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Why We Love Our Steelcase Leap V2 Chairs

The Leap Chair took 4 years of research with 11 studies done; using 27 scientists, and 732 participants to test it. Because of this research, information was obtained about how people sit which led to the advanced seating technology of today. So, the Leap Chairs are a wonder to sit in. The back of the chair moves when you move your back. When your arms move, the arms of the chair moves. When you move in your seat, the seat moves as well. This is the first chair designed to mimic and to support the spine as it moves.

What kind of features does the Leap Chair include?

Why We Love Our Steelcase Leap V2 ChairsThere are many ergonomic features of the Leap Chair. One is that the chair’s back moves to support the entire spine when a person changes position. This helps to reduce hunched over posture and lower back sag. These positions can weaken the disc walls, can cause the spine to deteriorate and they stress back ligaments. The chair also has slats in the back and in the seat to help the spine. A special foam in the chair allows breathability to control the balance of moisture and heat for a more comfortable feeling when sitting too. The comfort of the person sitting was a high priority with the design.

In addition, it has an adjustable seat depth that will adjust to different shapes of a person’s body so that you have long-term comfort if you are seated in one. With the lower back firmness control, you can set the control to your degree of firmness you like too so this helps keep the natural curve of the lower spine healthy. Additionally, the telescopic arm controls move the chair arms in and out; plus forward and back for a more natural position. The arms also pivot and adjust up and down for better support of the neck, shoulders, forearms and wrists.

Plus, when you want to recline, you can glide your seat forward. This allows reclining without leaving your Vision and Reach Zone. This will allow you to stay oriented with your work, and because you are in more varied positions that help the spine, there’s less pressure on the spine. On top of that, the edge of the seat will flex when you lean forward or recline which relieves the pressure on back of the legs. Too, there’s an upper back force control. This lets you set the control at the correct amount of push back which will let you recline. Whatever your body size is, it allows just the right amount of support for reclining.

How these features affect your body

Back Side of Steelcase Leap V2 Task ChairResearch shows that your spine doesn’t move together as a single unit, but separately. So, when you recline, your lower spine moves forward and your upper spine moves backward. Everyone’s spine moves differently, no two are alike. Each part of your back requires a different type of support then. So, the lower part of your back needs support that is constant and firm. Your upper back needs more support as you go into a reclining position though. Plus, your vision and reach can impact your posture as well. These discoveries were the guidelines for the design of the Leap Chair.

So, the Leap Chair moves along with you when you are seated in one which reduces pressure on the spine and helps to increase the blood flow to the brain. This also sends oxygen to your muscles by allowing for better blood flow in the body. Since the changes in your posture will help you be more comfortable, it additionally improves your attention span. The Natural Glide System helps you to recline in a comfortable position and reduces strain on your neck arms and eyes as an added included feature.

The Leap Chair has a patented LiveBack technology which will provide for you with both comfort and adjustability that’s effortless. So, it will adjust to bodies of all sizes and shapes. Because Leap mimics the shape of your spine, it will support your body then. This makes you comfortable so that you can better focus and be more productive as you go through your work day.

The Leap Chair is the best chair for you to get through your workday with comfort; a comfort scientifically designed to give you the greatest health.


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Why Should You Purchase Steelcase Avenir Cubicles?

Office cubicles are used in most offices and have benefits for both the employees and the employers. One of the benefits for the employees is that they can exchange ideas back and forth more readily because there are cubicles designed with lower walls between the divides of the cubicles. Another key benefit is that the separate cubicles also can have doors that can be closed when employees want privacy and they don’t want to be interrupted. This is important if employees need time for deep concentration on important projects.Steelcase Avenir Cubicle Workstation

The benefits for the employer is that a well-designed office where employers welcome employees making workspaces extensions of the employees’ personal tastes is a welcoming place to work in. This leads to higher productivity and a happier workforce. This means greater profits and less employee turnover. All this can be accomplished with cubicles since the employees have walls and individual spaces that they can decorate.

Also, if your office has an open floor plan without walls, employees can become too easily distracted by other employees’ conversations, phones which are ringing and other distractions. Cubicles with walls help to eliminate the distractions.

