Catalina Drift Series

Catalina Drift desks have a knife edge and two types of interior desk styles. Styles include curved for a non-traditional look that provides extra space or straight edge for a sleek interior design. Made from a durable warm gray brown laminate with metal handles, the Catalina Drift office furniture series combines function with beauty. Pair your favorite laminate desk with a hutch, storage and meeting table for a complete executive office look. Our Catalina conference tables also have a knife edge and come with or without grommets. Pair with our conference chairs to complete the design for your collaboration space.

Catalina Drift Desks

Catalina Drift Tables

Catalina Drift Storage

The Drift laminate we offer at National Office Interiors is also utilized in the Morgan collection. Creating style options for our customers, and allowing for more flexibility when designing employee work spaces and home offices.