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Benefits of Used Conference Tables

When you’re debating on purchasing a new conference table for your business, why not consider used? Used doesn’t mean that it’s scratched or dented either, although it could fall into that category. Many used pieces of furniture are of high quality at less cost because there are many reasons that furniture could be used. For example, tables and chairs may have been bought last year, but the company that bought them is changing its corporate culture and buying furniture again. So you get good quality for a small price because the furniture could be almost new.

Now there is also used office furniture, known as refurbished, that is another category.  When furniture is refurbished it could have its appearance refreshed or structural damage repaired.

Used Conference Table in Espresso with credenzaWhen you purchase furniture though, which has been used and then refurbished, you can save up to 90% by buying this type of furniture. This is because the cost of the furniture being made was absorbed the first time it was sold. When it’s resold, the price can be lowered because it’s a used piece of office furniture without these costs. This lets the sellers move pieces of furniture out quickly, and the buyers get a good deal additionally.

Questions to ask

Before buying your conference table or other pieces of furniture for your office, there are some questions that you might want to ask yourself. One question might be which type of piece will give your company a new look. Or how can you get good quality without going over budget? Also, if high quality is important to our business look, will purchasing a conference table which is refurbished be feasible to do?

Believe it or not, pre-owned furniture can be high-quality items with many options for you to achieve the right look you want for your office here. Plus, if the item is on clearance or discontinued, you will save even more money. You ‘ll be able to refurbish your office at a much lower cost than you may have anticipated. You may find that you can buy a few more pieces then if the price is right and upgrade your whole office.

Why pre-owned furniture is the right choice

Wood Veneer Used 42 Inch Round Conference Table, MahoganyThere are several reasons why pre-owned furniture is the best choice for your office. It’s more affordable which allows you to stay within your budget. You spend a fraction of the cost if you compare the pieces of furniture to a new pieces. This allows you to invest what you’ve saved into other items for the office such as computers or other office equipment.

So, you can buy higher quality pieces at a lower price. If the furniture was used for a short time or was a display piece, it could still be in great shape too. So, you can score a high-end conference table, for example, without sacrificing the quality you want and need. Because companies are constantly remodeling and refurbishing so they will sell their furniture to companies who deal in pre-owned furniture.

The other excellent reason for buying used is that it helps preserve the environment. It’s not just cost effective to buy used items but also “green.” Then, when you buy used, you’re keeping furniture which is in excellent shape from ending up in a landfill. This will help to minimize the overall effect you have on the environment.

Also, because these types of items are usually already in stock, there’s less shipping time involved. High-end items shipped from the factory can take longer to get to you. With used, it’s shipped from the warehouse right to your business so that you can get your office back into the highest working condition sooner.

Making the right choice

The replacement of your office furniture has to be done right, so it makes sense to buy used or refurbished when the furniture looks nice. You can get the same quality as buying new at a much lower price. You have multiple choices, and by saving money on one item, you may even be tempted to buy that special desk for yourself.  Buying used is not only smart but thrifty too; who doesn’t like to save money and get quality?

All in all, when you buy used, you’ve made a choice that you can feel good about.


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Why Buy a Used Office Furniture?

As a business owner, you try to save money where you can. You also know that buying new office furniture can be an expensive output. So, more and more office managers and business owners are buying used office furniture to furnish their offices. If you have a limited budget, then used furniture may be the answer to your problem of needing furniture in your office. Additionally, by shopping carefully with a reputable dealer, you can find furniture that looks as good as new and will be accepted by your office employees gladly. Then you can refurbish your entire office, including the cubicles of your employees.

HON-Initiate-6x6-01Now if you’re looking for used cubicles for your employees, Initiate Used Cube by HON is one that you should check out. The cubicles are 67’’ high by 6’ deep and 6’ feet wide, so they are roomy and can be comfortably furnished. They are on box file pedestals and have one file pedestal with an overhead storage cubicle. It comes in gray and is sold in pods of 4 or more so that you can buy for more than one employee when you purchase these. Each employee would then have their own private space. More work would then get accomplished as your employees would have better work spaces, and you’ll have happier employees. Everyone likes to have their own space, and this will be done at a considerable savings to you.

