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Going Green with Pre-owned Office Furniture

Peyton by goSIT Modern Leather Reception Chair, Blue

Going green is a popular topic today. Many companies are doing their best to eliminate waste and minimize their impact on the environment as a part of doing business. Many workplaces emphasize recycling cans, papers, bottles and reducing the amount of materials, such as paper. These are all important contributions when it comes to reducing your office’s waste materials. When it comes to really going green, there are some other big-picture strategies you should consider. Also, keep in mind that many strategies for “going green” are often cost savers.

Haworth Used Right Return Veneer U Shape Bullet Desk, Tiger MapleThere are many easy-to-implement ideas that can help you reduce waste in the office. One tactic is to have your office manager keep a careful watch over the existing office supplies. This isn’t just a strategy to manage costs. It is an effective way to get everyone in the office to use less. If people can’t easily access additional materials, they’re more likely to look on or in their desks for pens or notepads.

Cut down on your printing. Ask your team for suggestions about how to cut down on printing waste. Old habits die hard and some offices still print out meeting agendas and reports that could easily be shared digitally. A lot of company storage can be switched to online environments instead of being printed out and saved in filing cabinets and at off-site locations. You’ll also save money on printer ink, paper and storage as a bonus. Some offices switch to recycled paper but this can be costly. You can actually have more of an impact by cutting down on the amount of paper you use in the first place.

One of the most significant steps you can take towards going green is buying second-hand. Re-using existing items extends their lifetime so that they don’t end up in a landfill when they’re perfectly usable. This is especially easy to do with furniture since it isn’t technical equipment and doesn’t have to run software. This isn’t always possible, but if you can find stylish, up-to-date furniture in good condition, you’ll save the by-product wastage that’s involved in the creation of new furniture. You’ll also save a great deal of money as well.

How can you find attractive and stylish pre-owned office furniture? Your best bet is to work with a furniture liquidator. These companies purchase high-quality, pre-owned furniture pieces, including desks, file cabinets, reception items, tables, and storage products. Liquidators also offer cubicles, conference room equipment, bookcases, chairs, lighting, privacy screens, white boards and more.

A reputable furniture liquidator like National Office Interiors can provided you with quality, well-made products produced by well-known brands. Furniture liquidators will clean products before shipping them. They often make small repairs and can replace upholstery if necessary. When you receive your purchases, you’ll find that the items are almost indistinguishable from new furniture.  

Steelcase Leap V2 Used Leather Task Chair, MahoganyYou can often significantly upgrade the style of the furniture in your office with a much lower budget than you anticipated without sacrificing your commitment to the environment. You won’t find old, out-of-style second-hand furniture like you see in thrift stores. Instead you’ll find the latest styles just like you would in high-end office stores. You won’t be settling for unstable, scratched or outdated items in order to keep your commitment to the environment.

Furniture liquidators offer high-end brand names with strong reputations as high quality furniture manufacturers. These include Steelcase, Knoll, Hon, goSIT, Haworth, Teknion, Allsteel, Paoli Furniture, Amia, Brayton, Leap, Think and Herman Miller. Other brands include Anderson, La-Z-Boy, Bernhardt and many others. You can trust these brands because of their long-standing established reputations in the business.

If you live near one of the National Office Interiors & Liquidators offices and would like to see available furniture in person, you can visit a store. There are locations in Chicago, Illinois; Dallas, Texas; Houston, Texas; Norcross, Georgia; and Tucson, California. If you aren’t able to visit, detailed pictures and descriptions of available products are on the company’s website. Products are typically shown from several different angles and you’ll be able to view product dimensions to determine whether the size is appropriate for your office space. The company is able to deliver throughout the United States and some parts of Canada.