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Mid-Century Modern Office Furniture

If you’re redoing your office and want a timeless design and high-style furniture for your office, think mid-century office furniture. This type of furniture design was original in the 1950’s, but is now the latest rage. Furnishings for this look include the styles of chairs, desks, bookcases and filing cabinets used back then for starters. This furniture gives the 50’s look which has an appeal all its own.

Knoll Pollock Executive Leather Used Chair, CaramelThe furniture design is sleek with tapered legs and with edges which are beveled which give the pieces the iconic look of the ‘50’s. The designs are functional and simple, and each piece can speak for itself in elegance of an era gone by.

If you want something in your office with taste and elegance, then this is the type of furniture which is great to purchase. It makes a statement; it says something and brings warmth and shows good taste in your décor.

The 50’s

The features of this type of furniture are its classic look which is understated with clean lines. The theory behind this is that function is important because form follows function. This furniture is known for an uncluttered sleek look then that is both geometric and organic in form. The furniture has a minimum of ornamentation.

Part of the charm of this style was the combination of new construction and the use of plastic. The plastic was used for the look it brought itself too rather than trying to make it into an imitation of something else. For example, trying to make it look like wood. Other materials were used in making 50’s furniture also like metal, plywood, vinyl, glass, Lucite and Plexiglass.

When you redo your office in mid-century modern office furniture though, don’t do a full-scale replica of the time because it looks better blended. So, use pieces which reflect that period without being overwhelming. Pieces which were iconic from that period too have been copied and adapted now, so you can find pieces for your office that will fit your budget. Try not to get too many patterns and stay within a color range. Accent pieces against one another with your office furniture so that it adds to the elegance of your office setting.

Some examples of mid-century modern office furniture:

This desk is the Louis L Shape Veneer Desk Left Return, with a wood veneer surface. It has a privacy panel and a box pedestal. The legs are the chrome look of the 50’s with silver powered grommet. The desk also locks.

Herman Miller Eames ChairThis Herman Miller Eames, Molded Plastic Side Chair, is a white plastic shell with chrome legs and has a modern design. It looks like a 1950’s chair when shell chairs were all the rage.

The Knoll Pollock Executive Leather Used Chair is a fixed height with fixed arms and of a vintage design. The tan leather has buttons in it which helps to make this a workable design.

This Herman Miller Geiger L Shape 30×66 Right Return Desk is a light maple reminisce of the 50’s in both the color and sleek shape.  The wood is veneer. The desk has I box and 1 box file pedestal along with other features. There are 1-2 drawers lateral, and it has metal loop handles.

This Herman Miller Geiger Camden Used Leather Guest Chair has an upholstered seat, arms and back. It has a wood frame with fixed arms. It made from leather, the color of chocolate, with cherry legs. It has a very sleek simple design.

The furniture of the 50’s had a charm all of its own. You can acquire that same look in your office by combining different pieces together. The look is sleek, clean and functional and makes a statement. Just remember again not to over wow your clients with the 50’s so blend the furniture in. Like with technicolor where watching more than one movie can be overwhelming.

The 50’s are a time well gone. But the look is making a comeback because of the understated style which can bring an office both a professional look that says competence and a look that says a handshake is my word.