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The Ideal Office Furniture for A Business Professional

Office Specialty Used 4 Drawer Lateral File 42 Inch, Maroon

Office furniture is more than the furniture just like the flowers are not the whole garden. So, it’s also the lighting and the surroundings in the office that make the office. All of this with the right furniture pieces can play a part in boosting your productivity in your business. Think about it; you spend at least 8 hours a day, and sometimes more, in one place for most of your daylight hours. So, having boring furniture and a boring office doesn’t help to increase your work output. But having furniture which reflects your personality and the brand of your company will because you will be in the right setting.

Using color and space

Celeste by goSIT Modern Fabric Reception Chair, Ruby RedBringing color into your office with the furniture, and on your walls, can lift your mood. It can also help to relieve stress and put you in a better frame of mind. Because bright or cool colors will give a break to your eyes and help you clear your head. Rich wood furniture with bright accent colors gives a warm and homey feeling too. A chrome and glass look will give your office a more modern décor.  Additionally, interesting paintings or photos can brighten up a dull and boring area.

Another idea is to divide your office into two different areas, if you have the space. There can be an area which is more professional which would be where your desk, office chair and computer are. The other side could have two comfortable chairs; or a couch, a coffee table and elegant lighting. This can be the section where you sit and talk with clients before doing business, or even where you take a break away from your desk. Be sure the furniture is comfortable and the colors are either soothing or invigorating, depending upon your personality.

Lighting is important

Lighting is important as well. If you’re fortunate enough to have a window in your office, you can be exposed to 173% more white light. This can help you work more effectively as well as lighten your mood. If you don’t have windows, buying lighting which will brighten up your dark corners is important to relieve eye strain.

Not only that, but having plants in your office will help clean the air of impurities and bring some nature indoors. It also makes for a more welcoming atmosphere for clients who come into your office. You can place the plants by a window or display them under indirect lighting for an accent. In addition, please don’t leave any dead leaves on your plants. This looks like you don’t care and can give the wrong impression about your business. Clients aren’t going to think “Wow, they’re so busy, they don’t even have time to water the plants!” What they may think is that you don’t care, and they may wonder if you’ll care about their business.

The effect

Denmark Executive U-Shaped Desk in GrayThe overall effect you want to give is that you are a successful business professional. This should reflect not only in what you wear, but in what your office says about you. So, your office should be welcoming without being overwhelming. If your office is disorganized, then it will give the impression to your clients that you are as well too. When you combine organization with high quality furniture though, it gives your client confidence in your abilities as an entrepreneur. Your furniture should reinforce your brand as well as spell it out also. So, your furniture should fit your business brand.

If you’re a corporate office which handles computers then, your clients wouldn’t expect to see flowers and candles everywhere. Also, your office should be clean and presentable. This means no crumbs on your desk or coffee stains on your chairs. So if you have rugs on the floor, they should be vacuumed daily by maintenance or if you don’t have maintenance, then by you or someone in the office. There shouldn’t be dust anywhere or smudges either. Everything should sparkle which needs to sparkle and look sharp where it matters most.

Making the right impression on a client begins when that client walks through your office door.


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Using Mixed Materials and Superior Adjustable

The trend that everything has to match in your office is passé. Using mixed furniture instead is the new tread. When textures and colors are used in your offices, conference rooms and other rooms too, this gives everything a more personalized look too. The idea is to make the office an extension of your tastes by not using the same type of furniture pieces everywhere so that you can make an office or work place flow to your inspiration. This also extends to what the pieces are made from and their colors. A workable look which is trending now is to use metal and wood together for a more eclectic appearance additionally.

Materials which office furniture is made from

Adjustable height conference table by goSIT Modern OfficeThe trend now is to mix furniture materials for a unique look. Metal, for example, works better as an accent, though not as a material for a working desk top since metal writing surfaces will scratch easier. Metal can be used also for basic structure or support pieces. Frames and bases of some are built from polished steel and aluminum instead of chrome. The finishes are satin, polished or brushed so that the furniture looks classy.

Laminate is another option which is now frequently used with attractive patterns and colors. There are patterned woods, abstract designs and various colors with even custom graphics. There is also whites, grey-striped wood grains, grays and blacks as well as dark espresso woods. Laminate is a wonderful writing surface too. Drinks can be spilled and pen marks left behind and cleanup is easy.

Laminate is also great for tables which pull apart, mobile teaming tables and flip flop tables. In addition, laminate tables can be edged in PVC, wood and rubber edges in different styles. Laminate is harder than a wood veneer surface too, but costs less.

Now wood has a unique texture, and the grain has character which will accent any style and adds interest. Few tables are made from solid wood though because wood will contract and expand which causes warping so most furniture is made from wood veneered material. The wood grain, the sheen and the color of the wood grain will give a piece of furniture a unique appearance additionally. When different wood colors are combined together right also, this gives any office a modern look.

