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Herman Miller Equa Chairs

When looking for new furniture for your business, consider the Herman Miller Equa Chairs. These chairs have curvy contours with rounded edges which make for a pleasing profile. Also, the seat and the back will flex separately when the person moves in the chair. Plus, with the tilt mechanisms, these give a natural reclining motion. These chairs were designed for both use and comfort.

Herman Miller Equa chairThe key to how the chair is designed is the equitable design’s one-piece shell. This was first developed in 1979 when it was figured out that by using an H-shaped cut-out the back that the seat would act independently from the rest of the chair. Then a few shells were developed by hand, and the comfortable shell form was designed. Next, the correct material and right manufacturing process needed to be found. So, fiber-reinforced resin was formed into a one-piece back and shell to accomplish this. By using thermoplastic molding, it produced a flexible, strong and cost-effective shell which was also visually pleasing. The chair became a classic.

So the chairs offered here are used. But they have been refurbished where needed and are of high-quality because the design is high-quality. It’s like when you buy a classic car that’s been refurbished and restored. The car was great to begin with and had a lot of class when it was built. So it still has a lot of class when you buy it.

Herman Miller Equa 1 Purple Used Task Chair

Ergonomic Chair

This Equa Chair by Herman Miller was made to equally prioritize sophistication and phenomenal back support. With the advanced technology of this chair, it allows a person to move around, perform various tasks and sit in a variety of positions. Made from the one-piece shell with an H-shaped cut-out, waterfall edges, and replaceable plush foam cushions; the chair is beautiful and functional. The Equa is a strong, flexible and cost-effective chair. It’s made to respond and interact with the person sitting in it, without requiring that the person to manipulate a host of buttons and knobs. It has a pneumatic lift, a tilt tension knob, and height adjustable armrests. This particular chair comes in purple with a gray base with these dimensions: Width 25.5 x Depth 16.75 x Height 39.5

Herman Miller Equa Used Sled Base Side Chair, Blue Pattern

Herman Miller “Equa” allows everyone in the office-regardless work activities or body type to experience good ergonomic support and comfort. There isn’t any pressure beneath your thighs because of the waterfall front edges. There also isn’t any pressure on your arms because of the wide, soft armrests that are sloped.

This chair is made of 36% recycled materials too, and each Equa 2 chair is 86% recyclable. The color of this chair is blue with a black frame with Dimensions: Width 25.5″ x Depth 25.5″ x Height 37″ with 9″ for seat arm.

Herman Miller Equa Mid Back Used Task Chair, Black


Herman Miller Equa Used Low Back Task Chair, BlackThe designers Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick developed the Equa Chair by Herman Miller to equally prioritize sophistication and phenomenal back support. With the advanced technology of this chair, it allows a person to move around, perform various tasks and sit in a variety of positions. The chair is shaped in a one-piece shell with an H-shaped cut-out, waterfall edges and replaceable plush foam cushions.

The Equa is a strong, flexible, cost-effective chair with a visually pleasing H-shaped shell. It’s made to respond and interact with the person sitting in it, without requiring the person to manipulate a host of buttons and knobs. It has pneumatic lift with tilt tension knob, arms with adjustable height and a swivel arm pad; there’s a lumbar feature and tilt lock.


When you buy any of these used chairs, they will arrive clean and in excellent working order, ready for use in your office. Every feature on the chairs is checked by our quality control team and is guaranteed to work. Prior to shipment, each chair is cleaned and refurbished as needed including using high-quality paint for touch up. Your chair will be free from fabric rips or tears; the frame will be damage free and may only have very slight scratches, if any.

When buying a chair, consider quality used.


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Herman Miller My Studio Cubes

The cubicle or cube has long either been revered or scorned, and there doesn’t seem to be an in between. Maybe it’s all the movies of drudgery being done in office cubicles that causes the scorn. After all the old style cubicles have become their own matrix world.

The Stereotype

The stereotype for the old cubicle is that everyone is like a mouse on a wheel. Or that everyone works like drones stamping widgets. It speaks to not being comfortable and having four white walls with the view of feet sticking out on all sides.

Herman Miller My Studio 8x8 - V DeskSure, the boss in the old movies in the above scenario gets an office and feels at home. The boss is comfortable. The office of the one in charge is big enough to have lunch brought into it. The employees eat tuna or cheese sandwiches on cramped desks that don’t even have room for a real plant.

