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Herman Miller Equa Chairs

When looking for new furniture for your business, consider the Herman Miller Equa Chairs. These chairs have curvy contours with rounded edges which make for a pleasing profile. Also, the seat and the back will flex separately when the person moves in the chair. Plus, with the tilt mechanisms, these give a natural reclining motion. These chairs were designed for both use and comfort.

Herman Miller Equa chairThe key to how the chair is designed is the equitable design’s one-piece shell. This was first developed in 1979 when it was figured out that by using an H-shaped cut-out the back that the seat would act independently from the rest of the chair. Then a few shells were developed by hand, and the comfortable shell form was designed. Next, the correct material and right manufacturing process needed to be found. So, fiber-reinforced resin was formed into a one-piece back and shell to accomplish this. By using thermoplastic molding, it produced a flexible, strong and cost-effective shell which was also visually pleasing. The chair became a classic.

So the chairs offered here are used. But they have been refurbished where needed and are of high-quality because the design is high-quality. It’s like when you buy a classic car that’s been refurbished and restored. The car was great to begin with and had a lot of class when it was built. So it still has a lot of class when you buy it.

Herman Miller Equa 1 Purple Used Task Chair

Ergonomic Chair

This Equa Chair by Herman Miller was made to equally prioritize sophistication and phenomenal back support. With the advanced technology of this chair, it allows a person to move around, perform various tasks and sit in a variety of positions. Made from the one-piece shell with an H-shaped cut-out, waterfall edges, and replaceable plush foam cushions; the chair is beautiful and functional. The Equa is a strong, flexible and cost-effective chair. It’s made to respond and interact with the person sitting in it, without requiring that the person to manipulate a host of buttons and knobs. It has a pneumatic lift, a tilt tension knob, and height adjustable armrests. This particular chair comes in purple with a gray base with these dimensions: Width 25.5 x Depth 16.75 x Height 39.5

Herman Miller Equa Used Sled Base Side Chair, Blue Pattern

Herman Miller “Equa” allows everyone in the office-regardless work activities or body type to experience good ergonomic support and comfort. There isn’t any pressure beneath your thighs because of the waterfall front edges. There also isn’t any pressure on your arms because of the wide, soft armrests that are sloped.

This chair is made of 36% recycled materials too, and each Equa 2 chair is 86% recyclable. The color of this chair is blue with a black frame with Dimensions: Width 25.5″ x Depth 25.5″ x Height 37″ with 9″ for seat arm.

Herman Miller Equa Mid Back Used Task Chair, Black


Herman Miller Equa Used Low Back Task Chair, BlackThe designers Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick developed the Equa Chair by Herman Miller to equally prioritize sophistication and phenomenal back support. With the advanced technology of this chair, it allows a person to move around, perform various tasks and sit in a variety of positions. The chair is shaped in a one-piece shell with an H-shaped cut-out, waterfall edges and replaceable plush foam cushions.

The Equa is a strong, flexible, cost-effective chair with a visually pleasing H-shaped shell. It’s made to respond and interact with the person sitting in it, without requiring the person to manipulate a host of buttons and knobs. It has pneumatic lift with tilt tension knob, arms with adjustable height and a swivel arm pad; there’s a lumbar feature and tilt lock.


When you buy any of these used chairs, they will arrive clean and in excellent working order, ready for use in your office. Every feature on the chairs is checked by our quality control team and is guaranteed to work. Prior to shipment, each chair is cleaned and refurbished as needed including using high-quality paint for touch up. Your chair will be free from fabric rips or tears; the frame will be damage free and may only have very slight scratches, if any.

When buying a chair, consider quality used.


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Herman Miller My Studio Cubes

The cubicle or cube has long either been revered or scorned, and there doesn’t seem to be an in between. Maybe it’s all the movies of drudgery being done in office cubicles that causes the scorn. After all the old style cubicles have become their own matrix world.

The Stereotype

The stereotype for the old cubicle is that everyone is like a mouse on a wheel. Or that everyone works like drones stamping widgets. It speaks to not being comfortable and having four white walls with the view of feet sticking out on all sides.