So, with cubicles, there is a proper balance between openness for collaboration with other employees and privacy. It’s provides for work areas that are private enough for employees to work in, but not too private so that they can get lost in unproductive time. In addition, cubicles help keep work contained in the area it needs to be done in so that it isn’t spread out everywhere. There are file drawers, shelves and laminated work surfaces to keep everything under control in cubicles too.

Cubicles also give a professional appearance to your office layout; this improves cooperation and interaction among your employees. When your employees want to have privacy without interruptions they can simply close their doors then. If they want collaboration and interaction with fellow colleagues, then the door can be opened. It’s so simple. So, you will find that your employees will get more work completed faster.

The Steelcase Avenir Cubicles

The Steelcase Avenir furniture system has the reputation for unmistakable value and high performance ratings in businesses around the world. The Steelcase Avenir Cubicles are an extremely popular cubicle system. Installing one of these cubicles, either singularly or in pods, is a great way to improve your office environment. With these cubicles, your office will have a quality air that will project professionalism to your customers and clients.

On top of that, Steelcase is one of the leading manufacturers of office cubicles and has been in business for 50 years. Their brand of cubicle is one to be trusted. Below is where you can purchase these cubicles for your office.

7 x 6.5 Avenir Used Work Stations by Steelcase – Sold in Pods

Steelcase Avenir CubeThese 7 x6.5 Avenir Used Work Station by Steelcase are only sold in Pods. The pod has a laminated work surface and a 1-2 drawer lateral file. The upholstered panels have glass tops with power whips available for an extra cost.

These pods come in:

  • Blue fabric which is Guilford Open House Lapis 2334
  • Silver fabric which is Burch Metallation, Stainless Steel
  • Laminate which is Wilsonart Frosty White
  • White Paint which is Appliance White
  • Peds/Lats: 4799 Platinum

The dimensions are Depth 6.5’x x Width 7’ x Height 7’ x Height 54”

The keys may not be available, but can be purchased from a local locksmith or from

7 x 13 Avenir Used Work Stations by Steelcase – Sold in Pods

These 7 x 13 Avenir Used Work Stations by Steelcase are sold only in pods. The work surface is laminated and has a 1-2 drawer lateral file. It also includes a 1-Box, box, file pedestal and 1 shelf. The upholstered panels have glass tops and power whips are available, if needed, at an extra cost.

Large Steelcase Avenir StationThe colors the cubicles can be bought in are:

  • Silver fabric which is Burch Metallation, Stainless Steel 7476
  • Blue fabric which is Guilford Open House Lapis 2334
  • White paint which is Appliance White
  • Laminate which is Wilsonart Frosty White
  • Peds/Lats: 4799 Platinum

The dimensions are: Depth 13’ x Width 7’ x Height 54”

These cubicles don’t come with instructions so professional installers will have to be used.

Keys may not be available, but can be purchased from the local locksmith or from

The best cubicles are made by the best company, Steelcase; so buy the best.


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Brand Name Chairs Under $100

Steelcase Used 2 Drawer Veneer Lateral File, Mahogany

Chairs are some of the most important items in your office. When people are sitting in uncomfortable chairs, they’re restless and irritated. They spend a lot of time fruitlessly trying to make the chair more comfortable. If some chairs in the office are more comfortable than others, workers may argue over who has the right to the best chairs. In addition, cheap chairs end up costing more money than they save over the long term. However, if you have high quality chairs, people won’t have these problems. There are reliable brands that make excellent products that workers will appreciate.

Herman Miller Ambi Used Task Chair, Black

Buyers are often surprised by the amount of money they need to invest when it comes to buying chairs. It’s tempting to go with a cheaper, low-quality chair because of the significant cost difference. However, buying inexpensive chairs doesn’t provide value in the long run. First of all, the chair won’t last long. It won’t be constructed out of durable equipment and is prone to falling apart quickly. Secondly, the chair won’t adjust to fit multiple users. Think of all the different people that may use a chair over the years. The ideal chair can be adapted to keep everyone comfortable. If you buy cheap chairs, you’ll end up buying new chairs constantly, which won’t save money.  

A good chair provides many benefits. What features should a good office chair have? One important feature is adjustability, which means the user can move parts of the chair to fit their bodies.  People should be able to raise or lower chair arms to provide appropriate support. The height of the seat should be adjustable so it can fit people of different heights. Lumbar support is also critical. Proper lumbar support allows individuals to sit in chairs comfortably for longer periods of time.

