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Why Buy a Used Office Furniture?

As a business owner, you try to save money where you can. You also know that buying new office furniture can be an expensive output. So, more and more office managers and business owners are buying used office furniture to furnish their offices. If you have a limited budget, then used furniture may be the answer to your problem of needing furniture in your office. Additionally, by shopping carefully with a reputable dealer, you can find furniture that looks as good as new and will be accepted by your office employees gladly. Then you can refurbish your entire office, including the cubicles of your employees.

HON-Initiate-6x6-01Now if you’re looking for used cubicles for your employees, Initiate Used Cube by HON is one that you should check out. The cubicles are 67’’ high by 6’ deep and 6’ feet wide, so they are roomy and can be comfortably furnished. They are on box file pedestals and have one file pedestal with an overhead storage cubicle. It comes in gray and is sold in pods of 4 or more so that you can buy for more than one employee when you purchase these. Each employee would then have their own private space. More work would then get accomplished as your employees would have better work spaces, and you’ll have happier employees. Everyone likes to have their own space, and this will be done at a considerable savings to you.

Other benefits for buying used

There are other benefits to buying used office furniture. Below are some of those benefits listed:

  • You save money: By bargain shopping and hunting for the best deals you can save up to 50 percent and still buy good quality furniture even if it’s used. Most of the office furniture only has very minimal wear and tear because of having been used for only a couple of years. Once the price tags are removed, people usually can’t tell new from used. Your office will just have a comfortable feeling to it and your office will have a whole new look at a much lower cost.
  • You save time: New office furniture can take up to 6 weeks to be delivered while you and your employees are working on top of the breakroom tables. Most used furniture places though can have your furniture to you within a 48-hour window. You and your employees will be working in offices with new used furniture in style and comfort within a short time.
  • Help the environment: By going green and recycling still good used wooden desks, they won’t go early into a landfill. So when you buy used, you get a better deal and help the environment.
  • More bang for your buck: When new office furniture arrives at your office, the resale value drops immediately. It will drop to 25% of the purchase value five years of your purchase. When used furniture is purchased, resale value can be as high as 75% of the purchase price though. So, you can save money when you buy it and get back a nice amount if you resell it at a later date.

Thoughts about used furniture

Indiana UShape EspressoOne of the biggest misconceptions about used furniture is that there isn’t much life left in this kind of furniture and that the furniture will be worn out. Additionally, it’s also thought that previously owned office furniture won’t hold up like new furniture. But by buying from a reputable dealer, you can buy pre-owned, gently used office furniture that will last for a long time that was originally expensive and meant to last to begin with. An office that was hardly used or a business that remodels a lot will have nice furniture which is perfect for what you’re looking for.

Now if you’re just starting up in a business, then you can spend up to 70% more on new furniture than when buying used. So, used furniture won’t sink your budget, and your office will still be functional and stylish.

So, why buy new when used will do. If you can find the same quality and style of furniture, why not buy it used. Desks, cubicles, chairs, and more items not mentioned are available. Check out a reputable used office furniture dealer and see for yourself.