Herman Miller My Studio 8x8 - V DeskSure, the boss in the old movies in the above scenario gets an office and feels at home. The boss is comfortable. The office of the one in charge is big enough to have lunch brought into it. The employees eat tuna or cheese sandwiches on cramped desks that don’t even have room for a real plant.

But there is a modern, cozy, eloquent design which will be explained later that breaks this mold and stereotype. It gives the employee comfort, functionality and a classy home-style feel for his or her workspace.

Now cubicles were designed to give the employee privacy to work at the job with fewer interruptions. Cubicles in actuality can be personalized too by adding photos, material fabrics on the walls, curtains and anything else to make them more comfortable too and less sterile. Also, cubicles can be formed into pods of various numbers. The stereotype given above really never all that true for a long time. Cubicles in modern offices aren’t tin cans anymore.

Maximizing Space

So, cubicles will fit more employees into less space which is helpful if an office which isn’t an overly large one. The company then can have the staff that is needed to do the assignments given to it to help customers and not pay the rent for a bigger space.

Another option instead of cubicles is the open space concept. This is where all the workers are side by side in rows. The problem with this concept is that there is a lot of noise and intermingling of workers. Distractions can abound. Some people wear earbuds and play music to drown out the noise and confusion though. Imagine looking across from someone all day long or sitting within elbow reach of another person though? Some office workers aren’t happy with this type of workspace either. It can feel like a cafeteria setting if done in the wrong way.

Herman Miller My Studio 8x8 - Pods of 10Then there’s the combination of both for the workspace; using both the cubicle for people who need their privacy to work and open space for people who like to work in the open space concept. You even have cubicles just used for brainstorming often, or the breakroom The problem though can be that the brainstorming room becomes the timeout room for just plain old goofing off. Anyway, It can be difficult sometimes to make a work area where everyone is happy about everything.

But if you do go with cubicles using the concept of the cubicle only, or the combination of the cubicle and open space work environment, there is a cubicle that is designed to be functional and cozy. This is the My Studio Environments by Henry Miller. It takes the matrix out of the cubicle, and it’s eloquent too.

Cubicles with Privacy

TheMy Studio Environments by Herman Miller are cubicles which are comfortable then. They have a V Desk work surface and a bullet top workstation. Their sliding glass doors are frosted and the cubicle’s glass panels are frosted for privacy. There’s a whiteboard for note taking. The color is tan with maple tops, and the dimensions are Spine 8′ x Wing 8′ x Spine height 54″ x Wing height 65. ″

The thing about these cubicles is that they give the feeling of working in a private office. They look both modern and eloquent. Throw in the family pictures and designs on the wall, and everything fits into place. Not just because of the added things the employee brings but because the whole design is eloquent, and the personalized touch is the bonus.

With the purchase of a Herman Miller My Studio Cube, employees will work better and have a peaceful environment.


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How to Move Your Office Successfully

When moving your office, there is more to a successful move than just throwing stuff in boxes. It’s a large task to move an office. Planning and coordinating the move is the key. So below are some suggestions on how to better accomplish this task.

Planning the move

Floorplan line drawingFirst of all, you will need to create a viable timeline that will cover all the areas and stages of your move. If you have a small office, ideally then you’ll need about three months of preparation. For a medium to large office, you’ll need about six to eight months of preparation. You’ll need to have meetings with your employees involved in the move to make sure everything will go smoothly. You need to start organizing as soon as possible.

Next, you’ll need to have the layout and other information on the place where you’re moving. If you can get the layout or the blueprint of the space, then you’ll be able to identify where the doors, windows, outlets and storage areas are located for office furniture space planning. This will allow you to figure out where everything is going to go and if you need to identify any issues such as needing more space for the reception area or meeting rooms; for example. This way if there are any problems with the new space, you can hire carpenters or painters to enlarge spaces which need to be opened; or to paint walls.