The chair’s material is important because it ensures the comfort of the individual. Breathable seat materials help people sit for ling periods because they are soft. Hard seats quickly become uncomfortable. Leather can be luxurious but is uncomfortable for some people. Leather can crack if it is not taken care of properly, so it may not be the best option if no one is committed to caring for the chair.

Radar by goSIT Mesh Executive Chair, BlackOnce you know the basics of finding a good office chair, you should consider your budget. Cost is often the first thing people consider when buying a chair. There are many excellent chair options available. You don’t have to settle for a substandard chair in order to manage your budget. There are a variety of brand-name chairs that you can purchase for under $100. If you go to typical office furniture stores or the box office stores, you’ll probably experience sticker shock when it comes to buying brand name chairs.

There are options for finding high quality brand-name chairs for less than $100. Have you considered working with an office furniture liquidator? These businesses purchase high quality used furniture. The furniture liquidator refurbishes the items if necessary. Sometimes, the liquidator offers a warranty on the items you purchase. This approach is a great way to save money on high quality, brand name chairs.

Keilhauer Tom Used Task Chair, Brown

You can find good prices on many types of chairs. These include chairs for breakrooms, computer desks, and conference rooms. You can purchase executive chairs with features like high backs, leather seats, mesh coverings, arm rests and pillow padding. Other chair options include mesh chairs, stacking chairs, side chairs, task chairs and stools. You can even find vintage chairs like lounge seating, caster wheel chairs and wood chairs.

Brand name chairs are available. You can find vintage brands under $100 include Bernhardt Eaton and Cabot Wrenn, Mesh chairs are Gosit, Inside Job, Steelcase, Sitonit and Herman Miller. Executive chair brand options consist of Steelcase, Herman Miller, Knoll, Humanscale, Hon Basyx. Many computer chair brands are available such as Kimball, Steelcase Sensor, Office Master, Knoll Parachute, Hon and Sitonit Seating. There are many other high-end brands available.

You don’t need to compromise and buy low-end chairs. Your company can afford high quality furniture manufactured by well-known brands with good reputations. It’s important to furnish your office with attractive and high quality products. However, you don’t have to pay more than $100 for each chair to furnish your office.

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Why National Office Interiors & Liquidators is Different

Furnishing or updating an office it is an expensive endeavor. There are many advantages to using an office furniture liquidator instead of a retail store to help you furnish your office space. When you’re planning on furnishing or redecorating your office, you should consider the options that liquidators provide. These companies purchases large quantities of furnishings and sell them at discounted prices. The same companies may also be approved distributors of new furniture for some manufacturers. Office liquidators are attractive because the costs of outfitting a workplace are intimidating.

Herman Miller White Mirra BackNational Office Interiors & Liquidators (NOL) has extensive experience in the office furniture industry. NOL is different from other furniture liquidators because they have a commitment to high quality. The company focuses on buying gently used furniture that is in excellent condition. This allows them to sell items that provide excellent value for the price. NOL can help you buy the products you need while staying within your budget.

The advantage of using a furniture liquidator like NOL is that you’ll be able to purchase high-quality and stylish used items. NOL provides more value than other furniture liquidators. Some companies cut corners by buying low quality furniture. NOL never purchases low quality furniture. The company also will not purchase used items that are in bad condition. They only look for used office products that are in good shape. After purchase, all items are carefully examined to ensure that they are in good working condition. Next, products are reconditioned and are checked for signs of wear and tear. NOL doesn’t merely purchase then resell items without a thorough quality check.

When you are planning to furnish an office, there are wide wage of items you may need. Obviously you’ll need desks and chairs for employees. NOL has an inventory of seating options that will work for different environments. Whether you’re looking for cubicles, open workspaces, traditional offices or reception rooms, you’ll find that there are stylish and reasonably priced choices available. You can choose from formal office setups; casual seating; fixed seating and easily reconfigurable workstations.

Storage is a common issue for offices. It’s important to have adequate storage when you first open an office. Over time, you’ll find that your storage needs grow as the company grows. NOL has stylish storage options that fit with nearly every office decor. Items are available in wood, metal and laminate. You won’t have problems finding storage furniture that matches even the most modern office decor.