But there is a modern, cozy, eloquent design which will be explained later that breaks this mold and stereotype. It gives the employee comfort, functionality and a classy home-style feel for his or her workspace.

Now cubicles were designed to give the employee privacy to work at the job with fewer interruptions. Cubicles in actuality can be personalized too by adding photos, material fabrics on the walls, curtains and anything else to make them more comfortable too and less sterile. Also, cubicles can be formed into pods of various numbers. The stereotype given above really never all that true for a long time. Cubicles in modern offices aren’t tin cans anymore.

Maximizing Space

So, cubicles will fit more employees into less space which is helpful if an office which isn’t an overly large one. The company then can have the staff that is needed to do the assignments given to it to help customers and not pay the rent for a bigger space.

Another option instead of cubicles is the open space concept. This is where all the workers are side by side in rows. The problem with this concept is that there is a lot of noise and intermingling of workers. Distractions can abound. Some people wear earbuds and play music to drown out the noise and confusion though. Imagine looking across from someone all day long or sitting within elbow reach of another person though? Some office workers aren’t happy with this type of workspace either. It can feel like a cafeteria setting if done in the wrong way.

Herman Miller My Studio 8x8 - Pods of 10Then there’s the combination of both for the workspace; using both the cubicle for people who need their privacy to work and open space for people who like to work in the open space concept. You even have cubicles just used for brainstorming often, or the breakroom The problem though can be that the brainstorming room becomes the timeout room for just plain old goofing off. Anyway, It can be difficult sometimes to make a work area where everyone is happy about everything.

But if you do go with cubicles using the concept of the cubicle only, or the combination of the cubicle and open space work environment, there is a cubicle that is designed to be functional and cozy. This is the My Studio Environments by Henry Miller. It takes the matrix out of the cubicle, and it’s eloquent too.

Cubicles with Privacy

TheMy Studio Environments by Herman Miller are cubicles which are comfortable then. They have a V Desk work surface and a bullet top workstation. Their sliding glass doors are frosted and the cubicle’s glass panels are frosted for privacy. There’s a whiteboard for note taking. The color is tan with maple tops, and the dimensions are Spine 8′ x Wing 8′ x Spine height 54″ x Wing height 65. ″

The thing about these cubicles is that they give the feeling of working in a private office. They look both modern and eloquent. Throw in the family pictures and designs on the wall, and everything fits into place. Not just because of the added things the employee brings but because the whole design is eloquent, and the personalized touch is the bonus.

With the purchase of a Herman Miller My Studio Cube, employees will work better and have a peaceful environment.


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Iconic Herman Miller Aeron Chairs

The Aeron Chair by Herman Miller is a chair which is heath-positive, inclusively-sized, cross-performing, and environmentally sensitive. The designers, Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick wanted to design office chairs like the business world had never seen before. The Aeron Chair was a pioneering step in material innovation and ergonomics. So this inventive design is one that is comfortable without using cheap fabric, foam or leather. It has completely changed the perception of what an office chair should be like.

Now office workers used to sit in uncomfortable chairs which hurt backs and cut off circulation. They were cramped, and office workers developed disabilities too which hurt performance. Only the big boss had the great chair. So, the idea for a new chair design was all about comfort in the workplace, making workers more productive. No more back strain and uncomfortable seating positions when this new chair came out. The Herman Miller Aeron Chair meets the criteria for high-performance seating with comfort, functionally and an aesthetic appearance then.

This chair will increase worker morale, increase job performance and keep workers on the job and not in doctor’s offices or off the job from back problems and leg problems.

Herman Miller Aeron Side Chair

Herman Miller Aeron Used Side Chair, NickelThe Herman Miller Side Chair will adapt and adjust naturally and precisely to the body size of people. It fits all the postures for different activities throughout the day. The sides of the chair’s imaginative design give superior comfort and style which others copy but have not matched for body support. Now the chair is made from Pellicle which is a mesh material on the back and seat of the chair. This is the perfect chair to seat people during conferences and in meeting rooms; and in your guest area. The arms are fixed to with a sled base which comes in the color of nickel.

Herman Miller Aeron Used Full Function Size B Task Chair

This chair has such a distinctive look, and it’s probably the only ergonomics office chair that people can identify by name by just looking at it. It adapts to all the sizes and shapes of people, providing healthy comfort and a balanced body support. It has easy-to-use adjustment controls and will adjust to all the motions a person goes through in everyday work situations.