Have regular meetings

Schedule meetings with your moving team from each section of your business. A department manager from each area can be assigned to be sure each employee packs up files, personal items and anything of that nature. Have regular meetings to keep abreast on how things are moving along. This way if there are questions or details which need to be resolved, it can be better done. Keep everyone informed of the progress being made to limit stress, worries or concerns.

Figure out a budget

Office MoveIf you have a budget you’re working with; you need to figure out what the movers will cost before the first piece of packing tape is ripped off and applied to boxes. When you are searching for a mover, find one that specializes in moving offices also.

So, after you research and find movers that you like, ask them the questions that you need to have answered by them. For example, asking representatives of the company moving the office to come and access what your move is going to cost. You should get several different quotes from companies and compare prices and service guarantees. Be sure to ask about insurance coverage on your belongings. You also want to see proof of the moving company’s comp and liability insurance. This way you’re covered if something happens to your belongings or to one of the moving men.

Get rid of items not needed or that you’re going to replace

This is the time to get rid of worn furniture or desks, copiers, printers; even office supplies which won’t be needed. If you don’t need them or you’re going to replace them, why pay to have them moved and then thrown away? This way you can order new or refurbished furniture and have it delivered directly to your new place of business.

Make a contact list of your clients

When you move, let your clients and customers know. Make a list of everyone that is a customer, client, supplier, and representative to do this the best way. This will require assigning someone to do this task so that no one is overlooked. It’s essential your customers, clients, suppliers, and representatives don’t go elsewhere during your move. Let them know how your business will operate during the move and how you will handle all incoming and outgoing business.

Also, let them know how the move will improve service. People like stability so turn the move into something positive.

When you bill clients, remind them to update their contact information so any payments sent to you will be sent to the new address. Change the address on your business website and anywhere that you advertise.

Before you know it, moving day will be here. Planning will make things run smoothly. Soon your new place of business will be up and running.


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The Benefits of Financing Furniture

When you’re investing in a new business, sometimes cash is hard to come by. But there is one way to spend less money and that is to finance office furniture instead of buying it outright. It’s a great option instead of renting it or buying it with cash. Renting it can be expensive too as a long-term option. But when you finance office furniture and equipment, you’re only making a small monthly payment, and you own the furniture at the end of the contract.

Business loan buttonNow business offices when starting out need office furniture and equipment to start operations, but often they don’t have the extra money for it. Sometimes your funding options are limited, or your line of credit is almost gone too. So, what can you do for acquiring what you need?

A lot of finance companies will offer different options for financing furniture and equipment. What you need to do is to determine what fits your needs and financial structure. For a company starting out, whether small or mid-sized, financing furniture and office equipment instead of using cash does have benefits, but also it has risks though. You still need to calculate the costs versus the gain. There are several things to check out before signing on the dotted line too. These things would be exactly what is the type of furniture and equipment being purchased, your cash flow for payment, cost-effectiveness, your other credit demands and long-term capital needs.

So, how can you figure out what is best for your new company? Things to keep in mind are your current budget, your tax situation, how much equipment and furniture you’re going to need. Also, it’s important to consider your company’s future capital needs in relation to future growth.

Below are some benefits to financing instead of using cash on hand:

  • planning with a notebook and calculatorPreserving your capital: Most businesses consider preservation of capital important, so financing furniture and equipment is an attractive option. When you are first opening a business, investing large amounts of money in these things can be a risk because your business hasn’t made a profit yet. When financing office necessities, the payment is only a small part of your investment and can be spread out over a period of time then.
  • Financing helps to preserve capital: When you have a budget without a large one-time expenditure, it keeps your budget consistent. With financing, it keeps your expenses even too by only spending a small amount each month instead of having a huge outlay all at once. A loan lets you lock in your payment at a certain interest additionally for the length of the loan. This way you can plan for each month instead of having an emergency and wishing you still had your cash to handle it.
  • Financing lets you purchase more: When you finance instead of paying cash, it allows you to purchase more of what you need. Say, for instance, your employees are asking about the ergonomic chairs which are easier on a person’s back and make an employee more productive. With financing, you would be able to afford them. When you have a better class of furniture in your office, this will boost morale and productivity; and increase your professional image with your clients.