Storage Cabinets - 4 Drawer Lateral, 2 Drawer Lateral and Mobile PedestalThrough NOL, you can find a range of products including filing cabinets, employee lockers and mail room sorting structures. Bookcases and cabinets are also available. You can also find fire and security storage options. NOL purchases products that can help companies meet their storage needs in a cost-effective manner without sacrificing security, style or function.

In addition to offering high quality new and used furniture, NOL provides additional services. One in one convenient option is the company’s chair re-upholstery service. When the company purchases office furniture with damaged leather or unusually styled fabric, NOL re-upholsters the chairs so that they are usable. In some cases, you can work with the sales designer to choose the fabric, leather or recycled leather that will be used for your chairs. This way, you can purchase like-new chairs that coordinate with your office.

NOL features a wide range of brands that you are probably familiar with. They either offer gently-used furniture or new items. These include Steelcase, Knoll, Herman Miller, Hon, goSIT, Paoli Furniture, Haworth, Teknion and Allsteel. You won’t be purchasing low-end brands that don’t provide the quality you need. Warranties are available on some products. NOL has a price match guarantee on many items. Unlike many furniture liquidators, NOL offers warrantees on both new and used products.

The company will deliver your order throughout the United States. If you require on-site assembly, you can require this service. However, some people prefer to see products in person before they make a decision. If you would rather visit a showroom and pick up your items, you have a choice of locations throughout the country. There are showrooms in Phoenix, Arizona; Chicago, Illinois; Dallas, Texas; Houston, Texas; and Tustin, California.

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Selecting the Right Chair for Your Job

It’s critical to find the right chair for work. It’s one of the important pieces of equipment you use at work because it has a significant effect on your comfort and productivity. Finding the right chair will make a big difference in how you feel while you’re at work and after hours. Many people who suffer from back, neck and other muscle aches have these problems because they are sitting in a chair that doesn’t fit their body properly. These pains can intensify over time and may need to be treated with medication and, in the worst cases, surgery. That’s why it’s critical to take the time to investigate the chairs available for your work.

La-Z-Boy Horizon Used High Back Leather Conference Chair, BlackHave you seen big, puffy, executive chairs? These are the type of chairs that you often see in movies that represent high-powered jobs. They look comfortable and luxurious, but you might be surprised to hear that these chairs aren’t practically for everyday use. They aren’t designed to work in all day long. These chairs are actually designed for conference room use which is typically a few hours at a time. After a few hours, you’ll start to feel uncomfortable and if you use them at your desk, you’ll definitely start to feel some aches and pains.

What you really need for comfort is a task chair, which is designed for full time use. These products have features that are intended to maximize comfort and productivity. You should be able to adjust the chair to your body instead of the other way around. To fully support your body, you need many different kinds of adjustable support. Look for features such as adjustable seat height, arm height, seat angle and chair weight capacity.

Why are all these features so important? First of all, no two people are built exactly alike. Secondly, sitting at a desk is hard on the body and the wrong kind of chair can force the body into an unnatural position. Your back holds up the rest of your body and if you don’t provide the appropriate support, your back can suffer. The height of the chair is important so that your legs aren’t strained. You should be able to comfortably place your feet on the floor.

The armrest of the chair helps keep your shoulders relaxed. That’s why you should look for a product that allows you to adjust the height of the armrests. Some chairs even allow you to move the angles of the armrest. Adjustable seat depth and width help all chair users achieve a comfortable support level. You should always look for these features because they significantly improve productivity and reduce pain for workers. Since one person may not use the same chair permanently, it’s important that the chair can be adapted to the needs of the next person.

Steelcase Criterion Used High Back Task Chair, Poppy OrangeThere are brands that offer chairs that have received high user ratings. One is the Steelcase Criterion Plus Big Man Task Chair. It has all the adjustable features that are desirable in a chair and includes a high seat capacity, 400 pounds that makes it usable for larger people. The product also has a telescoping arm cap and adjustable seat angle so that the user can adapt the chair to his or her body.

Another popular Steelcase product that adjusts to the sitter’s body is the Criterion Series Task Chair. These chairs are designed to provide ergonomic support for computer users. Ergonomics is a type of design that is intended to maximize efficiency and minimize discomfort and physical effort while working. Ergonomic chairs, like the Criterion Series Task Chair, reduce the likelihood of strain and repeated use injuries and make people more comfortable in general.

