Cubicle Configurations

Cubicles come in a variety of configurations, colors, sizes and materials; new and pre-owned; powered and non-powered.  When purchasing pre-owned cubicles from National Office Interior and Liquidators the cost saving is outstanding, especially when coupled with the warranty and our product satisfaction guarantee.  We also offer new cubicles that can be customized to your needs, whether you’re looking for a single standalone station or 6 rows of 10 coupled with 14 pods of 8; we can help you plan your space to maximize the number of cubicle workstations you can comfortably fit in the floor plan.

The Basics of Cubicle Configuration

Cubicles come in pods, rows or as a standalone workstation. Please check the cubicle description area on each of our product listings for how they are sold.  We will work with customers to customize our pre-owned cubicles to fit their space, but there will be an additional fee for changing the configuration from how we liquidated the product as more parts and pieces will be needed to accomplish the goal. Please provide your sales representative with your detailed space plan or let us know what you’re looking for and we can help layout the space.

To help you better understand cubicles and why they need professional installation and planning, we have provided a diagram of a standard pod of 6, think of it like a six pack of soda with the spine being the shared element that holds the 6 cans or cubicle workstations together. To enlarge the diagram below, please click on the image.

Cubicles displayed in a pod of 6

As a pod of 6 there are many shared elements including the power whip, spine, connectors, panels, and caps. If you wanted to convert this pod of 6 to 2 rows of 3, you would be short many pieces, as all the shared elements would no longer be shared, leaving you with one complete row of 3 and only leftover pieces that would not make another row of 3. If you attempted to make a row of 4 out of this pod of 6, you would need additional pieces as well.

Remember to specify when buying your cubes if they will be against a wall or have the backs exposed (floating), as occasionally used cubicles purchased in pods may not have finished back panels or trim pieces needed for a floating row.

Cubicles displayed in rows

This is an example of two rows of 4, a typical configuration for a telemarketing unit. Just like with the pod of 6 above there are many shared elements, so if you wanted to create standalone cubicles out of the 8 (2 rows of 4) pictured, you would only be able to create 5 individual stations. Keep in mind, if you chose to change the depth or width of the telemarketing station when creating standalone cubicles, you would likely need more pieces like panels and connectors as an example.

Customizing Your Cubicle

As we’ve already discussed, adjusted configurations may be purchased to meet your space plan. If there is a specific size of cubicle, panel height or material (like glass) you would like to use in your cubicle and you do not see it offered in our cubicle section, please speak with a sales representative. As needs arise, we will source cubicles, and we’ve been known to modify our stock to accommodate the client’s request. For example, changing tall panel to short, lengthening or shortening the panel’s width, adding glass panels, or recovering panels to a new fabric.


Cubicle installation requires an office furniture professional, we strongly encourage our clients to hire an installer and forgo any DIY cubicle installs.  Used cubicles do not come with instructions, and typically arrive on a pallet and in speed packs where the installer will need to piece together the various components. Clients are responsible for rewiring powered cubicles to be compliant with their state and city codes.  We have a network of union and non-union installers; we are happy to assist you with selecting a provider or depending on the workstations our in-house team may be able to install it for you.

Depending on the size of your job, a cubicle installation may take a few hours or a few days and require additional vendors. If you are purchasing powered cubicles, you will need to hire an electrician to run the power to the cubicles to make them hot.  If you are running data and power through the raceways, then we suggest having those providers on-site during the cube install so lines can be ran prior to base plate raceways being installed.

Like many installation projects there may be a punch list after your initial install is complete. Typically the punch list items are cosmetic and will still allow you to use the cubicles.  There are times when the punch list parts need to be ordered from the manufacturer or another supplier, we will work with the provider to get you the remaining parts as soon as possible. Ideally you will have the components needed for the complete install upon delivery, but we want to be forthcoming and transparent that your installer may need to provide us with a punch list. We will strive to resolve any issues in a timely manner, we want you to be satisfied with your experience and product.

For additional information, please contact our sales team or space planner.