What type of furniture and equipment can you finance for your office?

Well, you can finance work desks, ergonomic chairs, reception desks and furniture for the reception area. File cabinets, storage shelves, lighting, cubicles, conference tables, conference boards and even white screens can be financed. You can finance printers, copiers and even video conference equipment to fill your needs.

Imagine starting out your business with everything that you need, and you only have to make one payment a month? Your business is up and running, the reception area is welcoming, and the employees all have their desks and ergonomic chairs. The atmosphere is one of excitement and anticipation as your first customers show up for their appointments.

Of course; you need a good business plan to succeed, but you can’t succeed without furniture and equipment.

All this can happen with the right office furniture and equipment then, and it can be yours by simply financing your dream.


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Iconic Herman Miller Aeron Chairs

The Aeron Chair by Herman Miller is a chair which is heath-positive, inclusively-sized, cross-performing, and environmentally sensitive. The designers, Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick wanted to design office chairs like the business world had never seen before. The Aeron Chair was a pioneering step in material innovation and ergonomics. So this inventive design is one that is comfortable without using cheap fabric, foam or leather. It has completely changed the perception of what an office chair should be like.

Now office workers used to sit in uncomfortable chairs which hurt backs and cut off circulation. They were cramped, and office workers developed disabilities too which hurt performance. Only the big boss had the great chair. So, the idea for a new chair design was all about comfort in the workplace, making workers more productive. No more back strain and uncomfortable seating positions when this new chair came out. The Herman Miller Aeron Chair meets the criteria for high-performance seating with comfort, functionally and an aesthetic appearance then.

This chair will increase worker morale, increase job performance and keep workers on the job and not in doctor’s offices or off the job from back problems and leg problems.

Herman Miller Aeron Side Chair

Herman Miller Aeron Used Side Chair, NickelThe Herman Miller Side Chair will adapt and adjust naturally and precisely to the body size of people. It fits all the postures for different activities throughout the day. The sides of the chair’s imaginative design give superior comfort and style which others copy but have not matched for body support. Now the chair is made from Pellicle which is a mesh material on the back and seat of the chair. This is the perfect chair to seat people during conferences and in meeting rooms; and in your guest area. The arms are fixed to with a sled base which comes in the color of nickel.

Herman Miller Aeron Used Full Function Size B Task Chair

This chair has such a distinctive look, and it’s probably the only ergonomics office chair that people can identify by name by just looking at it. It adapts to all the sizes and shapes of people, providing healthy comfort and a balanced body support. It has easy-to-use adjustment controls and will adjust to all the motions a person goes through in everyday work situations.

The Aeron will accommodate the person who sits in the chair. It’s 94% recyclable also. It has a tilt limiter, tilt tension, fully adjustable arms, forward tilt, seat height adjustable, non-upholstered arm pads, adjustable lumbar support, and is full function. The dimensions are height: 42 in, the width is 20.25-27 in, and the depth is 17 in. It’s a size B (Medium) in the color of Lead.

Herman Miller Aeron Used Size C Task Chair

Herman Miller Aeron Used Size B Conference Chair, LeadThis Herman Miller Used Size C Task Chair is for people who need a little more room than a regular chair. It’s adaptable to all the motions that someone sitting at their desk goes through every day. The innovative suspension provides balanced body support and comfort. It has easy-to-use adjustment controls that allow the office worker to sit in comfort throughout the long work day as they produce for the company. This chair has a tilt limiter with tilt tension and fully adjustable arms. The seat height is adjustable with non-upholstered arm pads and adjustable lumbar support for tired backs. It comes in Size C which is the large size and in the color of Carbon 3D1 with Graphite G1 frame.

Herman Miller Aeron Used Full Function Size A Task Chair

This Herman Aeron Used Full Function Size A Task Chair comes in a small size for a person who is petite. It has balanced body support and easy to use adjustment controls for a comfortable sitting position. It has an adjustable seat height, forward tilt and tilt tension. It has a tilt limiter with adjustable arm height and to adjust arm angles. The dimensions for height is 41 in, for width is 19-25.75 in, and the depth is 15.75 in. The color is Nickel 3D03 with a graphite base.