The Criterion Series Task Chair has many features that can improve comfort. These include pneumatic height adjustment, tilt, tilt-lock, height-adjustable arms, telescoping arm-caps, back-height adjustment, tension control, sliding seats and full arm pads. These chairs are also available in high-back and low-back. Some people have strong preferences about these shapes and how they fit their backs. Some prefer the lower back support of a low-back chair. Like most adjustable chairs, it comes with instructions on how to use it.

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Herman Miller and Steelcase Top Designs

Herman Miller chairs focus on designs that help workers do their work and feel their best at the same time. Workers are more productive when they are comfortable and have the right seating support. The better their chairs, the better their health will be in the long term. This will lead to improved work products and long-term health improvements for the employee. Companies can feel confident about purchasing Herman Miller products because they are doing the best for their team.

Herman Miller Aeron Used Posturefit SL Size B Remastered V2, GraphiteDid you know the Aeron chair is 94% recyclable? This is not its only advantage, of course. The primary purpose of the Aeron chair is its adaptability. It adjusts to different body sizes, shapes and motions. The chair provides comfort and support to many different body types. Aeron has simple adjustment controls. The chair is available in work airs, stools and side chairs for a variety of office needs.

The Mirra chair takes an unusual approach towards seating. The chair merges the concepts of less materials and more support. Users will find that the chair provides them with a comfortable fit and they won’t need to make constant adjustments to find the right fit. Mira will accommodate a wide variety of sizes, movements and postures while keeping the person’s lower back properly aligned. Mira will help employees stay alert and relaxed while they are working at the computer.

The Herman Miller chair is popular due to its ability to accommodate the differences among individuals. Everyone has physical differences in posture, size, spinal curve and other features. Due to these variations, people sit in different positions. The chair’s matrix of pixels creates back and seat surfaces that will conform to the person and help distribute weight evenly. The chair also promotes all-day movement which is good for physical health in a variety of ways.

Steelcase Think Used Task Chair, Poppy OrangeSteelcase chair models include Leap, Criterion and Think. Each chair model is unique. The chairs are designed to provide comfort and support to users using a variety of designs, technology and construction. Steelcase products are created using environmentally friendly materials and processes. You can feel confident that you are purchasing products that are good for both your employees and the environment.

Leap is a Steelcase designer that offers an office chair that has a wide range of adjustments. It gives your body fully support. It doesn’t just fit the average person. The Leap chair provides support for many different body shapes and sizes. The Leap chair is available in the standard Leap model and the Leap Plus model.

The chair is designed to increase productivity and comfort. Studies support the increase in productivity. Leap chairs are based on research about the spine, the upper and lower back and posture. The chair is designed with these principles in mind to reduce strain and increase support. The Leap chair line includes the Work Chair, the Stool, the Work Chair with Headrest, the Leap WorkLounge and the Ottoman/Table. The Leap Plus chair provides all the benefits of the Leap chair and is designed to support users who weight up to 500 pounds.

Criterion is another Steelcase designer that provides a chair designed for comfort that lasts all-day. Users can take advantage of seven different adjustments on the chair which offer a wide range of support. In fact, the chair provides support through the entire range of seating postures. Criterion is designed for long-term comfort and is perfect for people who spend long hours in their chairs on the phone, in office meetings or using the computer.

The Criterion chair has a number of unique features. These include many adjustable options including arms, tilt tension, height, seat depth, back height, seat height and more. The chair also features durability through solid construction, resilient and stain-resistant vinyl, a reinforced frame and more.

Think is another one of Steelcase’s most popular designs. Why? Because engineers designed the chair to be simple, smart and sustainable. The chair automatically adjusts to the body to provide support. It’s customized for mobile users so that it can be used in meetings, at computers, in collaborative groups and for any type of task. Think is sold in two styles: seated and stool height for multiple applications.

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Why Seating is So Important in an Office

Office furniture is a big expense for employers. They have a wide variety of spaces to furnish including reception rooms, conference rooms, meeting rooms and offices. In addition to these spaces, they also have to provide appropriate office furniture for individual employees. In many cases, employees are hidden from the view of visitors. However, this is no excuse for scrimping on employee furniture, especially when it comes to employee chairs. Why is seating such an important consideration when it comes to office furniture? There are a number of reasons.