The Aeron will accommodate the person who sits in the chair. It’s 94% recyclable also. It has a tilt limiter, tilt tension, fully adjustable arms, forward tilt, seat height adjustable, non-upholstered arm pads, adjustable lumbar support, and is full function. The dimensions are height: 42 in, the width is 20.25-27 in, and the depth is 17 in. It’s a size B (Medium) in the color of Lead.

Herman Miller Aeron Used Size C Task Chair

Herman Miller Aeron Used Size B Conference Chair, LeadThis Herman Miller Used Size C Task Chair is for people who need a little more room than a regular chair. It’s adaptable to all the motions that someone sitting at their desk goes through every day. The innovative suspension provides balanced body support and comfort. It has easy-to-use adjustment controls that allow the office worker to sit in comfort throughout the long work day as they produce for the company. This chair has a tilt limiter with tilt tension and fully adjustable arms. The seat height is adjustable with non-upholstered arm pads and adjustable lumbar support for tired backs. It comes in Size C which is the large size and in the color of Carbon 3D1 with Graphite G1 frame.

Herman Miller Aeron Used Full Function Size A Task Chair

This Herman Aeron Used Full Function Size A Task Chair comes in a small size for a person who is petite. It has balanced body support and easy to use adjustment controls for a comfortable sitting position. It has an adjustable seat height, forward tilt and tilt tension. It has a tilt limiter with adjustable arm height and to adjust arm angles. The dimensions for height is 41 in, for width is 19-25.75 in, and the depth is 15.75 in. The color is Nickel 3D03 with a graphite base.

Whatever your office needs, the Aeron Chair by Herman Miller is what you should purchase for your office. You want workers at the desk, not at the chiropractor.


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Herman Miller Ergon Chairs

Morgan Laminate Desk Station, Gray and Graphite

A good chair can help your employees. How? First of all, chairs may or may not make people comfortable. An uncomfortable chair is a distraction. Chairs may be inflexible and rigid. They can be the wrong height or tilt which means the person has to sit in an unnatural position to work. Bad chairs work against the seater’s body and can actually cause damage. Problems can include back strain, neck pain, leg cramps and arm pain. The bottom line is that a good chair will prevent pain and help people concentrate on their work.

Ergonomic chairs are the solution to helping people work more comfortably and avoid problems like pain, muscle fatigue. Proper seating can also help people feel more energized. What does ergonomic mean when it comes to seating? It means that the chairs are adjustable so that they support the individuals that sit in them. Instead of people shifting to adjust to chairs, different parts of the chair can be adjusted to fit the individual. Ergonomic chairs should include adjustable arms, back height, back tilt, seat height and tilt tension.

Herman Miller Ergon Used Size B Leather Task Chair, BlackHerman Miller chairs offer some of the best ergonomic solutions you can find. Herman Miller has invested the time and research into creating high-quality, ergonomic chairs that help individuals do their jobs effectively and comfortably. The company has created a line of Ergon chairs that will help you outfit your office stylishly while providing your employees with the best possible seating options. You’ll have many choices when it comes to the company’s Ergon line. They offer task chairs in a range of colors and styles so that you have options for your office environment.  

Task chairs are the seats that your employees use on a daily basis. Don’t think of task chairs as simple, replaceable chairs. Many employees spend the entire day sitting in a task chair, so it’s important to find the right match for the job. Does the person spend a lot of time moving from side to side between computer monitors or spaces on his or her desk? If this is the case, an armless task chair is a good choice. Chair arms get in the way and make it difficult for the worker to reach when necessary.

Some workers need arms on their task chairs. Herman Miller Ergon offers upholstered task chairs that will help keep people comfortable. These chairs have adjustable features including arm height, arm swivel, back height, back tilt, seat height and tilt tension. They also have back locks. Why are these features important? Because users can adjust chairs so that they move with their bodies. Sometimes, they need to try different adjustments to get the right fit, but once they do, they’ll be significantly more comfortable than they would in a chair that doesn’t have ergonomic features.

Herman Miller Ergon Used High Back Task Chair, Blue LeafYou can purchase task chairs in attractive colors including teal, black, purple and blue leaf. Some chair styles are sold with high backs which are more comfortable for some employees. Ergon chairs are made in two sizes to accommodate the needs of your employees.  

