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How to Move Your Office Successfully

When moving your office, there is more to a successful move than just throwing stuff in boxes. It’s a large task to move an office. Planning and coordinating the move is the key. So below are some suggestions on how to better accomplish this task.

Planning the move

Floorplan line drawingFirst of all, you will need to create a viable timeline that will cover all the areas and stages of your move. If you have a small office, ideally then you’ll need about three months of preparation. For a medium to large office, you’ll need about six to eight months of preparation. You’ll need to have meetings with your employees involved in the move to make sure everything will go smoothly. You need to start organizing as soon as possible.

Next, you’ll need to have the layout and other information on the place where you’re moving. If you can get the layout or the blueprint of the space, then you’ll be able to identify where the doors, windows, outlets and storage areas are located for office furniture space planning. This will allow you to figure out where everything is going to go and if you need to identify any issues such as needing more space for the reception area or meeting rooms; for example. This way if there are any problems with the new space, you can hire carpenters or painters to enlarge spaces which need to be opened; or to paint walls.

Have regular meetings

Schedule meetings with your moving team from each section of your business. A department manager from each area can be assigned to be sure each employee packs up files, personal items and anything of that nature. Have regular meetings to keep abreast on how things are moving along. This way if there are questions or details which need to be resolved, it can be better done. Keep everyone informed of the progress being made to limit stress, worries or concerns.

Figure out a budget

Office MoveIf you have a budget you’re working with; you need to figure out what the movers will cost before the first piece of packing tape is ripped off and applied to boxes. When you are searching for a mover, find one that specializes in moving offices also.

So, after you research and find movers that you like, ask them the questions that you need to have answered by them. For example, asking representatives of the company moving the office to come and access what your move is going to cost. You should get several different quotes from companies and compare prices and service guarantees. Be sure to ask about insurance coverage on your belongings. You also want to see proof of the moving company’s comp and liability insurance. This way you’re covered if something happens to your belongings or to one of the moving men.

Get rid of items not needed or that you’re going to replace

This is the time to get rid of worn furniture or desks, copiers, printers; even office supplies which won’t be needed. If you don’t need them or you’re going to replace them, why pay to have them moved and then thrown away? This way you can order new or refurbished furniture and have it delivered directly to your new place of business.

Make a contact list of your clients

When you move, let your clients and customers know. Make a list of everyone that is a customer, client, supplier, and representative to do this the best way. This will require assigning someone to do this task so that no one is overlooked. It’s essential your customers, clients, suppliers, and representatives don’t go elsewhere during your move. Let them know how your business will operate during the move and how you will handle all incoming and outgoing business.

Also, let them know how the move will improve service. People like stability so turn the move into something positive.

When you bill clients, remind them to update their contact information so any payments sent to you will be sent to the new address. Change the address on your business website and anywhere that you advertise.

Before you know it, moving day will be here. Planning will make things run smoothly. Soon your new place of business will be up and running.


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Benefits of Used Conference Tables

When you’re debating on purchasing a new conference table for your business, why not consider used? Used doesn’t mean that it’s scratched or dented either, although it could fall into that category. Many used pieces of furniture are of high quality at less cost because there are many reasons that furniture could be used. For example, tables and chairs may have been bought last year, but the company that bought them is changing its corporate culture and buying furniture again. So you get good quality for a small price because the furniture could be almost new.

Now there is also used office furniture, known as refurbished, that is another category.  When furniture is refurbished it could have its appearance refreshed or structural damage repaired.

Used Conference Table in Espresso with credenzaWhen you purchase furniture though, which has been used and then refurbished, you can save up to 90% by buying this type of furniture. This is because the cost of the furniture being made was absorbed the first time it was sold. When it’s resold, the price can be lowered because it’s a used piece of office furniture without these costs. This lets the sellers move pieces of furniture out quickly, and the buyers get a good deal additionally.

Questions to ask

Before buying your conference table or other pieces of furniture for your office, there are some questions that you might want to ask yourself. One question might be which type of piece will give your company a new look. Or how can you get good quality without going over budget? Also, if high quality is important to our business look, will purchasing a conference table which is refurbished be feasible to do?