One of the most important considerations for office furniture, especially chairs, is the ability to adjust the piece. This is critical for a variety of reasons. In modern workspaces, it’s not uncommon for people to move their chairs to different workspaces like other desks and tables. Employees seldom remain stationary in the same place all day, they may need to move their own chairs to other meeting places. If they have a good chair, they may prefer to move it instead of sitting in a chair that is not adjusted to their specific comfort needs. A chair with an adjustable pneumatic will allow them to raise or lower their seat to tables and meeting spaces that are different heights without impacting their ergonomic settings. If they have to sit in the same place for an extended amount of time, they will be much more comfortable in their own chair.

SitOnIt Focus Used Black Mesh Conference Chair, Tan and BlackAnother important element when it comes to chairs is comfort. People are much less productive when their office furniture doesn’t feel good. Chairs should have comfortable arms and backs; the backs should fit the environment and person. In warmer climates or offices many prefer a mesh back, others a solid padded back. Most people prefer to have wheels on their office chairs, so they can be mobile and easily maneuver at their desk.

Keeping team members motivated and on task is very important; office furniture that does not work properly or restricts their movement may inhibit the employee’s ability to produce. If they can’t adjust their chair’s height, they may end up sitting in an uncomfortable position. If the padding in the chair is worn and pitted in spots, this can cause discomfort. Workers can be less productive because they are likely to move around more and leave their seats due to discomfort. This can lead to a drop in productivity. People will also experience problems like spinal stress that not only increases discomfort and decrease productivity but can also lead to permanent damage. There have been successful worker’s compensation cases against employers due to substandard office furniture.

Most office furniture experts recommend that workers have ergonomic seating options. Why? For starters, the right office furniture may help lower your worker’s compensation costs. Employees who have the appropriate office furniture will have fewer back injuries, shoulder strain and many other musculoskeletal problems. Many studies have found that adjustable chairs can significantly improve productivity. Why? Workers are more likely to sit in their chairs for longer periods of time if they are comfortable which allows them to get more work done.

Steelcase Leap V1 Used Task Chair, Admiral BlueWhat are the elements of good ergonomic seating? Seats should be adjustable to meet the needs of differently sized and shaped workers.  The first is lumbar support; Steelcase and Herman Miller have excellent lumbar support that the most petite worker and heavier team members will be comfortable in. There are chairs that are designed to provide support for the person’s lower back. These chairs also relieve the stress on these areas of the back when the person is sitting.

Armrests are another important feature of chairs. Like seat backs, the armrests need to be adjustable to fit each individual. If armrests are not appropriate for the person, they can lead to problems like soreness and discomfort which are caused by muscle fatigue. Arm rests on task chairs should go up and down and ideally the top slide should slide in closer to the employee’s body. Steelcase Leaps have fully adjustable armrests.

Users should be able to control the depth of their seats. If the seat depth is fixed, some people won’t be able to sit in the chair comfortably. Taller and shorter people have different seat depth needs and control is essential. Two to three inches of seat depth control is advisable.

What are some other things that can make chairs more comfortable for workers? There are several including control of the recline of the seat, pelvic support, seat back height and width, the base of support for the chair and many other factors. Many companies review studies on office furniture before purchasing office chairs to make sure they buy the right products for their employees.

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Features of the Steelcase Criterion, Leap and Think Chairs

Steelcase is a well known name in the office furniture market. They are known because they produce a high quality, durable, and comfortable line of products. Steelcase chairs are coveted for their wonderful features and ergonomic design. Three very popular models are the Steelcase Criterion, Leap and Think task chairs. Each of these chairs offers something a little different, which means one of them will surely fit your personal office needs.

Steelcase Criterion Series Used Mid Back Task Chair, Jewel BlueCriterion

The Criterion is a comfortably soft chair designed with just the right curves and contours to make it a supportive cushioned sit for those long days in the office. The Criterion is offered in three versions:

The standard task – A sturdy chair that comes in a high or low back version. Comes with a durable frame and fully upholstered back and seat with 5 star metal base on casters. Adjustability features include – tilt tension, seat depth (optional), 5″ adjustable seat height, back height, variable back stop, seat angle, and height-width pivot arms. Also available with sewn vinyl making it easier to keep free from stains and marks. Weight tested up to 300 pounds.

Stool – Everything mentioned above, but with an adjustable height from 45″ – 53″ and adjustable foot ring.

