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Mid-Century Modern Office Furniture

If you’re redoing your office and want a timeless design and high-style furniture for your office, think mid-century office furniture. This type of furniture design was original in the 1950’s, but is now the latest rage. Furnishings for this look include the styles of chairs, desks, bookcases and filing cabinets used back then for starters. This furniture gives the 50’s look which has an appeal all its own.

Knoll Pollock Executive Leather Used Chair, CaramelThe furniture design is sleek with tapered legs and with edges which are beveled which give the pieces the iconic look of the ‘50’s. The designs are functional and simple, and each piece can speak for itself in elegance of an era gone by.

If you want something in your office with taste and elegance, then this is the type of furniture which is great to purchase. It makes a statement; it says something and brings warmth and shows good taste in your décor.

The 50’s

The features of this type of furniture are its classic look which is understated with clean lines. The theory behind this is that function is important because form follows function. This furniture is known for an uncluttered sleek look then that is both geometric and organic in form. The furniture has a minimum of ornamentation.

Part of the charm of this style was the combination of new construction and the use of plastic. The plastic was used for the look it brought itself too rather than trying to make it into an imitation of something else. For example, trying to make it look like wood. Other materials were used in making 50’s furniture also like metal, plywood, vinyl, glass, Lucite and Plexiglass.

When you redo your office in mid-century modern office furniture though, don’t do a full-scale replica of the time because it looks better blended. So, use pieces which reflect that period without being overwhelming. Pieces which were iconic from that period too have been copied and adapted now, so you can find pieces for your office that will fit your budget. Try not to get too many patterns and stay within a color range. Accent pieces against one another with your office furniture so that it adds to the elegance of your office setting.

Some examples of mid-century modern office furniture:

This desk is the Louis L Shape Veneer Desk Left Return, with a wood veneer surface. It has a privacy panel and a box pedestal. The legs are the chrome look of the 50’s with silver powered grommet. The desk also locks.

Herman Miller Eames ChairThis Herman Miller Eames, Molded Plastic Side Chair, is a white plastic shell with chrome legs and has a modern design. It looks like a 1950’s chair when shell chairs were all the rage.

The Knoll Pollock Executive Leather Used Chair is a fixed height with fixed arms and of a vintage design. The tan leather has buttons in it which helps to make this a workable design.

This Herman Miller Geiger L Shape 30×66 Right Return Desk is a light maple reminisce of the 50’s in both the color and sleek shape.  The wood is veneer. The desk has I box and 1 box file pedestal along with other features. There are 1-2 drawers lateral, and it has metal loop handles.

This Herman Miller Geiger Camden Used Leather Guest Chair has an upholstered seat, arms and back. It has a wood frame with fixed arms. It made from leather, the color of chocolate, with cherry legs. It has a very sleek simple design.

The furniture of the 50’s had a charm all of its own. You can acquire that same look in your office by combining different pieces together. The look is sleek, clean and functional and makes a statement. Just remember again not to over wow your clients with the 50’s so blend the furniture in. Like with technicolor where watching more than one movie can be overwhelming.

The 50’s are a time well gone. But the look is making a comeback because of the understated style which can bring an office both a professional look that says competence and a look that says a handshake is my word.


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How to Personalize Your Cubicle

If you work in a cubicle, the blandness of it can sometimes be counterproductive. Looking at gray walls and the other dim color schemes can take your creative ideas and dull them down. So, what can you do to change the décor in your cubicle to make it more of an extension of yourself? Below are some suggestions; just keep in mind what the office policies are about decorating upgrades allowed in a workspace.