Other benefits for buying used

There are other benefits to buying used office furniture. Below are some of those benefits listed:

  • You save money: By bargain shopping and hunting for the best deals you can save up to 50 percent and still buy good quality furniture even if it’s used. Most of the office furniture only has very minimal wear and tear because of having been used for only a couple of years. Once the price tags are removed, people usually can’t tell new from used. Your office will just have a comfortable feeling to it and your office will have a whole new look at a much lower cost.
  • You save time: New office furniture can take up to 6 weeks to be delivered while you and your employees are working on top of the breakroom tables. Most used furniture places though can have your furniture to you within a 48-hour window. You and your employees will be working in offices with new used furniture in style and comfort within a short time.
  • Help the environment: By going green and recycling still good used wooden desks, they won’t go early into a landfill. So when you buy used, you get a better deal and help the environment.
  • More bang for your buck: When new office furniture arrives at your office, the resale value drops immediately. It will drop to 25% of the purchase value five years of your purchase. When used furniture is purchased, resale value can be as high as 75% of the purchase price though. So, you can save money when you buy it and get back a nice amount if you resell it at a later date.

Thoughts about used furniture

Indiana UShape EspressoOne of the biggest misconceptions about used furniture is that there isn’t much life left in this kind of furniture and that the furniture will be worn out. Additionally, it’s also thought that previously owned office furniture won’t hold up like new furniture. But by buying from a reputable dealer, you can buy pre-owned, gently used office furniture that will last for a long time that was originally expensive and meant to last to begin with. An office that was hardly used or a business that remodels a lot will have nice furniture which is perfect for what you’re looking for.

Now if you’re just starting up in a business, then you can spend up to 70% more on new furniture than when buying used. So, used furniture won’t sink your budget, and your office will still be functional and stylish.

So, why buy new when used will do. If you can find the same quality and style of furniture, why not buy it used. Desks, cubicles, chairs, and more items not mentioned are available. Check out a reputable used office furniture dealer and see for yourself.


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Going Green with Pre-owned Office Furniture

Peyton by goSIT Modern Leather Reception Chair, Blue

Going green is a popular topic today. Many companies are doing their best to eliminate waste and minimize their impact on the environment as a part of doing business. Many workplaces emphasize recycling cans, papers, bottles and reducing the amount of materials, such as paper. These are all important contributions when it comes to reducing your office’s waste materials. When it comes to really going green, there are some other big-picture strategies you should consider. Also, keep in mind that many strategies for “going green” are often cost savers.

Haworth Used Right Return Veneer U Shape Bullet Desk, Tiger MapleThere are many easy-to-implement ideas that can help you reduce waste in the office. One tactic is to have your office manager keep a careful watch over the existing office supplies. This isn’t just a strategy to manage costs. It is an effective way to get everyone in the office to use less. If people can’t easily access additional materials, they’re more likely to look on or in their desks for pens or notepads.

Cut down on your printing. Ask your team for suggestions about how to cut down on printing waste. Old habits die hard and some offices still print out meeting agendas and reports that could easily be shared digitally. A lot of company storage can be switched to online environments instead of being printed out and saved in filing cabinets and at off-site locations. You’ll also save money on printer ink, paper and storage as a bonus. Some offices switch to recycled paper but this can be costly. You can actually have more of an impact by cutting down on the amount of paper you use in the first place.

One of the most significant steps you can take towards going green is buying second-hand. Re-using existing items extends their lifetime so that they don’t end up in a landfill when they’re perfectly usable. This is especially easy to do with furniture since it isn’t technical equipment and doesn’t have to run software. This isn’t always possible, but if you can find stylish, up-to-date furniture in good condition, you’ll save the by-product wastage that’s involved in the creation of new furniture. You’ll also save a great deal of money as well.

How can you find attractive and stylish pre-owned office furniture? Your best bet is to work with a furniture liquidator. These companies purchase high-quality, pre-owned furniture pieces, including desks, file cabinets, reception items, tables, and storage products. Liquidators also offer cubicles, conference room equipment, bookcases, chairs, lighting, privacy screens, white boards and more.