Herman Miller offers Ergon stools for offices. Stools are a great solution for people who want to work at standing desks but occasionally need a break to sit. They are also appropriate for employees that work at counters or high spaces. Herman Miller stools feature adjustable seat height, arm height and foot bar height.

Although you may initially consider buying Herman Miller chairs at retail prices, you should consider working with a furniture liquidator. This way, you’ll be able to purchase high quality, used items at a fraction of the price that you’d pay for new chairs. A good office liquidator will provide you with clean chairs that work properly. The chairs are carefully assessed by a quality control team before they are sold. If necessary, chairs are often refurbished. If you’re worried about warranties, consider that a reputable furniture liquidator often offers a five year warranty. That’s competitive with the warranties offered for new chairs. Liquidators can ship nationwide and some have showrooms throughout the United States.

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Brand Name Chairs Under $100

Steelcase Used 2 Drawer Veneer Lateral File, Mahogany

Chairs are some of the most important items in your office. When people are sitting in uncomfortable chairs, they’re restless and irritated. They spend a lot of time fruitlessly trying to make the chair more comfortable. If some chairs in the office are more comfortable than others, workers may argue over who has the right to the best chairs. In addition, cheap chairs end up costing more money than they save over the long term. However, if you have high quality chairs, people won’t have these problems. There are reliable brands that make excellent products that workers will appreciate.

Herman Miller Ambi Used Task Chair, Black

Buyers are often surprised by the amount of money they need to invest when it comes to buying chairs. It’s tempting to go with a cheaper, low-quality chair because of the significant cost difference. However, buying inexpensive chairs doesn’t provide value in the long run. First of all, the chair won’t last long. It won’t be constructed out of durable equipment and is prone to falling apart quickly. Secondly, the chair won’t adjust to fit multiple users. Think of all the different people that may use a chair over the years. The ideal chair can be adapted to keep everyone comfortable. If you buy cheap chairs, you’ll end up buying new chairs constantly, which won’t save money.  

A good chair provides many benefits. What features should a good office chair have? One important feature is adjustability, which means the user can move parts of the chair to fit their bodies.  People should be able to raise or lower chair arms to provide appropriate support. The height of the seat should be adjustable so it can fit people of different heights. Lumbar support is also critical. Proper lumbar support allows individuals to sit in chairs comfortably for longer periods of time.

The chair’s material is important because it ensures the comfort of the individual. Breathable seat materials help people sit for ling periods because they are soft. Hard seats quickly become uncomfortable. Leather can be luxurious but is uncomfortable for some people. Leather can crack if it is not taken care of properly, so it may not be the best option if no one is committed to caring for the chair.

Radar by goSIT Mesh Executive Chair, BlackOnce you know the basics of finding a good office chair, you should consider your budget. Cost is often the first thing people consider when buying a chair. There are many excellent chair options available. You don’t have to settle for a substandard chair in order to manage your budget. There are a variety of brand-name chairs that you can purchase for under $100. If you go to typical office furniture stores or the box office stores, you’ll probably experience sticker shock when it comes to buying brand name chairs.

There are options for finding high quality brand-name chairs for less than $100. Have you considered working with an office furniture liquidator? These businesses purchase high quality used furniture. The furniture liquidator refurbishes the items if necessary. Sometimes, the liquidator offers a warranty on the items you purchase. This approach is a great way to save money on high quality, brand name chairs.

Keilhauer Tom Used Task Chair, Brown

You can find good prices on many types of chairs. These include chairs for breakrooms, computer desks, and conference rooms. You can purchase executive chairs with features like high backs, leather seats, mesh coverings, arm rests and pillow padding. Other chair options include mesh chairs, stacking chairs, side chairs, task chairs and stools. You can even find vintage chairs like lounge seating, caster wheel chairs and wood chairs.

Brand name chairs are available. You can find vintage brands under $100 include Bernhardt Eaton and Cabot Wrenn, Mesh chairs are Gosit, Inside Job, Steelcase, Sitonit and Herman Miller. Executive chair brand options consist of Steelcase, Herman Miller, Knoll, Humanscale, Hon Basyx. Many computer chair brands are available such as Kimball, Steelcase Sensor, Office Master, Knoll Parachute, Hon and Sitonit Seating. There are many other high-end brands available.

You don’t need to compromise and buy low-end chairs. Your company can afford high quality furniture manufactured by well-known brands with good reputations. It’s important to furnish your office with attractive and high quality products. However, you don’t have to pay more than $100 for each chair to furnish your office.