  1. Steelcase Leap V2 in Electric Blue FabricWalls: If your walls are made from panels that look like bulletin board material, tacking up your choice of fabric can go a long way to brightening up your space. If your walls won’t take easily to tacks, you can put up removable wall coverings. Motivational posters are another way to add a personal touch, as well as photos and post cards.
  2. Floor: If you floor is a uniform boring color, then you could liven it up with a colorful area rug. However, if you chair has casters on it, you may want to put down a vibrant chair mat instead. So, adding few colorful throw rugs with rubber backing will add a touch of pizazz. Just make sure that they don’t interfere with your chair moving about if that is your style of working.
  3. Lighting: Lighting can affect both mood and productivity. Overhead fluorescent lighting can cast harsh shadows and cause eyestrain. To help solve that problem, spot lighting can help. So, you could add a small accent light to help reduce the glare. Consider hanging a string of miniature colored lights or even a full spectrum light too. A spectrum light gives the same effect as sunlight so it will improve your mood.
  4. Temperature: If your cubicle is in the frigid zone, a small portable heater may be the answer to a more comfortable temperature when you are working. However, if your cubicle is the furthest from the air conditioning, a desk fan may be a good idea to circulate the air to keep you cool.
  5. Furniture: If it can be done, see if your office manager will order an ergonomic comfortable chair. You sit in a chair for most of your working day and sitting comfortably will make you more productive. If not, maybe you could order a replacement chair with your boss’s permission that you pay for, just make sure that it can be delivered to your cubicle.
  6. close-up of stylish desk with designed equipmentAccessories: Think about adding one or two live plants or maybe a betta in a bowl. Some of the bowls have a betta with a live plant in the bowl. If you aren’t good at keeping either of them alive, then a silk arrangement could do the trick. A good quality silk arrangement looks very much like the real thing. Another idea is to invest in a tabletop biosphere or an air fern. Neither requires much upkeep or fussing with. Another thought is to place a few fun items such as stuffed animals or a small collection of personal decorative things. But keep in mind that this is work cubicle, so don’t over clutter or bring in something which would be deemed inappropriate.
  7. Privacy: Being in a cubicle and having your co-workers right beside you can cause privacy issues. Additionally, sometimes a co-worker walking by may want to stop and chat when you’re in the middle of an important piece of work. One way to stop this is to put up a folding screen if permitted or, at a last resort, you could wear headphones so that you can slip them on when you don’t want to be disturbed. Make sure you get a supervisor’s permission.
  8. Clutter: Keeping clutter down in a cubicle can take some work, but it will brighten the atmosphere when things are neat. So be sure to discard or file any papers when they aren’t needed anymore. Decorations in a large office and decorations for your cubicle are two different things too. So too many pictures or mementos in a small cubicle can give a feeling of being overwhelmed and crowded. It can be as distracting and busy as an overload of noise

Decorating your cubicle can be fun as long as it doesn’t get out of hand.


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Why National Office Interiors & Liquidators is Different

Furnishing or updating an office it is an expensive endeavor. There are many advantages to using an office furniture liquidator instead of a retail store to help you furnish your office space. When you’re planning on furnishing or redecorating your office, you should consider the options that liquidators provide. These companies purchases large quantities of furnishings and sell them at discounted prices. The same companies may also be approved distributors of new furniture for some manufacturers. Office liquidators are attractive because the costs of outfitting a workplace are intimidating.

Herman Miller White Mirra BackNational Office Interiors & Liquidators (NOL) has extensive experience in the office furniture industry. NOL is different from other furniture liquidators because they have a commitment to high quality. The company focuses on buying gently used furniture that is in excellent condition. This allows them to sell items that provide excellent value for the price. NOL can help you buy the products you need while staying within your budget.

The advantage of using a furniture liquidator like NOL is that you’ll be able to purchase high-quality and stylish used items. NOL provides more value than other furniture liquidators. Some companies cut corners by buying low quality furniture. NOL never purchases low quality furniture. The company also will not purchase used items that are in bad condition. They only look for used office products that are in good shape. After purchase, all items are carefully examined to ensure that they are in good working condition. Next, products are reconditioned and are checked for signs of wear and tear. NOL doesn’t merely purchase then resell items without a thorough quality check.