Whatever your office needs, the Aeron Chair by Herman Miller is what you should purchase for your office. You want workers at the desk, not at the chiropractor.


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Benefits of Used Conference Tables

When you’re debating on purchasing a new conference table for your business, why not consider used? Used doesn’t mean that it’s scratched or dented either, although it could fall into that category. Many used pieces of furniture are of high quality at less cost because there are many reasons that furniture could be used. For example, tables and chairs may have been bought last year, but the company that bought them is changing its corporate culture and buying furniture again. So you get good quality for a small price because the furniture could be almost new.

Now there is also used office furniture, known as refurbished, that is another category.  When furniture is refurbished it could have its appearance refreshed or structural damage repaired.

Used Conference Table in Espresso with credenzaWhen you purchase furniture though, which has been used and then refurbished, you can save up to 90% by buying this type of furniture. This is because the cost of the furniture being made was absorbed the first time it was sold. When it’s resold, the price can be lowered because it’s a used piece of office furniture without these costs. This lets the sellers move pieces of furniture out quickly, and the buyers get a good deal additionally.

Questions to ask

Before buying your conference table or other pieces of furniture for your office, there are some questions that you might want to ask yourself. One question might be which type of piece will give your company a new look. Or how can you get good quality without going over budget? Also, if high quality is important to our business look, will purchasing a conference table which is refurbished be feasible to do?

Believe it or not, pre-owned furniture can be high-quality items with many options for you to achieve the right look you want for your office here. Plus, if the item is on clearance or discontinued, you will save even more money. You ‘ll be able to refurbish your office at a much lower cost than you may have anticipated. You may find that you can buy a few more pieces then if the price is right and upgrade your whole office.

Why pre-owned furniture is the right choice

Wood Veneer Used 42 Inch Round Conference Table, MahoganyThere are several reasons why pre-owned furniture is the best choice for your office. It’s more affordable which allows you to stay within your budget. You spend a fraction of the cost if you compare the pieces of furniture to a new pieces. This allows you to invest what you’ve saved into other items for the office such as computers or other office equipment.

So, you can buy higher quality pieces at a lower price. If the furniture was used for a short time or was a display piece, it could still be in great shape too. So, you can score a high-end conference table, for example, without sacrificing the quality you want and need. Because companies are constantly remodeling and refurbishing so they will sell their furniture to companies who deal in pre-owned furniture.

The other excellent reason for buying used is that it helps preserve the environment. It’s not just cost effective to buy used items but also “green.” Then, when you buy used, you’re keeping furniture which is in excellent shape from ending up in a landfill. This will help to minimize the overall effect you have on the environment.

Also, because these types of items are usually already in stock, there’s less shipping time involved. High-end items shipped from the factory can take longer to get to you. With used, it’s shipped from the warehouse right to your business so that you can get your office back into the highest working condition sooner.

Making the right choice

The replacement of your office furniture has to be done right, so it makes sense to buy used or refurbished when the furniture looks nice. You can get the same quality as buying new at a much lower price. You have multiple choices, and by saving money on one item, you may even be tempted to buy that special desk for yourself.  Buying used is not only smart but thrifty too; who doesn’t like to save money and get quality?

All in all, when you buy used, you’ve made a choice that you can feel good about.


                Discontinued Items.

                Clearance Items.

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How to Incorporate Vintage Furniture into Your Office Décor

When you’re thinking about incorporating vintage furniture into your office décor, it takes balance and harmony. With balance and harmony, you can create an office which is both welcoming and comfortable.

But, this doesn’t mean that you have to split the furniture 50/50 down the middle with fifty percent of contemporary furniture and fifty percent vintage furniture. If you do this, then your office will look like a mishmash of poorly designed furniture. You need to pick a style which is dominant and then mix the second style into it with decorative accessories; or smaller pieces.