Plus sized version – Everything the standard version offers, but tested up to 500 pounds. Also comes with a 20% larger back and seat, more back support, a reinforced frame and higher density foam.


The Leap is built as a high performance chair with ergonomics in mind. It offers a flexible back rest to offer full support while sitting or reclining and separate controls for the back and seat. The leap comes in five versions:Steelcase Leap V1 Used PU Leather Task Chair, Snow White

Task chair – Made to adjust with your individual body as you move with a cut out ribbon back frame. Adjustable features include – Lumbar support,  adjustable seat depth, Seat height, lower back firmness, upper back force, variable back stop, and arms that adjust up and down, as well as swivel. The Leap also comes in a stool and plus sized version. Optional headrest is also available. 300 pound capacity.

Leap Chair – Comes with added headrest

Leap Plus – Everything mentioned, but with an added 1″ in seat depth, 4.75″ in width and 1″ extra of seat depth adjustability. The back width adds 2″ and the weight capacity is 500 pounds.

Stool – Everything mentioned in the task, but with an adjustable foot ring and an 8″ height range.

Work Lounge – A bit of a different look from the basic style. A fully upholstered back and ribbon back frame with fixed arms. Comes with the standard adjustments mentioned, plus a headrest and flip up pillow for head and neck support. It also has a lumbar pillow, extra thick seat cushion and optional mobile footstool.


Steelcase Think Used Mesh Task Chair with Headrest, Jewel BlueThe Think chair is Steelcase’s answer to comfort. Its plastic frame also means the Think chair is lightweight and easy to move. Made with 3D knit back upholstery that is designed to move with the user’s body with what they call the integrated “LiveBack System”. It conforms to the user’s weight, so that they can settle in quickly with only a few manual adjustments. The Leap comes in two versions:

Task chair – Strong environmental attributes and aesthetically progressive design. Soil retardant fabric or leather or vinyl. Adjustable features include – Lumbar height, pivoting arm caps, arm depth, Dial with four settings for back control, and seat height. The front edge of the seat also flexes up to 1.5″ to adapt to the user and relieve pressure.

Stool – Same features, but with a 44″ to 53.75″ height adjustment.

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Essential and Impressive Office Furniture for Executives

Arranging a professional office environment is one of the first steps in creating an appropriate working space, especially for the executives on the work team. Office furniture can be a big budget item for companies but the right furnishings are one of the most important parts of the environment because it sets the tone for employees and visitors. The office needs to reflect the image that the company wants to project such as competence, capability, skill and expertise. The space should be comfortable, functional and attractive. It should reflect an air of professionalism and create a pleasant atmosphere. The office furniture should complement the decor and be in good taste.

Manhattan Executive Desk SetAn executive office can’t appear to be thrown together or cheaply arranged. This may give the impression that the company is struggling or won’t be around for the long term. Mismatched or outdated furniture won’t leave the right impression on visitors. They are much less likely to have confidence in executives who don’t have professional offices. This is one of the worst areas of your business to cut corners. After all, you have some of your most important meetings in your offices with clients and employees.

There are several common mistakes that executives make when it comes to their office furniture. These errors are understandable because furniture can be such a significant investment. Some people try to construct an office using second hand pieces that almost, but not quite, match. Unfortunately, people typically notice sub-par office furniture that doesn’t quite match and gives the office a shabby look. Other people hold on to older furniture that is out of style and isn’t in good shape. Again, this type of office furniture doesn’t look professional and doesn’t give the office an air of professionalism.

There are several key pieces of furniture that should be included in all executive offices. Don’t scrimp on these critical pieces because they will make your office functional and comfortable for visitors. Every executive office should have a small meeting table with enough sitting room for two to three people. Managers often need to talk privately with team members and clients so an appropriate space is necessary.

Another critical piece of office furniture is a desk. A good desk has ample storage space and plenty of room for computers, printers and other necessary technology. Often, the desk needs to accommodate more than one computer monitor and other technology. It’s important to look at nontraditional desks that will accommodate your personal needs. Also, evaluate your storage needs and consider credenzas and bookcases.