When you are planning to furnish an office, there are wide wage of items you may need. Obviously you’ll need desks and chairs for employees. NOL has an inventory of seating options that will work for different environments. Whether you’re looking for cubicles, open workspaces, traditional offices or reception rooms, you’ll find that there are stylish and reasonably priced choices available. You can choose from formal office setups; casual seating; fixed seating and easily reconfigurable workstations.

Storage is a common issue for offices. It’s important to have adequate storage when you first open an office. Over time, you’ll find that your storage needs grow as the company grows. NOL has stylish storage options that fit with nearly every office decor. Items are available in wood, metal and laminate. You won’t have problems finding storage furniture that matches even the most modern office decor.

Storage Cabinets - 4 Drawer Lateral, 2 Drawer Lateral and Mobile PedestalThrough NOL, you can find a range of products including filing cabinets, employee lockers and mail room sorting structures. Bookcases and cabinets are also available. You can also find fire and security storage options. NOL purchases products that can help companies meet their storage needs in a cost-effective manner without sacrificing security, style or function.

In addition to offering high quality new and used furniture, NOL provides additional services. One in one convenient option is the company’s chair re-upholstery service. When the company purchases office furniture with damaged leather or unusually styled fabric, NOL re-upholsters the chairs so that they are usable. In some cases, you can work with the sales designer to choose the fabric, leather or recycled leather that will be used for your chairs. This way, you can purchase like-new chairs that coordinate with your office.

NOL features a wide range of brands that you are probably familiar with. They either offer gently-used furniture or new items. These include Steelcase, Knoll, Herman Miller, Hon, goSIT, Paoli Furniture, Haworth, Teknion and Allsteel. You won’t be purchasing low-end brands that don’t provide the quality you need. Warranties are available on some products. NOL has a price match guarantee on many items. Unlike many furniture liquidators, NOL offers warrantees on both new and used products.

The company will deliver your order throughout the United States. If you require on-site assembly, you can require this service. However, some people prefer to see products in person before they make a decision. If you would rather visit a showroom and pick up your items, you have a choice of locations throughout the country. There are showrooms in Phoenix, Arizona; Chicago, Illinois; Dallas, Texas; Houston, Texas; and Tustin, California.

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Styles of Office Furniture

When it comes to furnishing your office, you will quickly find that there are a wide variety of styles of furniture. It can seem overwhelming at first. After all, you need furniture that will play more than one role. It needs to be functional. Employees need the right tables, chairs, desks and other items to do their jobs. The furniture needs to be inviting, especially if you are furnishing a conference room or a reception area. The office furniture also needs to set the tone in your office while complementing your d©cor. This means that you need give furniture purchases serious thought.

There are several common types of furniture styles that you should be familiar with when you’re shopping. Styles can be broken down into extremely specific categories, but generally speaking, the common styles are contemporary, casual and traditional. Understanding these styles will help you pick out the right pieces for your office. You’ll be able to find the furniture you need which will blend in with the rest of your office and help set the tone you want in your office.

Arlington Desk Set SeriesOne thing that it’s important to understand is that you make a decision about the style for your office. Traditional, contemporary and casual furniture do not blend well. You need to make a decision about which style you prefer. Many people work with an interior decorator to decide on their office style because it involves so many different elements. These include the furniture, the flooring, the wall colors and artwork.

Traditional furniture is a great choice for offices that want to send a message of stability and dependability. Many people also love the enduring style of traditional furniture and the atmosphere it creates. It’s a common misconception that traditional furniture has to have a certain style, such as overly large, ornate or overbearing in some way. In reality, traditional furniture can be casual and classic at the same time.