Another point is not to clutter up your office with senseless accessories. If you want your vintage pieces to show up, don’t cover them then with picture frames or other needless cluttering items. Most of the time when decorating, accessories are grouped in threes too. So, you a chair, an end table and desk that match. But with incorporating mixed pieces, you count each piece as one and then find decorative accessories to tie the three pieces together with the whole office.

Incorporating vintage pieces into your office

Knoll Exeter by Davis Allen Used Vintage Wood Side Chair, Stained OakOne way to incorporate a vintage piece is to have it updated. You could change the upholstery, give it a new coat of paint or change the color of the stain. If you have vintage accessories, you can update the look with a unique modern pattern then and unconventional bright colors.  Or, you could let a professional designer combine the two styles in the office and fuse them into one the new look.

Below are some vintage chair suggestions for your office then to start you along:

Knoll Exeter by Davis Allen Used Vintage Wood Side Chair, Stained Oak

This chair is known as the birdcage design and was designed by Davis Allen for Knoll in 1983. It’s a mid-century style modern chair with a padded upholstered seat. It has ample proportions and a gently curved back which is as appealing to the eye as it is comfortable to sit in. The color is a tan design fabric with a brown stained oak frame. The dimensions are 21.75″ wide x 24″ deep x 32 tall, and the seat is 18.5″ wide x 18.5″ deep. This Knoll Exeter chair is a piece of art!

Arcadia Used Leather Side Chair, Black

This is an Arcadia Used Leather Side Chair with a cherry wood frame and upholstered leather with a back-stitching detail. It’s an excellent addition to your office.

Bernhardt Eaton Square Used Wooden Arm Chair

This Bernhardt Eaton Square wooden armchair will bring a touch of vintage to your office. The chair is mahogany with a wood frame, and wood cutout patterned back in the traditional style. It has an upholstered seat that is multi-colored.

Fairfield Chairs Reupholstered Used Caster Wheel Accent Lounge

Fairfield Chairs Reupholstered Used Caster Wheel Accent LoungeThis lovely piece is a black recycled leather lounge chair with seated mobility. It is not only comfortable, as well as stylish, but this upholstered chair will create a furniture focal point in your reception area. The accent chair is of a traditional flowing design with comfortable wrap-around arms. The smooth wood legs have caster wheels on the bottom to move easily from one room to another. This exploratory piece has both style and convenience and will be a wonderful accent to your reception or office areas.

Traditional Maple Side Chair

The Traditional Maple Side Chair has a cut out patterned top and an upholstered seat and back. The wood frame is maple as well as the arms too. The seat has a royal blue pattern. This chair will look lovely in your reception room or office as an accent piece. The Dimensions are a seat depth of 20″ with a width 22″, the seat height 19″ and the back height is 32″.

No matter which lovely chair you choose for your office, it will be sure to give it that vintage look when designed into the office and when set in the right place to bring about a classy look.


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Allsteel Cubes Can Be the Answer for More Office Privacy

Not every good idea that seems right is right. Sometimes this is because human nature is not taken into account. Or we have assumptions on human nature, like people like working as close to friends or coworkers as much as possible, so that an idea can take off that doesn’t always work. This may be the problem that can happen with the open office.

Because there are some studies which show that the open office isn’t as popular with many office employees as the traditional style of office. The open office does give a sense of purpose to the employees. With the right employees, it can be a wonderful idea, but the design of it can be harmful as well. It can cause interruptions in attention spans, decreases productivity and creativity; and even affect workers’ health.

Allsteel 6x4 CubicleOne of the problems is that the worker’s personal space is cut down considerably. Instead of having a personal area, they may just have part of a desk. This is because the traditional cubicle is replaced with open spaces. You have the same idea of having your own desk, but they are joined to other desks. You may even share a work table with other employees.

The thought is that if you can get workers together at the same table, they will be better able to share information. It promotes brainstorming sessions as well when working on projects. It can also lead to employees bonding together. It can be an important part of corporate culture where all employees are placed on the same level of importance because everyone is needed; where the boss is more of a mentor and where people are made to feel like a close-knit family.