Believe it or not, pre-owned furniture can be high-quality items with many options for you to achieve the right look you want for your office here. Plus, if the item is on clearance or discontinued, you will save even more money. You ‘ll be able to refurbish your office at a much lower cost than you may have anticipated. You may find that you can buy a few more pieces then if the price is right and upgrade your whole office.

Why pre-owned furniture is the right choice

Wood Veneer Used 42 Inch Round Conference Table, MahoganyThere are several reasons why pre-owned furniture is the best choice for your office. It’s more affordable which allows you to stay within your budget. You spend a fraction of the cost if you compare the pieces of furniture to a new pieces. This allows you to invest what you’ve saved into other items for the office such as computers or other office equipment.

So, you can buy higher quality pieces at a lower price. If the furniture was used for a short time or was a display piece, it could still be in great shape too. So, you can score a high-end conference table, for example, without sacrificing the quality you want and need. Because companies are constantly remodeling and refurbishing so they will sell their furniture to companies who deal in pre-owned furniture.

The other excellent reason for buying used is that it helps preserve the environment. It’s not just cost effective to buy used items but also “green.” Then, when you buy used, you’re keeping furniture which is in excellent shape from ending up in a landfill. This will help to minimize the overall effect you have on the environment.

Also, because these types of items are usually already in stock, there’s less shipping time involved. High-end items shipped from the factory can take longer to get to you. With used, it’s shipped from the warehouse right to your business so that you can get your office back into the highest working condition sooner.

Making the right choice

The replacement of your office furniture has to be done right, so it makes sense to buy used or refurbished when the furniture looks nice. You can get the same quality as buying new at a much lower price. You have multiple choices, and by saving money on one item, you may even be tempted to buy that special desk for yourself.  Buying used is not only smart but thrifty too; who doesn’t like to save money and get quality?

All in all, when you buy used, you’ve made a choice that you can feel good about.


                Discontinued Items.

                Clearance Items.

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Benefits of Armless Chairs

Have you ever thought about using armless office chairs for you where you work? If you have always sat in a chair with arms, then it might take a little getting used to a chair without arms, but there are advantages to an armless chair. If you think about it, sometimes arms on an office chair do get in the way. For example, when you lean over to throw trash in the garbage can and the chair arm jabs you in the rib. Plus, armless chairs provide unrestrictive sitting and allow you to slide easier in and out. In addition, you can get closer to your desk without the arms in the way. So, what are the other advantages to armless chairs?

Armless Mesh Back ChairOne reason to use an armless chair is that this will save space. If you think about it, a chair with arms does take up a lot of room if you have a lot of them. So, armless chairs would be great in the training room, meeting areas and conference rooms where you have many employees. They slide nicely under the desk and tables when not being used too which gives a neat and uncluttered appearance. They are also wonderful in a reception room where you need many seats for people who are waiting for appointments.

They are additionally more economical because you are paying for less material. There is less upholstery, frame supports and fabric used than with a chair with arms. When a set of arms is added to a chair, it increases the price of the chair. Too, since arms of chairs are under constant pressure, they can be the first thing that will need replaced on a chair. Even though the chair may be under a warranty, if the arms break, it can take a few weeks to replace them if it is done in office. This means you’ll be using a chair with an uncomfortable broken arm in the meantime, or having to have it clutter someplace where people will put things on it and damage it further. Plus, if your chair isn’t under a warranty, then you must buy a new one which may be an unaccounted-for expense.

In addition, these chairs are a great budget friendly option for a smaller business which is watching what it spends. Even without the arm’s too, it’s made for commercial seating so it will uphold to the abuse of daily use.

Used Steelcase Leap V1 without ArmsNow, when you order a chair which has arms from your office supplier, it needs to be measured to be sure it will clear your desk. You need to measure how tall your desk is also and figure the measurements of the chair arms into the equation, the seat; plus the overall height of the chair. An armless chair will eliminate this problem because it will slide under a desk or workstation without issue.

Also, if you have a work station which is ergonomically designed and has a keyboard that is installed under your desk, chair arms may get in the way. It can be difficult to use your chair and the keyboard this way, and you could end up in an unnatural position. This will put strain on your neck and your wrists. An armless chair will allow the keyboard to slide up and out naturally without interference.

