part of every business location. The rooms are used for a variety of different purposes including important meetings, training, sales meetings, customer meetings and many other purposes. When you stage a conference room, it’s important to focus on several issues. The room should be professional and inviting. The furnishings should be comfortable. You will need to provide furnishings and accessories for a variety of purposes.

Morgan 6 Foot Melamine Boat Shaped Conference Table, GrayMany meetings require table space for attendees. There may not be enough room at the main table for everyone who needs a space. Participants may need to lay out materials or take notes. To make a conference room as useful as possible, make sure you have tables available for the maximum number of attendees. You should also ensure that you have plenty of chairs for participants. The chairs should be comfortable since people often have to sit in meetings for an extended period of time. Consider features like padding, back support and arms.

Training tables can be a useful addition to a conference room. They’re popular because they are so versatile. Different sizes of training tables can be used individually to set up presentation areas. When the conference room is used for informational sessions, training tables can be used to hold literature, training materials, business plans or other materials.

Training tables offer a variety of advantages for conference rooms. One of the best features is nesting. Many types of training tables nest neatly so that they can be easily stored when not in use. When the tables are set up, they can be linked together to create a workspace. You also have the alternative of placing the tables face-to-face. When you do this, the training tables work as a conference table. This can be a useful alternative to a standard conference table depending on how the conference room is used. If it’s an informal room, these tables are a good choice.

There are many accessories that can facilitate communication and collaboration during meetings. Some meetings require confidentiality. In these cases, you can purchase conference boards that can be closed when not in use. When the doors are closed, the room also looks neater and more organized. White boards are another popular option for conference rooms. These allow participants to take notes and erase them whenever necessary. Glass marker boards have become popular for conference rooms. They have a modern style and are decorative in addition to being useful.

4x6 Glass WhiteboardStorage space is another consideration when you are staging a conference room. You may need space to store supplies like erasable markers, erasers, pens, paper, flip charts and other items used during meetings. Having a space to store these items is convenient for meeting participants. Storage also helps keep the room neat when it is not in use. Consider technology needs for meeting rooms. It’s more and more common for people to bring laptops and other mobile devices to meetings. When meetings run long, people need to charge their technology. You can purchase tables with grommets that allow people to plug in when necessary. This will make meetings more productive because people won’t have to interrupt proceedings to attend to their equipment.

Consider the tone of the room when you’re making furniture and accessory purchases. You can find reasonably-priced chairs, tables, storage and other items that coordinate to produce the style you are seeking. Don’t use mismatching pieces as it creates a cluttered, unprofessional style. Instead, buy pieces that match or easily coordinate. You can find light, dark or muted tones that fit in with your company’s image and the style of the room.

Staging a training room can seem like a daunting prospect when it comes to budgeting. After all, in addition to furniture, you probably need to purchase audio-visual equipment, white or glass boards, decorate the room and possibly pick out flooring. Fortunately, you don’t have to purchase extremely expensive furnishings to create an attractive, professional room. Avoid purchasing materials from big box stores or traditional furniture stores. You should also avoid second-hand furniture that is damaged or out-of-style. This will make your conference look shabby and dated. Instead, consider purchasing materials from an office liquidator. You will be able to choose from brand new and high-end used items that will help you build a space you can be proud of.