Price Matching

We will beat our competitors’ prices

Our low prices are what really set us apart from many other retailers. We offer such low prices because our buyers are so knowledgeable about the products, and have a keen eye to spot the treasures our clientele wants. They have the expertise and experience to find the best in pre-owned office furnishings from brand name manufacturers like Herman Miller, Steelcase, Haworth, Paoli, Teknion, Allsteel, Knoll, and many others.  Our buyers do not purchase everything, they are very selective and look for large quantity, brand name high quality goods.

We believe we have the best pricing across the US and that is why we are confident when you do an apples and quantity comparison we will not be beat. If you find the same product for less with the same quantity as you’d like to order and show us, we will do our best to beat it!

Special order and wholesale items are excluded from price matching.

Does the competitor offer a warranty?  We do on new and used merchandise.