It may take time getting used to using an armless chair and to get comfy; however, you will soon be used to the flexibility of movement and the freedom to put your arms wherever you want. You need a folder from your filing cabinet? Lean down and pull one out. Do you need to slide over and reach a co-worker’s desk for paperwork for the team project? You can roll over and reach her desk in one easy movement.

And the Leap armless task chair has lower back firmness along with upper back force for a more comfortable chair.

So, if you’re looking for a new type of chair to try out in your office, which is less expensive and allows more freedom of movement, try an armless chair.


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The Benefits of Budget Friendly Humanscale Chairs

There is probably nothing worse than sitting in an office chair that’s uncomfortable. It hurts your back; the arms won’t adjust and when you do stand up you can’t walk straight till the kinks work their way out. This is not only painful, but it cuts into your productivity. You can’t concentrate at work if you’re hurting too. So, this is where the Humanscale Freedom Chair comes into play.

Why Humanscale Chairs?

Humanscale Freedom Task ChairWhen you’re looking for an office chair, ergonomic support is the best way to go. Ergonomic chairs come in all sizes and shapes also such as with the Freedom Chair. They additionally have an assortment of settings so that you can choose the settings that fit your body perfectly. You can adjust the arms to the height that you’d like then as well as your seat height also. You work output will improve just because of the way that you’re comfortably sitting.

What’s different about the Freedom chair?

One of the first differences you’ll notice about the Freedom Chair is that is has less levers and knobs. Most chairs have enough knobs to become confusing, but the levers and knobs on the Freedom Chair aren’t. Because most of the chair’s movements are made automatically, there are fewer adjustments to be made manually then.

So, you can make the manual adjustments that you want to make. So, the height of the seat is adjusted by a paddle which is positioned on the underside of the chair to the right. All you need to do is to raise it to the height you wish and release the paddle to lock it in that position. Next, you’ll need to adjust your seat so that your legs are comfortable. The paddle for this is under the seat along the front edge. When you raise the paddle, you can slide your seat in and out. When you found the perfect seat depth, then you release the paddle to lock it in place.

Now onto the height adjustment. For the height adjustment, the lever is behind the chair on your right. So, when you press it, you can move the back up and down. When you’ve found the perfect spot for your back, release the lever to lock it. Additionally, the seat will pivot an inch when you recline, and the chair also has a wonderfully shaped low lumbar support.

Humanscale Freedom Task Chair with HeadrestThen there’s the arm adjustment. You wouldn’t really think that adjusting the arms on a chair would make much difference but you’d be surprised. Because where your arms are affects where your back is. So, the arms of the chair are supported from the back of the chair on the Freedom Chair. They’re on extended tubular steel supports. A great feature too is that anytime the arms aren’t going to be in use, you can lower them to seat level and they disappear. When you want them back up again, you grip the front edge of the arms and give them a little twist backwards. This causes the arms to be released and you can lift them up or down to where you want them to be. Just let go of them when you have them in the position that you want them in.

Finally, there is the optional headrest. It has two vertical supports which you use to adjust it with. Here, you reach over your shoulders, grip it on each side and pull or push it to raise it, or lower it to the level which suits you. The best part is that the rest is a curved shape. This allows you to either rest your head or your neck on it. In the recline position, the support is comfortable.

And the rest

Because of the heavy counter balanced mechanism, it does all the heavy lifting without effort which is why it needs so little in lever or knob control. The counter balance sense’s the user’s weight and automatically moves the seat and back of the chair where it should be. Also, because of the automated inbuilt controls, it will adjust to whatever your needs are.

In addition, it comes in gray, black fabric and black leather to match any office décor.

If you have an office chair which is hurting your back or is just plain uncomfortable, check out this chair.


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Why Buy a Used Office Furniture?

As a business owner, you try to save money where you can. You also know that buying new office furniture can be an expensive output. So, more and more office managers and business owners are buying used office furniture to furnish their offices. If you have a limited budget, then used furniture may be the answer to your problem of needing furniture in your office. Additionally, by shopping carefully with a reputable dealer, you can find furniture that looks as good as new and will be accepted by your office employees gladly. Then you can refurbish your entire office, including the cubicles of your employees.