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The Herman Miller Ethospace Cubicles

Cubicles are great solutions for many office spaces. They help teams work together more effectively because they are sitting in a common area. Cubicle configurations make the most of the office space that you have available. They are also significantly cheaper than individual offices. You don’t have to buy the expensive desks, chairs and storage solutions needed for offices. Cubicle environments help individuals be more accessible to their team members.

Herman Miller Ethospace GoldCubicles typically provide the storage and technology access that all team members need. Another advantage of cubicles is that you can reconfigure the space when necessary. Cubicles are typically set up in pods which are set groups of cubicles. They’re available in convenient sizes like pods of four, six or eight. These pods provide flexibility. If team structures change, you can relocate employees to different areas. If you have multiple pods, you can rearrange them to fit new situations.

Herman Miller Ethospace cubicles from NOL are great value for anyone looking for high quality cubicles. The Ethospace cubicles are designed to be both attractive and durable. They have sturdy frames which allow them to last over the long term. Herman Miller is a well-established brand with a commitment to quality. They have a great reputation in the industry and you can’t go wrong with their products.

If you shop retail stores or websites for cubicles, you’ll probably experience sticker shock almost immediately. However, you don’t need to skimp on quality and purchase cheap cubicles. Instead, consider using a furniture liquidator like National Office Interiors & Liquidators (NOL.) They have a consistent track record when it comes to providing high quality, used office furniture at reasonable prices. NOL purchases attractive, functional and durable used products. You can purchase the items you’re looking for and received outstanding values.

NOL occasionally purchases items that are in good condition but may have some minor damage. These issues may include small nicks and worn fabric. NOL often refurbishes the items so they are in like-new condition. The company will always provide accurate and detailed information about any items they offer. You won’t experience any surprises upon delivery.

You can see The Herman Miller Ethospace cubicles online at If you’re near an NOL store, you can also see available options in person. You can visit showrooms in Phoenix, Arizona; Dallas, Texas; Norcross, Georgia; Chicago, Illinois; Houston, Texas and Tustin, California. NOL offers nationwide delivery and, in some cases, will provide on-site assembly.

The Herman Miller Ethospace cubicles that NOL currently provides are 6 feet deep, 6 feet wide and 24 inches in height. The structures have 70 inch glass on the aisle ways, which allows for increased light and easier interactions with coworkers.

Each cubicle comes with some standard features. These include:

  • a one file pedestal
  • a whiteboard
  • monitor arms

Herman Miller Ethospace GoldThe cubicles are also powered. Depending on the cubicles, some may have additional accessories. You can choose from a range of colors, including orange, green, blue and gold, depending on availability. Whether you’re adding cubicles to an already existing area or furnishing a new space, color choices will allow you to set the tone for the office. You don’t have to purchase cubicles in large quantities in order to get them at discounted prices. The Herman Miller Ethospace cubicles from NOL are available in pods of six, which is a convenient configuration for many office environments.

When you purchase these cubicles from NOL, you have an advantage that you are likely to receive from other furniture liquidators resellers. NOL offers a great warranties. Believe it or not, the warranties can last for up to 10 years as long as the item is used reasonably. If you find that an item is defective, contact NOL during the warranty period they will provide a comparable replacement. The security of a warranty gives you confidence in your purchase. If you have problems with the items, the company will support you in solving these issues.

If you need to reconfigure your office or furnish it from scratch, you’re likely to find that cubicles provide flexibility, cost savings and help you build a friendly office environment. You should investigate the Herman Miller Ethospace cubicles that NOL offers because the company offers high quality at bargain prices. You may find that these cubicles are the office solution that you’ve been looking for.  

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Why National Office Interiors & Liquidators is Different

Furnishing or updating an office it is an expensive endeavor. There are many advantages to using an office furniture liquidator instead of a retail store to help you furnish your office space. When you’re planning on furnishing or redecorating your office, you should consider the options that liquidators provide. These companies purchases large quantities of furnishings and sell them at discounted prices. The same companies may also be approved distributors of new furniture for some manufacturers. Office liquidators are attractive because the costs of outfitting a workplace are intimidating.

Herman Miller White Mirra BackNational Office Interiors & Liquidators (NOL) has extensive experience in the office furniture industry. NOL is different from other furniture liquidators because they have a commitment to high quality. The company focuses on buying gently used furniture that is in excellent condition. This allows them to sell items that provide excellent value for the price. NOL can help you buy the products you need while staying within your budget.

