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Using Mixed Materials and Superior Adjustable

The trend that everything has to match in your office is passé. Using mixed furniture instead is the new tread. When textures and colors are used in your offices, conference rooms and other rooms too, this gives everything a more personalized look too. The idea is to make the office an extension of your tastes by not using the same type of furniture pieces everywhere so that you can make an office or work place flow to your inspiration. This also extends to what the pieces are made from and their colors. A workable look which is trending now is to use metal and wood together for a more eclectic appearance additionally.

Materials which office furniture is made from

Adjustable height conference table by goSIT Modern OfficeThe trend now is to mix furniture materials for a unique look. Metal, for example, works better as an accent, though not as a material for a working desk top since metal writing surfaces will scratch easier. Metal can be used also for basic structure or support pieces. Frames and bases of some are built from polished steel and aluminum instead of chrome. The finishes are satin, polished or brushed so that the furniture looks classy.

Laminate is another option which is now frequently used with attractive patterns and colors. There are patterned woods, abstract designs and various colors with even custom graphics. There is also whites, grey-striped wood grains, grays and blacks as well as dark espresso woods. Laminate is a wonderful writing surface too. Drinks can be spilled and pen marks left behind and cleanup is easy.

Laminate is also great for tables which pull apart, mobile teaming tables and flip flop tables. In addition, laminate tables can be edged in PVC, wood and rubber edges in different styles. Laminate is harder than a wood veneer surface too, but costs less.

Now wood has a unique texture, and the grain has character which will accent any style and adds interest. Few tables are made from solid wood though because wood will contract and expand which causes warping so most furniture is made from wood veneered material. The wood grain, the sheen and the color of the wood grain will give a piece of furniture a unique appearance additionally. When different wood colors are combined together right also, this gives any office a modern look.

Examples of mixed material furniture

goSIT Modern Office 10ft White Melamine Lifting Conference Table, Gray Base

This conference table has a two-piece electric lifting top. The surface is laminated with metal legs and a gray laminated base. It’s Boatshaped which has a more graceful appearance than a regular rectangular table. However; the width and length of a Boatshaped table is almost the same as a rectangular table.

goSIT Modern Office Storage Credenza in Gray LaminiategoSIT Modern Office Melamine Credenza, Gray

Credenzas have many uses in the office such being used as file cabinets, media cabinets or even standing desks. This furniture is a wonderful addition to any office and will impress visitors and clients alike. This particular Credenza has 4 push release doors as well as four adjustable shelves. The top is gray laminated and the base is metal. Its dimensions are depth 19” x Width 71” x Height 33.5 “

goSIT Modern Office White Melamine Lifting Desk, Gray Base

A lift desk doesn’t keep you locked in your chair; you can stand up and move around with ease. The desk has an electric lift top too with lets you either sit or stand with better support. This helps with health and increases productivity. It also will increase your energy levels so that you can focus on your project.

This particular lifting desk comes in a white laminate top with metal legs and a gray laminate base.

So, mixing materials in your office furniture will give your office a new sense of style. There are colors and combinations of wood, metal and laminate to suit anyone with flair and taste. Mix and match to your heart’s content since you know what will look best in your offices and conference rooms.

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