Examples of mixed material furniture

goSIT Modern Office 10ft White Melamine Lifting Conference Table, Gray Base

This conference table has a two-piece electric lifting top. The surface is laminated with metal legs and a gray laminated base. It’s Boatshaped which has a more graceful appearance than a regular rectangular table. However; the width and length of a Boatshaped table is almost the same as a rectangular table.

goSIT Modern Office Storage Credenza in Gray LaminiategoSIT Modern Office Melamine Credenza, Gray

Credenzas have many uses in the office such being used as file cabinets, media cabinets or even standing desks. This furniture is a wonderful addition to any office and will impress visitors and clients alike. This particular Credenza has 4 push release doors as well as four adjustable shelves. The top is gray laminated and the base is metal. Its dimensions are depth 19” x Width 71” x Height 33.5 “

goSIT Modern Office White Melamine Lifting Desk, Gray Base

A lift desk doesn’t keep you locked in your chair; you can stand up and move around with ease. The desk has an electric lift top too with lets you either sit or stand with better support. This helps with health and increases productivity. It also will increase your energy levels so that you can focus on your project.

This particular lifting desk comes in a white laminate top with metal legs and a gray laminate base.

So, mixing materials in your office furniture will give your office a new sense of style. There are colors and combinations of wood, metal and laminate to suit anyone with flair and taste. Mix and match to your heart’s content since you know what will look best in your offices and conference rooms.

When looking for a new idea for furniture check out the links above. The selection choices will astonish you even more than the great prices.


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Mixed Material Trends in Office Furniture

The trend to use mixed material in office furniture is catching on. When you use texture and color in your business office, it gives it a more personalized and inspired look. The old “everything has to match” look is out and a more eclectic look is in. The idea is to make the office feel unique by not repeating the same furniture pieces over and over, as well as by using the same materials and colors. The most common trend is to mix metal and wood elements together for a subtle, but workable look. An office which appeals to the senses too helps with productivity.

Some ideas for your office

When you think about it, there’s a lot of space in many businesses. So, you may have a room for training, a conference room, a break room plus the assorted offices. So below are some furniture ideas for those rooms and what might work for you:

  • goSIT New Mobile Nesting Table 59 Inch with White Base, MahoganyThe training room: In a training room, you don’t want a lot of distractions because you want your employees to focus on what is being said or taught. Modern furniture may be the perfect choice for you then for this kind of business setting. You may want to choose tables which are lightweight and easy to move also. Being able to move the table around into various positions is an option which is good because of the different number of employees and topics discussed when training is in session. You may want to consider a table with a basic work surface additionally with a sleek profile and a metal base which is functional, but still looks good.
  • The conference room: In the conference room, Mahogany Round Veneer tables could be used for round table discussions. This particular kind of table has a wood veneer table surface and a metal base. It is 54 inches in diameter and 29 inches tall. You could add the Steelcase Think Chair for the office which shifts into three comfortable reclining positions too with a push of a button. It rolls smoothly on five casters. It additionally comes in a yellow line pattern with black frame. This type of furniture gives a professional vibe while leaving a good impression on any visitors.
  • The break room: The break room is where your employees go to eat lunch or take 15-minute breaks. So instead of the dreary cafeteria look, you could make it cheerier with a few 36-inch café tables. A table which has a metal base with a laminated top and a wood veneer top is sure to brighten things up. If the tabletop is white with maple trim, you add blue vinyl chairs also with silver frame; it will make the breakroom a relaxing place.

Tree Truck Table GlassOther colors used in office furniture

Office furniture is being lightened up from the black walnut and dark wood tones which have been used so frequently up to now. Blonde wood tables, shelving which is light oak and wood furnishings which are mixed are being used more and more. In addition, the colors of sky-blue, peach and white are showing up more offices. More of a relaxed beach theme then than the Wall Street look in the office is being used. Also, marble and bronze are being mixed with bleached wood surfaces, which sends the message of elegance rather than stuffiness.

Reflective surfaces and offices

Another material trend in the office is the use of frosted glass and marker board. When glass is incorporated, sometimes using reclaimed wood as the material for the storage unit doors and hutches, it reflects light in a space which otherwise would be dark. Additionally, surfaces which are writable are being used for the work surfaces. In some desk designs, a writable work surface is made over the entire desk, or fabric tiles are replaced by marker board. The surfaces are erasable.

The thing in all of this is that an office that is friendlier adds to productivity. It is not done just to be modern. The office also must be functional.

To close, to update and modernize your office, look into purchasing furniture that uses mixed materials.