The advantage of using a furniture liquidator like NOL is that you’ll be able to purchase high-quality and stylish used items. NOL provides more value than other furniture liquidators. Some companies cut corners by buying low quality furniture. NOL never purchases low quality furniture. The company also will not purchase used items that are in bad condition. They only look for used office products that are in good shape. After purchase, all items are carefully examined to ensure that they are in good working condition. Next, products are reconditioned and are checked for signs of wear and tear. NOL doesn’t merely purchase then resell items without a thorough quality check.

When you are planning to furnish an office, there are wide wage of items you may need. Obviously you’ll need desks and chairs for employees. NOL has an inventory of seating options that will work for different environments. Whether you’re looking for cubicles, open workspaces, traditional offices or reception rooms, you’ll find that there are stylish and reasonably priced choices available. You can choose from formal office setups; casual seating; fixed seating and easily reconfigurable workstations.

Storage is a common issue for offices. It’s important to have adequate storage when you first open an office. Over time, you’ll find that your storage needs grow as the company grows. NOL has stylish storage options that fit with nearly every office decor. Items are available in wood, metal and laminate. You won’t have problems finding storage furniture that matches even the most modern office decor.

Storage Cabinets - 4 Drawer Lateral, 2 Drawer Lateral and Mobile PedestalThrough NOL, you can find a range of products including filing cabinets, employee lockers and mail room sorting structures. Bookcases and cabinets are also available. You can also find fire and security storage options. NOL purchases products that can help companies meet their storage needs in a cost-effective manner without sacrificing security, style or function.

In addition to offering high quality new and used furniture, NOL provides additional services. One in one convenient option is the company’s chair re-upholstery service. When the company purchases office furniture with damaged leather or unusually styled fabric, NOL re-upholsters the chairs so that they are usable. In some cases, you can work with the sales designer to choose the fabric, leather or recycled leather that will be used for your chairs. This way, you can purchase like-new chairs that coordinate with your office.

NOL features a wide range of brands that you are probably familiar with. They either offer gently-used furniture or new items. These include Steelcase, Knoll, Herman Miller, Hon, goSIT, Paoli Furniture, Haworth, Teknion and Allsteel. You won’t be purchasing low-end brands that don’t provide the quality you need. Warranties are available on some products. NOL has a price match guarantee on many items. Unlike many furniture liquidators, NOL offers warrantees on both new and used products.

The company will deliver your order throughout the United States. If you require on-site assembly, you can require this service. However, some people prefer to see products in person before they make a decision. If you would rather visit a showroom and pick up your items, you have a choice of locations throughout the country. There are showrooms in Phoenix, Arizona; Chicago, Illinois; Dallas, Texas; Houston, Texas; and Tustin, California.

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What Sets the Herman Miller Embody Chair Apart?

Find a comfortable chair is a challenge for office workers everywhere. You’ve probably had many experiences with uncomfortable chairs. Who hasn’t sat in a chair that drives them crazy all day long? Chairs can be uncomfortable for a variety of reasons. Some parts of your body might feel restricted like your arms or legs. The chair may feel like it was made for someone else, and no matter how you adjust it, it doesn’t feel quite right. At the end of a long week of sitting in the chair, you might have all kinds of aches and pains. Your neck and back are probably sore. Your arms and legs may be uncomfortable as well. You might experience headaches or other symptoms that you don’t realize are connected to the way you are sitting.

Finding the right office chair can be a struggle. The wrong chair can cause a wide variety of problems. People who work at a computer all day long need special support so that they won’t get stiff and uncomfortable. Employees can develop long-term injuries if they’re sitting in the wrong kind of chair over months and years. That’s why everyone in the office needs appropriate chairs. The Herman Miller Embody Chair is a great choice for people who have computer jobs because it approaches seating in an entirely different way than most chairs.

Herman Miller Embody Used Task Chair, BlackNo two office workers are created exactly the same. Think about the people you work with. Their differences probably include posture, shape, size and spinal curves. They often sit in different positions. The Herman Miller Embody Chair is designed to accommodate these differences and make all people comfortable. The chair features a dynamic matrix of pixels. These create back and seat surfaces that conform to the individual and distribute the person’s weight evenly. The armrest accommodates all types of arm heights and ranges. The seat itself will adjust to a variety of thigh lengths so that every person will feel comfortable.

