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How to Prepare for a Growing Company

Your business is growing, and you’re going to have to hire more employees to cover the growth. You also know that your business is going to grow even larger in the future. So how do you plan for buying furniture which will be sufficient for the growth now and future growth? How do you handle the growth now if you intend to move later? Below are some ideas which may help with that issue:

  • goSIT Cubicle Pod of 6 Stations in Taupe, Metal and GlassHandling the influx of employees while still in the same space: One of the problems may be managing overcrowding while waiting to move to a bigger office space. One way to do it is to replace the traditional large office furniture with something stylish and space saving. Perhaps an open work environment where employees are working closer together and need less room. It can be done by using modular workstations which can be reconfigured into various pod layouts. When you move, you just take the modular workstations with you.
  • Having private space areas: If you implement an open work environment, privacy is still needed. So, have your conference room opened for private meetings or personal phone calls. The room can be reserved for a certain amount of time depending on the number of people needing it, so everyone has a chance to use it.
  • Temporary telecommuting: Another way to handle cramped spaces is to have some of the in-office staff telecommute. Some of your team, depending on what type of work they do, don’t need to be physically around the rest of their team if they strictly do sales calls or computer work. Make sure that they skype with you and perhaps others to stay connected to the company culture.

Planning for the future

You can also buy office furniture with the future in mind. Figure out how many employees are going to be needed in each department. You have different desk types then that will fit your workspace as well. There could be conference rooms or smaller private rooms for private meetings. You have the option of using office desks or standing desks or acoustics pods additionally in various ways. If you buy modular furniture, it can be adapted as you grow as a business too, and you can conveniently use it the way you need it if you move. Filing systems and desks then can be put together to form a variety of places for your employees to work with each other without taking up a lot of room.

goSIT Telemarketing Cubicle in Taupe Fabric with GlassDifferent types of workstations can be added such as the curved workstation also. This workstation doesn’t have sharp edges so your employees can get closer to their keyboards. If arranged in the correct pattern, they can provide a degree of enclosed privacy.

Another option is the managerial collaborative workstation which can help a new employee with transition or employees who don’t spend a lot of time at their desks but still need to see what is going on with clients on the computer at times. It’s also a great station for co-workers who need to collaborate on a project. In addition, it can be used when a new employee and a mentor work together to teach the new employee.

The minimalist workstation is for people who don’t spend a lot of time working at their desks also. It has personal storage cabinets and a locked filing cabinet. It’s good for the floating worker to put important files and personal items. This type of workstation does help to increase productivity but can also hinder productivity because of the noise levels from other workers though. Buffers may need to be installed such as acoustic ceiling tiles and acoustic surrounds.

An extended work surface station is great for meetings between two co-workers on a project. It’s also ideal for impromptu meetings at the desk-side, so conferences rooms or other spaces won’t need to be used which can be time-consuming to set up.

Privacy screens at workstations can be put up or removed depending on the level of privacy wanted. This type of workstation works for staff who handle sensitive information.

Buying office furniture which you can adjust to your growing needs is the smart thing to do. You can then design the business environment and office that is right for your company.