Furniture links:

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What You Should Know About Laminate Furniture

Jason Furniture Used Leather Reception Chair, Brown

You’ve probably heard about laminate furniture, but you may not know a lot about it. Since it’s not natural wood, you might worry that it’s cheap or it’s not long-lasting. Actually, this is a misconception. Laminate furniture can be attractive and durable. It can also be extremely cost-effective. If you take the time to learn more about laminate, you may find that it’s the best option for your office furniture.

Everyday 36x72 Double Pedestal Laminate Desk, MahoganyOne of the advantages of laminate is the many options that are available. It is made in hundreds of colors, patterns and finishes. This means you can find products that will match nearly any décor. You can find it in the colors that coordinate with your already existing furniture. In most cases, you can find a piece that works with what you have. Even if you can’t find an exact match, you’ll be able to find a piece that coordinates with your existing furniture.

Laminate is typically available in solid colors such as shades of black, shades of white, gray and many different shades of brown. Patterns can be understated or more obvious. Laminates that mock real wood are popular choices. You can find laminates that mock lighter shades of wood, medium wood colors, redwood and dark wood hues. All of these options provide a modern look that can work with many different decors.

Many people love the classic look and styling of real wood furniture. The problem is that real wood furniture is a large financial investment. Not only is wood expensive, it requires special care and needs to be treated gently so that it doesn’t show wear. Since the cost is so high, you’ll be highly motivated to take extra care of the pieces. That makes it difficult in a busy office when more than one person is around the furniture.

You won’t get the exact classic look of wood with laminate, but you can still purchase attractive, furniture that gives your office a professional look. There are many practical aspects when it comes to laminate. It can take the kind of abuse that comes along with day to day use in an office environment. Its durability makes it a good choice for high traffic areas of the company.

What does durability mean? It’s extremely resistant to water – including hot and cold liquids. The surface of laminate doesn’t scratch easily, unlike real wood. It works well for conference tables, cafeteria tables, work stations, training tables and shared desk areas. Think about how often these areas are used. They are easily susceptible to scratching and permanent damage if they aren’t made of the right material.

Everyday 30x60 Single Pedestal Laminate Desk, MahoganyThere are disadvantages to laminate that you should be aware of before you make a purchase. It is not the solution for every furnishing issue. It isn’t always made of the highest quality material which means that it could look unrealistic. This is especially true when it comes to wood veneers. If they’re made cheaply, then they will look like a bad facsimile of real wood.

The best way to go about buying laminate is to find a reputable brand. That way, you’ll know that the product is well-made and you won’t have to deal with the problems that cheaply made laminate present. You know you’ll have a high quality product when you purchase from a reputable manufacturer.

Purchasing high quality laminate furniture doesn’t have to be expensive. Laminate furniture isn’t highly priced to begin with. However, you can work with a furniture liquidator to reduce your costs. A good liquidator will offer brands like Arrowood, Captivate, Flourish, Hiland, Escalade, Clever, Casbah and Eloquence. Other brands you may consider include WaveWorks, Renegade and Fringe. A good liquidator can recommend other brands.

Furniture liquidators can save you money because they offer high-quality second-hand furniture. Good liquidators will provide information about the condition of the pieces. Used furniture can be a great bargain and it doesn’t have to look out of date. You can furnish your office for a reasonable price with laminate furniture and the items will be durable and last for years.

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How to Design a Sleek and Modern Workspace

Do you want to upgrade your office to make it look as modern as possible? Do you want a sleek, neat look that will send the message that your company is current and up-to-date? It’s possible to achieve this look if you select the right furnishings and accessories. You have to ensure that all parts of your office fit in with the look you want to achieve. You can’t combine older pieces with modern items and hope to attain a modern look. Consistent style is a must.

Modern Office CredenzaMost modern office pieces share some similar design concepts. They are typically black, white, glass or feature certain types of wood. Chairs are often made of mesh or have unusual cushion colors. The design is minimalistic style. The overall style is simple and uncluttered. Furniture has few accents or decorations and is generally unadorned. This makes it easy to blend modern pieces together. Keep in mind, though, that modern and other furniture styles tend to clash.

You can purchase modern furniture pieces for all your office needs. When it comes to storage, there are modern shelved bookcases that are built into desks or are separate. Other storage items include cabinets, mobile pedestals, storage credenzas and wall unit storage. Modern versions of these pieces have a sleek, clean look that will give your office a modern look.

Your desk does not have to be traditionally-styled to be functional. There are a variety of modern-styled desks that can meet your needs both work-wise and stylistically. Options include traditional configurations like L-shaped, manager desks and desk stations. These desks can be highlighted by other modern options like chairs, visitor chairs, meeting tables, credenzas, bookcases, lamps and side tables.