Traditional styles of furniture are predictable. The pieces of furniture match and are placed in an orderly fashion in the office. When offices are decorated in a traditional style, the rooms are free of chaos. The advantage of this type of decorating is that is comfortable for people of all age groups and sensibilities. The furniture is created with classic lines and edges are smooth and soft. Furniture fabrics tend to be muted and aren’t overly textured or styled. There may be patterns or decorations, but they are subtle. Colors are usually in sedate colors without extremes.
Contemporary furniture is also known as modern furniture. It’s a style of furniture that is focused on keeping up with the latest trends. Contemporary styles change quickly, so it’s important to keep in mind that you’ll have to update your office furniture more often than you would have to if you chose a more traditional style. Contemporary doesn’t have to mean uncomfortable even though the style is generally more uncluttered than traditional or casual styles.
Manhattan Executive Desk SetContemporary furniture is sophisticated. The colors are usually neutrals like black and white which are accented with bolder colors like red. Many offices with contemporary furniture have blank or neutral walls and use them as a backdrop. The pieces are minimalist meaning it has soft curves and clean lines. In some cases, you’ll have the option of choosing of bright colors or unusually shaped pieces.

Contemporary furniture is great for creative offices, but may not work for more traditional industries. Casual furniture is comfortable and inviting. It’s only appropriate for certain types of offices. For example, it isn’t appropriate in a legal office or an accounting firm. But, for some types of offices, a more casual environment may be appropriate. Pediatricians often choose to have casual, fun furniture in their offices to make children more comfortable. Counselors sometimes use casual furniture so that clients can relax and talk openly.

The primary function of casual furniture is comfort. This type of furniture has simple details and features soft curves and primarily has rectangular shapes. Many different elements can be blended together in the room and furniture does not have to match precisely. Decorators often blend casual furniture with vintage accessories and art. Look for soft fabrics in neutral colors with inviting textures.

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Gray is the New Neutral for Offices

Neutral colors have always been a popular choice for offices. The colors in your office set the tone for the environment and have an effect on employees. Choosing colors might seem like an insignificant detail if you aren’t focused on the details of office design. However, studies show that employee productivity is significantly affected by the color of the decor in the office. This means it’s important to consider the colors involved in decor.

Manhattan modular desksetThe color scheme of an office sets the ambiance for the environment. Like music, the office decor can have an influence on many aspects of employee behavior including energy level, productivity levels and people’s relaxation level. The right color choices can also reduce employee stress, which is an important goal for employers. Too much stress affects the quality of work.

In the past, many companies chose plain white walls for their offices, thinking this color would be bright and lively and inspire employees. This lack-of-color scheme is actually boring and doesn’t do much to inspire productivity. The color gives a clinical impression like a hospital or doctor’s office. Other employers tried a different approach. They used bright, aggressive colors to make the work environment seem as exciting as possible. They used colors like bright red, purple, yellow, lime green and bright blue to make the walls stand out so that the colors can inspire people to do create work. It turns out that this kind of decor doesn’t inspire employees. Instead, it has a distracting effect. Some bright colors, like red, have been found to increase stress and anxiety. It can make people feel distracted and it’s hard for them focus.

Colors that create a calming effect are the best choices for an office environment. Employees experience enough stress in their day-to-day lives. You don’t want your office decor to add to their stress. There are colors that have been demonstrated to reduce stress while helping people focus on their work. Gray has become a popular neutral color in offices because it has a calming effect on people. You’ve probably noticed for years that some offices have gray cubicles. There is a psychology behind this choice. Many office planners are choosing gray more and more often due to its psychological effects.

If you check in with interior designers and paint stores, you will find that different shades of gray are some of the best-selling paints in the modern market. If you check with home and office furniture stores, you’ll find that gray has become one of the most popular color choices for consumers. It’s the most neutral color choice you can pick because it combines both black and white. Therefore, gray can work with any other color scheme. Gray is a flexible color and allows for changes over time in the decor that surrounds.

Herman Miller Setu Used Mesh Chair, GrayGray is a popular choice for cubicles, chairs, rugs and modular furniture. You’ve probably noticed this type of furniture in many offices. Office planners typically purchase matching furniture so that cubicles can be rearranged to accommodate new staff arrangements. Some chairs are gray and other times the chairs are black. Typically, they match so that when areas are rearranged, the setup is similar.