HON-Initiate-6x6-01Now if you’re looking for used cubicles for your employees, Initiate Used Cube by HON is one that you should check out. The cubicles are 67’’ high by 6’ deep and 6’ feet wide, so they are roomy and can be comfortably furnished. They are on box file pedestals and have one file pedestal with an overhead storage cubicle. It comes in gray and is sold in pods of 4 or more so that you can buy for more than one employee when you purchase these. Each employee would then have their own private space. More work would then get accomplished as your employees would have better work spaces, and you’ll have happier employees. Everyone likes to have their own space, and this will be done at a considerable savings to you.

Other benefits for buying used

There are other benefits to buying used office furniture. Below are some of those benefits listed:

  • You save money: By bargain shopping and hunting for the best deals you can save up to 50 percent and still buy good quality furniture even if it’s used. Most of the office furniture only has very minimal wear and tear because of having been used for only a couple of years. Once the price tags are removed, people usually can’t tell new from used. Your office will just have a comfortable feeling to it and your office will have a whole new look at a much lower cost.
  • You save time: New office furniture can take up to 6 weeks to be delivered while you and your employees are working on top of the breakroom tables. Most used furniture places though can have your furniture to you within a 48-hour window. You and your employees will be working in offices with new used furniture in style and comfort within a short time.
  • Help the environment: By going green and recycling still good used wooden desks, they won’t go early into a landfill. So when you buy used, you get a better deal and help the environment.
  • More bang for your buck: When new office furniture arrives at your office, the resale value drops immediately. It will drop to 25% of the purchase value five years of your purchase. When used furniture is purchased, resale value can be as high as 75% of the purchase price though. So, you can save money when you buy it and get back a nice amount if you resell it at a later date.

Thoughts about used furniture

Indiana UShape EspressoOne of the biggest misconceptions about used furniture is that there isn’t much life left in this kind of furniture and that the furniture will be worn out. Additionally, it’s also thought that previously owned office furniture won’t hold up like new furniture. But by buying from a reputable dealer, you can buy pre-owned, gently used office furniture that will last for a long time that was originally expensive and meant to last to begin with. An office that was hardly used or a business that remodels a lot will have nice furniture which is perfect for what you’re looking for.

Now if you’re just starting up in a business, then you can spend up to 70% more on new furniture than when buying used. So, used furniture won’t sink your budget, and your office will still be functional and stylish.

So, why buy new when used will do. If you can find the same quality and style of furniture, why not buy it used. Desks, cubicles, chairs, and more items not mentioned are available. Check out a reputable used office furniture dealer and see for yourself.


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Finding Attractive Side and Task Chairs

It’s easy to overlook the importance of the chairs in your office. They might seem like background pieces, but they are far more important to your office’s atmosphere than you might realize. Most offices have side chairs throughout the office. They’re a great way to add elegance to your office. It’s also important to find chairs for office workers that fit in with the jobs they do while keeping them comfortable. Before you make a purchase, think carefully about your office’s style, tone and employee needs.

Herman Miller Aeron Aluminum BaseIf you’ve purchased chairs in the past, you’ve probably noticed that they can be a high-priced item. Skimping on chairs is a bad idea. They’ll look cheap, especially when it comes to wood chairs. Inexpensive chairs won’t last as long as well-made ones. You’ll find yourself replacing chairs in a short amount of time. However, purchasing chairs from an office furniture store is extremely expensive. Fortunately, you have another choice. You don’t have to go to estate sales or scan thrift stores to find good deals and you don’t have to settle for low quality. When you need to buy chairs, consider working with an office furniture liquidator. Liquidators purchase high-quality used chairs and refurbish them so that they are in nearly perfect condition.

Wood side chairs are, without question, an attractive addition to an office. You can purchase wood chairs that coordinate with your office furniture such as bookshelves and desks. They’re perfect for reception areas, meeting rooms and offices. You can find them in different patterns and finishes. An attractive covering on the chair can highlight the other colors in the office. Wood chairs are often overlooked for cheaper plastic models, but the chairs you choose make an impression, so keep that in mind when buying furniture.