The Herman Miller Embody Chair’s designers created it not only to make sitting more comfortable, but to improve health. The chair allows movement throughout the day which can help stimulate the mind and body which promotes alertness and productivity. You’ll have the advantage of more oxygen flow because the chair has a narrow backrest that allows you to move your arms freely. The chair is available with arms or without, depending on the individual’s preference.

When you look at the chair, you’ll notice that it looks very similar to the human spine. This is an intentional design that helps the chair adapt your individual movements. When you move, the chair moves so that your spine is properly aligned. The chair never needs to be adjusted to keep your body in the right position. It gives you constant support no matter what position you want to sit in.

Herman Miller Embody Used Task Chair, Black RhythmThe tilt of chairs is important to your body’s health. You’ll find that the construction of the chair provides you with a variety of benefits. It can potentially improve your health in a variety of ways such as lowering your heart rate, greater oxygen flow to your brain and better blood circulation. Your back also needs constant support without the need to readjust the seat. The best kind of tilt is the kind of chair that that has rotation points in the seat and the back. The back itself should be in a fixed position in relation to the chair. This sort of tilt helps your body move into the best seating postures.

Do you get overheated easily when you’re sitting, especially for a long time? The Herman Miller Embody Chair addresses this issue. It has a textile cover that is skin-like. The purpose of this cover is to circulate air which helps you stay cool. It doesn’t matter how long you sit, you’ll still feel cool and fresh.

If you’re concerned about the environment, you’ll find that Herman Miller Embody chairs will meet your standards. At the end of the chair’s lifetime, it is 95% recyclable. The chair is also made in a facility that uses only renewable energy. You can be confident that you’re purchasing a product that is made with the least possible impact on the environment.

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Herman Miller and Steelcase Top Designs

Herman Miller chairs focus on designs that help workers do their work and feel their best at the same time. Workers are more productive when they are comfortable and have the right seating support. The better their chairs, the better their health will be in the long term. This will lead to improved work products and long-term health improvements for the employee. Companies can feel confident about purchasing Herman Miller products because they are doing the best for their team.

Herman Miller Aeron Used Posturefit SL Size B Remastered V2, GraphiteDid you know the Aeron chair is 94% recyclable? This is not its only advantage, of course. The primary purpose of the Aeron chair is its adaptability. It adjusts to different body sizes, shapes and motions. The chair provides comfort and support to many different body types. Aeron has simple adjustment controls. The chair is available in work airs, stools and side chairs for a variety of office needs.

The Mirra chair takes an unusual approach towards seating. The chair merges the concepts of less materials and more support. Users will find that the chair provides them with a comfortable fit and they won’t need to make constant adjustments to find the right fit. Mira will accommodate a wide variety of sizes, movements and postures while keeping the person’s lower back properly aligned. Mira will help employees stay alert and relaxed while they are working at the computer.

The Herman Miller chair is popular due to its ability to accommodate the differences among individuals. Everyone has physical differences in posture, size, spinal curve and other features. Due to these variations, people sit in different positions. The chair’s matrix of pixels creates back and seat surfaces that will conform to the person and help distribute weight evenly. The chair also promotes all-day movement which is good for physical health in a variety of ways.

Steelcase Think Used Task Chair, Poppy OrangeSteelcase chair models include Leap, Criterion and Think. Each chair model is unique. The chairs are designed to provide comfort and support to users using a variety of designs, technology and construction. Steelcase products are created using environmentally friendly materials and processes. You can feel confident that you are purchasing products that are good for both your employees and the environment.

Leap is a Steelcase designer that offers an office chair that has a wide range of adjustments. It gives your body fully support. It doesn’t just fit the average person. The Leap chair provides support for many different body shapes and sizes. The Leap chair is available in the standard Leap model and the Leap Plus model.

The chair is designed to increase productivity and comfort. Studies support the increase in productivity. Leap chairs are based on research about the spine, the upper and lower back and posture. The chair is designed with these principles in mind to reduce strain and increase support. The Leap chair line includes the Work Chair, the Stool, the Work Chair with Headrest, the Leap WorkLounge and the Ottoman/Table. The Leap Plus chair provides all the benefits of the Leap chair and is designed to support users who weight up to 500 pounds.

Criterion is another Steelcase designer that provides a chair designed for comfort that lasts all-day. Users can take advantage of seven different adjustments on the chair which offer a wide range of support. In fact, the chair provides support through the entire range of seating postures. Criterion is designed for long-term comfort and is perfect for people who spend long hours in their chairs on the phone, in office meetings or using the computer.