But this kind of environment can affect a person who has claustrophobe because they feel that they are being pinned in all around by other people. This can affect the health of people like this, both physically and mentally. Plus; there’s all the noises of other people working, talking, opening and closing folders and having earphones set at perhaps too high a volume.

Some companies have made compensation for all these distractions by offering spaces that are quiet that so employees can work undisturbed when it is needed. But in most places, this is considered a waste of space because some people may be less productive. Others may just use it with the excuse that they need quiet, though what they really want is a space for a little relaxation above the time allotted for the normal break. When quiet spaces are made available then, it may become an option to be productive in these spaces rather than the productivity that’s expected in the open office.

Allsteel Cubicle Corner Top CapWhen working in open spaces, it can be irritating, noisy and distracting too. It can take away the worker’s psychological privacy which is a crucial part of focus and creativity. The open workspace can erode morale and cause more absenteeism. Human nature is to be social, but it’s also to have personal space even on the job. Because with open space offices, instead of seeing just a pair of feet under a partition, a person might be at someone’s elbow all day with other people always being in the corner of both their eyes.

It’s not just like the old-fashioned secretarial pools in some open space offices. In some, employees may be inches from each other all day long.

So, if you, as a business owner are having any of these difficulties with your employees, you may want to consider installing a few cubicles instead. Allsteel cubicles can be the solution to this issue. 6×4 used cubicles are sold in pods, but they can be customized into rows or be sold as standalones for an additional fee.

They have a one box file pedestal with a laminated work surface. Power whips are available for extra cost. The dimensions they have are a 6’ spine with a 4’ wing. They should be professionally installed though since they don’t come with instructions for installation. They may not come with keys. You can purchase keys at your local locksmith though, or at  The 6×4 Used Cubicle by Allsteel – Sold In Pods can be found at this link.

If you would like a cost-effective way to keep your employees happy and give them privacy, then check out the Allsteel pods today.


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Mid-Century Modern Office Furniture

If you’re redoing your office and want a timeless design and high-style furniture for your office, think mid-century office furniture. This type of furniture design was original in the 1950’s, but is now the latest rage. Furnishings for this look include the styles of chairs, desks, bookcases and filing cabinets used back then for starters. This furniture gives the 50’s look which has an appeal all its own.

Knoll Pollock Executive Leather Used Chair, CaramelThe furniture design is sleek with tapered legs and with edges which are beveled which give the pieces the iconic look of the ‘50’s. The designs are functional and simple, and each piece can speak for itself in elegance of an era gone by.

If you want something in your office with taste and elegance, then this is the type of furniture which is great to purchase. It makes a statement; it says something and brings warmth and shows good taste in your décor.

The 50’s

The features of this type of furniture are its classic look which is understated with clean lines. The theory behind this is that function is important because form follows function. This furniture is known for an uncluttered sleek look then that is both geometric and organic in form. The furniture has a minimum of ornamentation.

Part of the charm of this style was the combination of new construction and the use of plastic. The plastic was used for the look it brought itself too rather than trying to make it into an imitation of something else. For example, trying to make it look like wood. Other materials were used in making 50’s furniture also like metal, plywood, vinyl, glass, Lucite and Plexiglass.

When you redo your office in mid-century modern office furniture though, don’t do a full-scale replica of the time because it looks better blended. So, use pieces which reflect that period without being overwhelming. Pieces which were iconic from that period too have been copied and adapted now, so you can find pieces for your office that will fit your budget. Try not to get too many patterns and stay within a color range. Accent pieces against one another with your office furniture so that it adds to the elegance of your office setting.

Some examples of mid-century modern office furniture:

This desk is the Louis L Shape Veneer Desk Left Return, with a wood veneer surface. It has a privacy panel and a box pedestal. The legs are the chrome look of the 50’s with silver powered grommet. The desk also locks.

Herman Miller Eames ChairThis Herman Miller Eames, Molded Plastic Side Chair, is a white plastic shell with chrome legs and has a modern design. It looks like a 1950’s chair when shell chairs were all the rage.

The Knoll Pollock Executive Leather Used Chair is a fixed height with fixed arms and of a vintage design. The tan leather has buttons in it which helps to make this a workable design.