Wood side chairs come in different styles ranging from the simple to the ornate. There are many types of wood finishes are available, including mahogany, cherry, black, oak and maple. If you purchase chairs from a reputable office liquidator, they are often able to refinish the wood to a different color. There are a variety of fabric patterns available including checkered, plain, geometric, squares, multi-color spirals, striped and more. Colors include brown, green, tan and gray. Some liquidators will recover the chair upon request so you can buy your ideal chairs at a bargain price.

Geiger Camden Chair Chocolate LeatherTask chairs are another important purchase for your office, although they serve a different function than side chairs. These products are designed for desk work. Task chairs are extremely popular in corporate offices, reception areas, IT departments and hospitals. They provide the perfect support for a long working day. Although some task chairs have arms, they aren’t the right fit for every situation. If people are constantly moving side to side to do work, the arms get in the way and slow them down. This is often the case at workstations with multiple computer monitors or at a reception desk. Chairs with arms are inconvenient when the person needs to move. Armless chairs allow people to pivot quickly when necessary.

Armless task chairs don’t have to be uncomfortable or cheaply made. Many of the best brands offer armless chairs that have ergonomic features like seat slides, adjustable seat angles, seat slides and back locks. If you purchase these chairs from an office liquidator, the chairs will be clean and will be refurbished if necessary. The fabric won’t be torn or ripped and the frame will be in top-notch condition. Your chairs will be of high quality and you won’t have to overextend your budget to buy the chairs you need.

When you’re purchasing chairs, there are several things to consider? What sort of tone do you want to set in your office? When it comes to side chairs, you have the opportunity to use wood chairs to increase the visual appeal of your office and set an elegant tone. When it comes to purchasing task chairs, it’s vital that you find chairs that will improve employee performance and comfort. Often, armless chairs are a great choice because they facilitate multi-tasking and movement while chairs with arms can make jobs more difficult.

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Brand Name Chairs Under $100

Steelcase Used 2 Drawer Veneer Lateral File, Mahogany

Chairs are some of the most important items in your office. When people are sitting in uncomfortable chairs, they’re restless and irritated. They spend a lot of time fruitlessly trying to make the chair more comfortable. If some chairs in the office are more comfortable than others, workers may argue over who has the right to the best chairs. In addition, cheap chairs end up costing more money than they save over the long term. However, if you have high quality chairs, people won’t have these problems. There are reliable brands that make excellent products that workers will appreciate.

Herman Miller Ambi Used Task Chair, Black

Buyers are often surprised by the amount of money they need to invest when it comes to buying chairs. It’s tempting to go with a cheaper, low-quality chair because of the significant cost difference. However, buying inexpensive chairs doesn’t provide value in the long run. First of all, the chair won’t last long. It won’t be constructed out of durable equipment and is prone to falling apart quickly. Secondly, the chair won’t adjust to fit multiple users. Think of all the different people that may use a chair over the years. The ideal chair can be adapted to keep everyone comfortable. If you buy cheap chairs, you’ll end up buying new chairs constantly, which won’t save money.  

A good chair provides many benefits. What features should a good office chair have? One important feature is adjustability, which means the user can move parts of the chair to fit their bodies.  People should be able to raise or lower chair arms to provide appropriate support. The height of the seat should be adjustable so it can fit people of different heights. Lumbar support is also critical. Proper lumbar support allows individuals to sit in chairs comfortably for longer periods of time.

The chair’s material is important because it ensures the comfort of the individual. Breathable seat materials help people sit for ling periods because they are soft. Hard seats quickly become uncomfortable. Leather can be luxurious but is uncomfortable for some people. Leather can crack if it is not taken care of properly, so it may not be the best option if no one is committed to caring for the chair.

Radar by goSIT Mesh Executive Chair, BlackOnce you know the basics of finding a good office chair, you should consider your budget. Cost is often the first thing people consider when buying a chair. There are many excellent chair options available. You don’t have to settle for a substandard chair in order to manage your budget. There are a variety of brand-name chairs that you can purchase for under $100. If you go to typical office furniture stores or the box office stores, you’ll probably experience sticker shock when it comes to buying brand name chairs.

There are options for finding high quality brand-name chairs for less than $100. Have you considered working with an office furniture liquidator? These businesses purchase high quality used furniture. The furniture liquidator refurbishes the items if necessary. Sometimes, the liquidator offers a warranty on the items you purchase. This approach is a great way to save money on high quality, brand name chairs.