Captain by goSIT PU Leather Executive Ergo Task Chair, BlackChairs are another critical part of an executive’s office furniture. An executive should have a comfortable, attractive chair. Most people choose a chair made of leather or an attractive fabric. The chair should be well-made and comfortable. The seats around the meeting table should also be comfortable and well-constructed. The chairs should not be torn or wobbly as this will make a bad impression. The table should be free of scratches and stains. The table should also match and complement the chairs.

All these standards may sound like a lot to live up to when it comes to office furniture for an executive space. Certainly, it is a lot to consider when you’re purchasing office furniture. However, you do not have to spend a fortune or go into debt to create an executive office that you can be proud of. You can find quality brand name office furniture such as Herman Miller or Steelcase at prices that you can afford. The key is to avoid traditional furniture stores that have large markups on office furniture. There are furniture liquidators that sell high quality products that are equal to what you find in high-end stores at lower prices.

Will you have to sacrifice quality if you purchase office furniture from a liquidator? Not if you work with a reputable company. The difference between furniture liquidators and traditional office furniture stores are that the liquidators provide you with a variety of options. First of all, furniture liquidators often offer high quality used furniture. They also offer reconditioned products that appear new. Finally, a liquidator will sell brand name pieces that are not damaged or compromised in any way.

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How to Create a Beautiful Conference Room on a Budget

A conference room is an important part of your office. It sets the tone for your company. When you’re looking for deals on purchasing office furniture, it’s important that you consider the conference room seriously. You don’t have to buy the most expensive office furniture to make the room attractive. Often, you can find attractive pieces from furniture liquidators. Sometimes, pre-owned furniture looks just as attractive as new pieces if the retouching is done correctly.Conference Chairs

How can you create an attractive conference room on a budget? One important thing you need to consider is the office furniture in the room. You need a conference table that is attractive and functional. The table should be in good condition. You want a table that is sturdy and free of scratches or other imperfections. It should seat enough people conference table comfortably. How much seating do you need? You will need office furniture that is appropriate for the number of staff members in your office. How large are most client meetings? You should consider this as well when picking out office furniture like a conference table. Always buy a bit more seating room than you need, this will help you accommodate future growth in meeting size.

Chairs are an important part of your conference room. Don’t settle for unmatched chairs or chairs that don’t coordinate with the rest of the office furniture in the conference room. Your chairs should be sturdy and coordinate with the conference table. The pieces don’t have to match exactly but they should complement the rest of the office furniture. Certain colors and patterns, while not matching exactly, work well together and appear to be part of a set.

Chairs can be an extremely expensive investment. Don’t try to save money by scrimping on the number of chairs. It looks unprofessional when you don’t have enough chairs during meetings. It’s always important to have chairs that are in good shape. Chair legs should be sturdy and balanced. The arms should be well-fastened and should not wobble. People should be able to adjust the seat backs and heights easily. Most of all, the chairs should be comfortable. Meetings can last a long time and it’s much more enjoyable for participants when they have a pleasant place to sit. Make sure that you have a few extra chairs in the room just in case. If a client brings more people than expected, you’ll want room to accommodate them.

You don’t have break the bank when purchasing chairs. Don’t go to big box office stores or furniture chains to purchase chairs. Instead, check furniture liquidators. They often offer considerable savings on office furniture like chairs. You can find new or used chairs that look as attractive as the new high-end items without paying the high-end prices. Many times, you can find brand name office furniture like Herman Miller, Steelcase and Knoll at deeply discounted prices when you shop furniture liquidators. Make a budget and shop with your price limit in mind.

Manhattan 4 Door Laminate Storage Credenza with Glass Top, Cashmere GrayMany business owners add additional pieces of office furniture to the conference room for various reasons. You may find that a wide lateral filing cabinets work well in your conference room. These cabinets can also double as tables. The advantage of having a filing cabinet in your conference room is that you can easily access information that is relevant to meetings while you’re in the room. You can also store items in cabinets that you may need during some meetings but not others. These may include projectors, lecterns, notepads, pens, pencils and other relevant items. You can keep these items stored out of site when they’re not needed so that the room looks clean and neat. Then, when necessary, you’ll be able to access them quickly.

A credenza can be an attractive piece of furniture for a conference room. The credenza should coordinate with the other items in the room. Don’t try to save money by mixing different types of wood or finishes. Instead, take the time to find a table that works well with the office furniture that you already have. You can use the credenza to display items that may be of interest to clients. These include awards, newspaper article or magazine articles and other reading materials.