A reputable furniture liquidator like National Office Interiors can provided you with quality, well-made products produced by well-known brands. Furniture liquidators will clean products before shipping them. They often make small repairs and can replace upholstery if necessary. When you receive your purchases, you’ll find that the items are almost indistinguishable from new furniture.  

Steelcase Leap V2 Used Leather Task Chair, MahoganyYou can often significantly upgrade the style of the furniture in your office with a much lower budget than you anticipated without sacrificing your commitment to the environment. You won’t find old, out-of-style second-hand furniture like you see in thrift stores. Instead you’ll find the latest styles just like you would in high-end office stores. You won’t be settling for unstable, scratched or outdated items in order to keep your commitment to the environment.

Furniture liquidators offer high-end brand names with strong reputations as high quality furniture manufacturers. These include Steelcase, Knoll, Hon, goSIT, Haworth, Teknion, Allsteel, Paoli Furniture, Amia, Brayton, Leap, Think and Herman Miller. Other brands include Anderson, La-Z-Boy, Bernhardt and many others. You can trust these brands because of their long-standing established reputations in the business.

If you live near one of the National Office Interiors & Liquidators offices and would like to see available furniture in person, you can visit a store. There are locations in Chicago, Illinois; Dallas, Texas; Houston, Texas; Norcross, Georgia; and Tucson, California. If you aren’t able to visit, detailed pictures and descriptions of available products are on the company’s website. Products are typically shown from several different angles and you’ll be able to view product dimensions to determine whether the size is appropriate for your office space. The company is able to deliver throughout the United States and some parts of Canada.

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The Benefits of Buying Used Furniture

Furniture is a huge investment. New furniture can be extremely expensive, especially if you want to buy pieces that that are attractive and will last for a long time. Furniture stores will often offer to finance your purchases. This might sound tempting, but keep in mind that you are accruing debt at a significant interest rate. Often, furniture stores will offer you six months same as cash but it’s unusual for people to pay off large purchases in the time frame.

When you order custom or brand-new furniture, you may have to wait for an extended period of time to receive your order. In some cases, you may have to wait for weeks or months. If you order low-priced, low-quality furniture from discounted furniture stores or mass-merchant sellers, you will probably receive your order much more quickly. The downside is that you will be buying substandard furniture that won’t last for a long time. It will fall show signs of wear quickly and start to fall apart in a short amount of time.

Storage CabinetsInstead of waiting a long time to receive new furniture or buying sub-standard items, it’s a good idea to consider purchasing used furniture. Some people balk at the idea of buying used products because they assume they are going to buying out-of-style products that have significant signs of wear and tear. The reality is that they are missing a great opportunity to purchase a high quality product at a lower price. Some high quality, like-new and brand name pieces are available for as much as 70 percent off of the original price. If you live near a liquidator, you can visit a warehouse to view the condition of the furniture and the availability of different pieces. In most cases, you can also look at pieces online. A good furniture liquidator will show the piece from a variety of angles so that you can see the item completely.

Craftsmanship is one of the reasons to consider used furniture in the first place. You can buy higher quality pieces than you could afford if you were buying brand new furniture. You have a variety of options available. You’ll be able to purchase items that set the appropriate tone for the various rooms in your office. If you want a formal look for environments such as a legal or financial firm, you can find furniture that will send the conservative message that you are looking for. If you want a more whimsical look, you can find pieces that set a creative tone.

Character and uniqueness are important features of furniture. Unfortunately, when you purchase low- cost, mass-produced furniture, you won’t find these characteristics. These details provide distinction and sophistication to your office. Most visitors can tell your office is furnished with inexpensive furniture. High-quality used furniture is often recently made and reflects the latest styles.

Steelcase Think Used Task Chair, Admiral BlueIf you buy quality used furniture from a furniture liquidator, you’ll find higher quality products at significantly lower prices. Furniture liquidators typically offer two kinds of products. First, they offer used furniture from high-quality brand names. Where does the furniture come from? It usually comes from large offices that are relocating. They often find that it’s less expensive to sell their furniture to a furniture liquidator and buy items at their new location instead of shipping their current furniture.