Keilhauer Tom Used Task Chair, Brown

You can find good prices on many types of chairs. These include chairs for breakrooms, computer desks, and conference rooms. You can purchase executive chairs with features like high backs, leather seats, mesh coverings, arm rests and pillow padding. Other chair options include mesh chairs, stacking chairs, side chairs, task chairs and stools. You can even find vintage chairs like lounge seating, caster wheel chairs and wood chairs.

Brand name chairs are available. You can find vintage brands under $100 include Bernhardt Eaton and Cabot Wrenn, Mesh chairs are Gosit, Inside Job, Steelcase, Sitonit and Herman Miller. Executive chair brand options consist of Steelcase, Herman Miller, Knoll, Humanscale, Hon Basyx. Many computer chair brands are available such as Kimball, Steelcase Sensor, Office Master, Knoll Parachute, Hon and Sitonit Seating. There are many other high-end brands available.

You don’t need to compromise and buy low-end chairs. Your company can afford high quality furniture manufactured by well-known brands with good reputations. It’s important to furnish your office with attractive and high quality products. However, you don’t have to pay more than $100 for each chair to furnish your office.

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The Haworth Premise Cubicles

Steelcase Used U-Shape Adjustable Height Desk Set Left Return, Maple

When you need to furnish or upgrade your company’s furnishings, you have a lot of options. You also have to deal with guidelines and restrictions every time you embark on this type of project. These may include the office style, number of employees, available space, predicted company growth, pre-existing furniture, the project timeline and, of course, your budget. If you want a successful, attractive and cost-effective solution invest some time in researching your options. Not all office furniture is created equally.

6x8 Premise Used Cubicles By Haworth - Sold in PodsCubicles are a great solution for office configuration. They have many advantages over other office configurations. First of all, they provide privacy for employees which they won’t have in an open seating plan. Cubicles also provide a sense of equality. Everyone has the same amount of space so they don’t feel that some people are favored over others. These layout plans can help employees concentrate because they reduce environmental distractions, such as office traffic and the constant interruptions that accompany open office spaces.

Cubicles can be a great way to manage your office furnishing budget. When you have individual offices for employees, the cost can be considerable. You’ll need desks, storage and many other items for an office. Cubicles combine typical office features in one smaller space. They’re cost-effective and will help you get more for your money. If you purchase cubicles through an office furniture liquidator, you can find high quality options at a reasonable price. You’re also helping the environment by re-using items that are in excellent condition.

The worst thing you can do is buy cheap, substandard cubicles. They’ll fall apart quickly and you’ll need to replace them so quickly that you’ll lose money. Low-cost cubicles look cheap and won’t help your office look professional and inviting. That’s why you should invest in a quality, reasonably priced brand of cubicles. The Haworth Premise series of cubicles provide high quality cubicles that will outfit your office in style. They are modern and well-constructed.

The basis of the Haworth Premise design is flexibility. Products are created so that they can easily be reconfigured as your office needs change. This will reduce the need to buy more items and will cut your costs over the long term. The company’s products are manufactured using recycled materials. Because they are flexible in design, you can reuse Haworth Premise cubicles over the long term, which is environmentally friendly.

Haworth Premise cubicle pods come in two different sizes to fit different workspaces and work styles. One of the advantages of smaller cubicles is that you can fit more into a smaller space. Larger cubicles allow for adequate storage and have more room for meetings. Cubicle pod size options include 8×6 and 6×6 so you can choose what makes sense for your company’s space.

10.5x7 Premise Used Work Stations By Haworth, Sold as a Row of 3You can choose between Haworth Premise pod or row style cubicles. The pods are available in sets of four. Each pod includes a tower, a pedestal, a laminated work space and an overhead. The pods are powered. The available colors include tan and putty. Cubicle rows are offered in rows of two and are available in tan and putty colors. They include a tower, pedestal and laminated work space.  