The reception area of your office gives your visitors their first impression of your company. That’s why it’s important that you take special care to send the right message using this area of the office. You can find many modern pieces for reception areas such as lounge chairs, used cinema chairs and leather reception chairs. The receptionist seat could be a stylish stool or modern chair. Glass coffee tables and modern lamps and side tables should complement the chairs you select. Take the time to pick out appropriate artwork and rugs for your reception area. They should match the style of your furniture. Pick out the small details carefully, including pen holders, lamps, phones, plants, door handles and other features. They should either complement the other parts of the office or be neutral enough that they won’t be noticed.

Your company’s conference room is another important room when it comes to visitors. They are likely to spend most of their time in the conference room so it’s important that projects the right style. You can purchase modern conference tables and chairs that will look attractive and complement the rest of the office. Be sure that the chairs are comfortable as well as modern since meetings can last for a long time.

Clarus Go! Mobile Used 40x73 Glass White Board, BlueThere are other details you can use in a conference room or training room to create a modern atmosphere. Did you know you can purchase glass marker boards? These look extremely modern. You can find them in unusual shapes. Some even appear to hover off of the wall which enhances the unusual effect. Whiteboards are available in a variety of styles. Some even have the capability to print the text and drawings that you have written so that you can save the information.

If you have a training facility in your office, you can find modern items to supply the room. First, you can purchase stylish, stackable conference chairs. These are useful since you may be addressing various- sized groups at any one time. Nesting training tables are also popular for the same reasons. The tables are simple to store in small places. You can pull out as many or as few as you want at any time. Some nesting tables also have the advantage of being mobile so that you can move them easily at any time. This will give you the ability to move tables around the room or to other rooms when necessary. Nesting tables are made in modern styles that will fit in with the office decor you have selected.

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Design an Inviting Break room

An employee break room is an important part of your office. It’s easy to overlook how necessary it is to have a place to relax and unwind throughout the day. A good break room will help build comradery among workers. The break room should be primarily designed to allow employees relax during breaks and lunch hours. It should be inviting and allow workers to leave the workplace behind temporally. Your break room doesn’t have to involve a huge investment but there are some simple things you can do to make it inviting and relaxing so that employees have a place to relax.

To make the room inviting, the break room should be separate from the rest of the office instead of an extension of the main working area. Employees shouldn’t be able to see their desks, supervisors or be easily accessible to co-workers. There are a lot of things you can do to make the break room different from the rest of the office. If possible, you can put the room in a separate area from the office space. If your office is large, try to have several break rooms for different sections of the company. This will give workers a place to unwind without having to go far.

Design an Inviting Break RoomDecoration can make a big difference. A fun, stylish break room can make the space fun and attractive. Painting the room different colors from the rest of the building will help it stand out from working parts of the office. Consider colors and styles that don’t match the rest of the building. You can furnish the room with fun and functional furniture in a variety of styles. There is no reason you need to have to use standard corporate furniture in the break room. Explore more options. What about pub tables and stools in parts of the break room? Don’t try to design a plain break room.

Provide some conveniences for employees. Most companies provide free coffee for workers, so you should think about doing this. Provide both regular and decaffeinated coffee plus hot water for tea. Coffee helps workers stay alert during the day so there is a benefit to both you and the employee. Be sure to include coffee-making supplies such as extra coffee and filters. Also, you should offer sugar, artificial sweetener, creamer, stirrers, napkins and drink cups. Some companies provide additional drink options like tea bags and hot chocolate. Another great addition is a water cooler with filtered water. These extra perks make employees feel rewarded and valued.

Some companies are able to offer a few snack options for employees such as popcorn or a few other healthy foods. Others offered bottled water, sodas and other drinks. Even if you’re not able to do this, make sure workers have access to snacks and drinks through vending machines in the break room. You can ensure that the machines offer a variety of fresh and long-lasting foods depending on your employees’ preferences.

You can provide employees with other supplies to make their lives easier which will make them feel appreciated. Think about offering disposable plates, spoons, forks and knives. Although it might seem wasteful, reusable cups, plates and utensils can create problems when it comes to keeping materials clean. Unless you install a dishwasher and designate someone responsible for emptying and filling it, dirty dishes are likely to be a source of conflict.

There are a variety of other helpful tools you can put in a break room. These include a full-sized refrigerator, cabinets, counters and sinks. Employees need tables and chairs to sit down and eat lunch and have snacks. They’ll need microwaves to heat up food. It’s important to have more than one microwave so that multiple people can use them at the same time. People often have breaks at the same time and will get frustrated if there’s a line at the microwave. Tables should be available in a variety of sizes or should be simple to connect and disconnect for groups or individual users. Be sure to have extra chairs in case of visitors. It might be a good idea to have a coat closet in the break room in case visitors stop by from other offices or from other parts of company.