The Criterion chair has a number of unique features. These include many adjustable options including arms, tilt tension, height, seat depth, back height, seat height and more. The chair also features durability through solid construction, resilient and stain-resistant vinyl, a reinforced frame and more.

Think is another one of Steelcase’s most popular designs. Why? Because engineers designed the chair to be simple, smart and sustainable. The chair automatically adjusts to the body to provide support. It’s customized for mobile users so that it can be used in meetings, at computers, in collaborative groups and for any type of task. Think is sold in two styles: seated and stool height for multiple applications.

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Why Seating is So Important in an Office

Office furniture is a big expense for employers. They have a wide variety of spaces to furnish including reception rooms, conference rooms, meeting rooms and offices. In addition to these spaces, they also have to provide appropriate office furniture for individual employees. In many cases, employees are hidden from the view of visitors. However, this is no excuse for scrimping on employee furniture, especially when it comes to employee chairs. Why is seating such an important consideration when it comes to office furniture? There are a number of reasons.

One of the most important considerations for office furniture, especially chairs, is the ability to adjust the piece. This is critical for a variety of reasons. In modern workspaces, it’s not uncommon for people to move their chairs to different workspaces like other desks and tables. Employees seldom remain stationary in the same place all day, they may need to move their own chairs to other meeting places. If they have a good chair, they may prefer to move it instead of sitting in a chair that is not adjusted to their specific comfort needs. A chair with an adjustable pneumatic will allow them to raise or lower their seat to tables and meeting spaces that are different heights without impacting their ergonomic settings. If they have to sit in the same place for an extended amount of time, they will be much more comfortable in their own chair.

SitOnIt Focus Used Black Mesh Conference Chair, Tan and BlackAnother important element when it comes to chairs is comfort. People are much less productive when their office furniture doesn’t feel good. Chairs should have comfortable arms and backs; the backs should fit the environment and person. In warmer climates or offices many prefer a mesh back, others a solid padded back. Most people prefer to have wheels on their office chairs, so they can be mobile and easily maneuver at their desk.

Keeping team members motivated and on task is very important; office furniture that does not work properly or restricts their movement may inhibit the employee’s ability to produce. If they can’t adjust their chair’s height, they may end up sitting in an uncomfortable position. If the padding in the chair is worn and pitted in spots, this can cause discomfort. Workers can be less productive because they are likely to move around more and leave their seats due to discomfort. This can lead to a drop in productivity. People will also experience problems like spinal stress that not only increases discomfort and decrease productivity but can also lead to permanent damage. There have been successful worker’s compensation cases against employers due to substandard office furniture.

Most office furniture experts recommend that workers have ergonomic seating options. Why? For starters, the right office furniture may help lower your worker’s compensation costs. Employees who have the appropriate office furniture will have fewer back injuries, shoulder strain and many other musculoskeletal problems. Many studies have found that adjustable chairs can significantly improve productivity. Why? Workers are more likely to sit in their chairs for longer periods of time if they are comfortable which allows them to get more work done.

Steelcase Leap V1 Used Task Chair, Admiral BlueWhat are the elements of good ergonomic seating? Seats should be adjustable to meet the needs of differently sized and shaped workers.  The first is lumbar support; Steelcase and Herman Miller have excellent lumbar support that the most petite worker and heavier team members will be comfortable in. There are chairs that are designed to provide support for the person’s lower back. These chairs also relieve the stress on these areas of the back when the person is sitting.

Armrests are another important feature of chairs. Like seat backs, the armrests need to be adjustable to fit each individual. If armrests are not appropriate for the person, they can lead to problems like soreness and discomfort which are caused by muscle fatigue. Arm rests on task chairs should go up and down and ideally the top slide should slide in closer to the employee’s body. Steelcase Leaps have fully adjustable armrests.

Users should be able to control the depth of their seats. If the seat depth is fixed, some people won’t be able to sit in the chair comfortably. Taller and shorter people have different seat depth needs and control is essential. Two to three inches of seat depth control is advisable.

What are some other things that can make chairs more comfortable for workers? There are several including control of the recline of the seat, pelvic support, seat back height and width, the base of support for the chair and many other factors. Many companies review studies on office furniture before purchasing office chairs to make sure they buy the right products for their employees.