Sometimes, you need to stand alone cubicles for certain purposes. Haworth Premise stand alone cubicles are available in the size 8×12 and the color gray. This type of cubicle offers a great deal of versatility. The desk is in a U shape and includes space for guest chairs which makes the area perfect for small meetings. Stand alone and cubicles are often used for supervisors and managers. They can be placed in a more private area than pod or row style cubicles. This allows for minimal distractions, confidentiality and small group discussions.

Stand alone cubicles include several features. There is a hanging storage bin which allows employees to store information securely. Hanging storage also prevents desk clutter. The area is attractive and includes upholstered panels, two pedestals and laminated desktop. The cubicle is also powered.

If you purchase Haworth Premise products through National Office Liquidators (, you’ll find high quality used items at significantly reduced prices. The company offers a 10 year warranty on the items that they sell. Nationwide shipping is also available. This makes shopping cost-effective and convenient.

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The Advantage of Furniture Liquidators

Office furniture is a huge investment for your company. If you are starting from scratch or are doing a major remodeling project, you will need to spend a lot of money, depending on how much of the office you are revamping. If you are doing a total overhaul or changing more than one or two rooms, your budget can get quickly overwhelming.
Steelcase Garland Used Veneer U Shape Right Return Desk, MahoganyThis is why many people consider purchasing items at furniture liquidators. One advantage is that liquidators often offer used furniture in like-new condition. The prices are significantly lower and they can upgrade more of their office furniture while spending less money. Used products allow office designers to make more changes than they would be able to if they were purchasing full-priced items. The savings on used products can be as high as 70%. This isn’t true for all items, but most products are discounted at 30% at the very least.
What is a furniture liquidator? It’s a company that sells new and used furniture from brokers and companies. Imagine a large company is moving their headquarters. They likely have a large amount of furniture including cubicles, desks, tables, chairs and other items. It could easily cost more to move the furniture than to purchase new items in their next location. A good liquidator will have a solid reputation for being fair with their vendors so that they will be able to purchase the best products available.

Reputable used furniture liquidators, like National Office Interiors and Liquidators, carry brand name furniture at a fraction of the cost. The advantage of these liquidators is that you can find brand-new furniture. You will be able to find a wide range of brand names such as Steelcase, Herman Miller, Haworth, Paoli, Teknion, Allsteel, Knoll, Hon and many other brands. A wide variety of furniture pieces are available including desks, credenzas, conference boards, tables, reception desks, office chairs, reception chairs and file cabinets. Other furniture options include cubicles, break room chairs, conference room tables, conference room chairs, side chairs, plus size chairs, standing desks, dividers, panels, bookcases, pedestals and storage cabinets. Further furniture options include mail room furniture, folding tables, adjustable height tables, training tables, carts, grommets, lighting, monitor stands, privacy screens and white boards.

Herman Miller Mirra 2 Used Mesh AirWeave Seat Task Chair, Graphite and OrangeIf you’re looking to save additional money, National Office Interiors and Liquidators offers brand name products at a fraction of the cost that you would pay at a standard office store. They carry used furniture and offer deep discounts on new products so that you can create a total look for your office without shopping at different stores to find what you need. You can also shop online to find the items you need.

Good furniture liquidators don’t buy furniture that’s out of style or is in seriously damaged condition. They check each piece carefully to make sure the furniture piece works perfectly and has very limited signs of wear and tear. You won’t be purchasing furniture that looks like it’s been heavily used or hasn’t been properly taken care of. It’s not worth saving money on a purchase that makes your office look cheap and uncared for.

A responsible furniture liquidator will go through a detailed process before offering an item for purchase. The company should check the function of every part of the furniture. This includes the function of the item such as checking levers and making sure that cabinets and drawers open easily and don’t come off track when in use.

Sometimes furniture is in good shape but needs some refreshing. The company can upgrade the furniture by doing some minor repairs. These can include painting, staining and reupholstering to fix stains, scratches, fading and wearing. The furniture should then be carefully wrapped and packaged so that it won’t be damaged when customers pick it up or if it is shipped.

Although you might not think of a furniture liquidator immediately, it’s a great way to save money on your office remodel or initial furnishing. Many people end up financing their purchases of new furniture and end up with a great deal of debt. However, if they work with a liquidator and buy used or deeply discounted furniture, they won’t be burdened by debt and they will be able to furnish their outfits for a reasonable price.