This Herman Miller Geiger L Shape 30×66 Right Return Desk is a light maple reminisce of the 50’s in both the color and sleek shape.  The wood is veneer. The desk has I box and 1 box file pedestal along with other features. There are 1-2 drawers lateral, and it has metal loop handles.

This Herman Miller Geiger Camden Used Leather Guest Chair has an upholstered seat, arms and back. It has a wood frame with fixed arms. It made from leather, the color of chocolate, with cherry legs. It has a very sleek simple design.

The furniture of the 50’s had a charm all of its own. You can acquire that same look in your office by combining different pieces together. The look is sleek, clean and functional and makes a statement. Just remember again not to over wow your clients with the 50’s so blend the furniture in. Like with technicolor where watching more than one movie can be overwhelming.

The 50’s are a time well gone. But the look is making a comeback because of the understated style which can bring an office both a professional look that says competence and a look that says a handshake is my word.


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The Ideal Office Furniture for A Business Professional

Office Specialty Used 4 Drawer Lateral File 42 Inch, Maroon

Office furniture is more than the furniture just like the flowers are not the whole garden. So, it’s also the lighting and the surroundings in the office that make the office. All of this with the right furniture pieces can play a part in boosting your productivity in your business. Think about it; you spend at least 8 hours a day, and sometimes more, in one place for most of your daylight hours. So, having boring furniture and a boring office doesn’t help to increase your work output. But having furniture which reflects your personality and the brand of your company will because you will be in the right setting.

Using color and space

Celeste by goSIT Modern Fabric Reception Chair, Ruby RedBringing color into your office with the furniture, and on your walls, can lift your mood. It can also help to relieve stress and put you in a better frame of mind. Because bright or cool colors will give a break to your eyes and help you clear your head. Rich wood furniture with bright accent colors gives a warm and homey feeling too. A chrome and glass look will give your office a more modern décor.  Additionally, interesting paintings or photos can brighten up a dull and boring area.

Another idea is to divide your office into two different areas, if you have the space. There can be an area which is more professional which would be where your desk, office chair and computer are. The other side could have two comfortable chairs; or a couch, a coffee table and elegant lighting. This can be the section where you sit and talk with clients before doing business, or even where you take a break away from your desk. Be sure the furniture is comfortable and the colors are either soothing or invigorating, depending upon your personality.

Lighting is important

Lighting is important as well. If you’re fortunate enough to have a window in your office, you can be exposed to 173% more white light. This can help you work more effectively as well as lighten your mood. If you don’t have windows, buying lighting which will brighten up your dark corners is important to relieve eye strain.

Not only that, but having plants in your office will help clean the air of impurities and bring some nature indoors. It also makes for a more welcoming atmosphere for clients who come into your office. You can place the plants by a window or display them under indirect lighting for an accent. In addition, please don’t leave any dead leaves on your plants. This looks like you don’t care and can give the wrong impression about your business. Clients aren’t going to think “Wow, they’re so busy, they don’t even have time to water the plants!” What they may think is that you don’t care, and they may wonder if you’ll care about their business.

The effect

Denmark Executive U-Shaped Desk in GrayThe overall effect you want to give is that you are a successful business professional. This should reflect not only in what you wear, but in what your office says about you. So, your office should be welcoming without being overwhelming. If your office is disorganized, then it will give the impression to your clients that you are as well too. When you combine organization with high quality furniture though, it gives your client confidence in your abilities as an entrepreneur. Your furniture should reinforce your brand as well as spell it out also. So, your furniture should fit your business brand.

If you’re a corporate office which handles computers then, your clients wouldn’t expect to see flowers and candles everywhere. Also, your office should be clean and presentable. This means no crumbs on your desk or coffee stains on your chairs. So if you have rugs on the floor, they should be vacuumed daily by maintenance or if you don’t have maintenance, then by you or someone in the office. There shouldn’t be dust anywhere or smudges either. Everything should sparkle which needs to sparkle and look sharp where it matters most.

Making the right impression on a client begins when that client walks through your office door.