The color gray has other advantages. It is doesn’t easily show dirt and easy to clean. If employees decide to decorate their cubicles or offices, their additions will blend in easily with a neutral color like gray.

Paintings, sculptures, pictures, ornaments and other decorations won’t clash with gray. People with offices can add chairs with patterns, rugs, accent tables and other items to personalize their offices. Any items like this will blend in with gray without clashing or creating an unattractive space.

If you don’t want gray to be the only color in your office, you can always pick a few complementary accent colors for a few walls. Steer away from bright, aggressive colors. Instead, pick neutral colors that work well with the gray. There are soft, neutral colors like lavender, grayish blue, off-white, grayish green, khaki, light brown and pale gray that can work well with a gray color pattern. You can also choose gray furniture and paint your walls soft, neutral colors that complement the furniture.

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How to Design a Sleek and Modern Workspace

Do you want to upgrade your office to make it look as modern as possible? Do you want a sleek, neat look that will send the message that your company is current and up-to-date? It’s possible to achieve this look if you select the right furnishings and accessories. You have to ensure that all parts of your office fit in with the look you want to achieve. You can’t combine older pieces with modern items and hope to attain a modern look. Consistent style is a must.

Modern Office CredenzaMost modern office pieces share some similar design concepts. They are typically black, white, glass or feature certain types of wood. Chairs are often made of mesh or have unusual cushion colors. The design is minimalistic style. The overall style is simple and uncluttered. Furniture has few accents or decorations and is generally unadorned. This makes it easy to blend modern pieces together. Keep in mind, though, that modern and other furniture styles tend to clash.

You can purchase modern furniture pieces for all your office needs. When it comes to storage, there are modern shelved bookcases that are built into desks or are separate. Other storage items include cabinets, mobile pedestals, storage credenzas and wall unit storage. Modern versions of these pieces have a sleek, clean look that will give your office a modern look.

Your desk does not have to be traditionally-styled to be functional. There are a variety of modern-styled desks that can meet your needs both work-wise and stylistically. Options include traditional configurations like L-shaped, manager desks and desk stations. These desks can be highlighted by other modern options like chairs, visitor chairs, meeting tables, credenzas, bookcases, lamps and side tables.

The reception area of your office gives your visitors their first impression of your company. That’s why it’s important that you take special care to send the right message using this area of the office. You can find many modern pieces for reception areas such as lounge chairs, used cinema chairs and leather reception chairs. The receptionist seat could be a stylish stool or modern chair. Glass coffee tables and modern lamps and side tables should complement the chairs you select. Take the time to pick out appropriate artwork and rugs for your reception area. They should match the style of your furniture. Pick out the small details carefully, including pen holders, lamps, phones, plants, door handles and other features. They should either complement the other parts of the office or be neutral enough that they won’t be noticed.

Your company’s conference room is another important room when it comes to visitors. They are likely to spend most of their time in the conference room so it’s important that projects the right style. You can purchase modern conference tables and chairs that will look attractive and complement the rest of the office. Be sure that the chairs are comfortable as well as modern since meetings can last for a long time.

Clarus Go! Mobile Used 40x73 Glass White Board, BlueThere are other details you can use in a conference room or training room to create a modern atmosphere. Did you know you can purchase glass marker boards? These look extremely modern. You can find them in unusual shapes. Some even appear to hover off of the wall which enhances the unusual effect. Whiteboards are available in a variety of styles. Some even have the capability to print the text and drawings that you have written so that you can save the information.

If you have a training facility in your office, you can find modern items to supply the room. First, you can purchase stylish, stackable conference chairs. These are useful since you may be addressing various- sized groups at any one time. Nesting training tables are also popular for the same reasons. The tables are simple to store in small places. You can pull out as many or as few as you want at any time. Some nesting tables also have the advantage of being mobile so that you can move them easily at any time. This will give you the ability to move tables around the room or to other rooms when necessary. Nesting tables are made in modern styles that will fit in with the office decor you have selected.