You can take advantage of the used furniture available at furniture liquidators. Good liquidators offer brand name products at prices that are significantly lower than those at new furniture stores. They will clean the pieces before delivery. A good furniture liquidator will go further and make minor repairs such as adjusting drawers so they work correctly and correct minor scratches and dents. You will receive like- new furniture at a price you can afford. You won’t have to go into debt to refurbish or furnish your office.

Furniture liquidators offer an advantage that you will definitely appreciate. A good liquidator will offer a warranty on products, sometimes as long as ten years. Some have a price match guarantee and will match the same price for the same quantity on the same product. You can have confidence in a furniture liquidator. They aren’t fly-by-night operations. They are stable businesses that have built solid reputations with their communities.

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How to Create a Beautiful Conference Room on a Budget

A conference room is an important part of your office. It sets the tone for your company. When you’re looking for deals on purchasing office furniture, it’s important that you consider the conference room seriously. You don’t have to buy the most expensive office furniture to make the room attractive. Often, you can find attractive pieces from furniture liquidators. Sometimes, pre-owned furniture looks just as attractive as new pieces if the retouching is done correctly.Conference Chairs

How can you create an attractive conference room on a budget? One important thing you need to consider is the office furniture in the room. You need a conference table that is attractive and functional. The table should be in good condition. You want a table that is sturdy and free of scratches or other imperfections. It should seat enough people conference table comfortably. How much seating do you need? You will need office furniture that is appropriate for the number of staff members in your office. How large are most client meetings? You should consider this as well when picking out office furniture like a conference table. Always buy a bit more seating room than you need, this will help you accommodate future growth in meeting size.

Chairs are an important part of your conference room. Don’t settle for unmatched chairs or chairs that don’t coordinate with the rest of the office furniture in the conference room. Your chairs should be sturdy and coordinate with the conference table. The pieces don’t have to match exactly but they should complement the rest of the office furniture. Certain colors and patterns, while not matching exactly, work well together and appear to be part of a set.

Chairs can be an extremely expensive investment. Don’t try to save money by scrimping on the number of chairs. It looks unprofessional when you don’t have enough chairs during meetings. It’s always important to have chairs that are in good shape. Chair legs should be sturdy and balanced. The arms should be well-fastened and should not wobble. People should be able to adjust the seat backs and heights easily. Most of all, the chairs should be comfortable. Meetings can last a long time and it’s much more enjoyable for participants when they have a pleasant place to sit. Make sure that you have a few extra chairs in the room just in case. If a client brings more people than expected, you’ll want room to accommodate them.

You don’t have break the bank when purchasing chairs. Don’t go to big box office stores or furniture chains to purchase chairs. Instead, check furniture liquidators. They often offer considerable savings on office furniture like chairs. You can find new or used chairs that look as attractive as the new high-end items without paying the high-end prices. Many times, you can find brand name office furniture like Herman Miller, Steelcase and Knoll at deeply discounted prices when you shop furniture liquidators. Make a budget and shop with your price limit in mind.

Manhattan 4 Door Laminate Storage Credenza with Glass Top, Cashmere GrayMany business owners add additional pieces of office furniture to the conference room for various reasons. You may find that a wide lateral filing cabinets work well in your conference room. These cabinets can also double as tables. The advantage of having a filing cabinet in your conference room is that you can easily access information that is relevant to meetings while you’re in the room. You can also store items in cabinets that you may need during some meetings but not others. These may include projectors, lecterns, notepads, pens, pencils and other relevant items. You can keep these items stored out of site when they’re not needed so that the room looks clean and neat. Then, when necessary, you’ll be able to access them quickly.

A credenza can be an attractive piece of furniture for a conference room. The credenza should coordinate with the other items in the room. Don’t try to save money by mixing different types of wood or finishes. Instead, take the time to find a table that works well with the office furniture that you already have. You can use the credenza to display items that may be of interest to clients. These include awards, newspaper article or magazine articles and other reading materials.