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What Sets the Herman Miller Embody Chair Apart?

Find a comfortable chair is a challenge for office workers everywhere. You’ve probably had many experiences with uncomfortable chairs. Who hasn’t sat in a chair that drives them crazy all day long? Chairs can be uncomfortable for a variety of reasons. Some parts of your body might feel restricted like your arms or legs. The chair may feel like it was made for someone else, and no matter how you adjust it, it doesn’t feel quite right. At the end of a long week of sitting in the chair, you might have all kinds of aches and pains. Your neck and back are probably sore. Your arms and legs may be uncomfortable as well. You might experience headaches or other symptoms that you don’t realize are connected to the way you are sitting.

Finding the right office chair can be a struggle. The wrong chair can cause a wide variety of problems. People who work at a computer all day long need special support so that they won’t get stiff and uncomfortable. Employees can develop long-term injuries if they’re sitting in the wrong kind of chair over months and years. That’s why everyone in the office needs appropriate chairs. The Herman Miller Embody Chair is a great choice for people who have computer jobs because it approaches seating in an entirely different way than most chairs.

Herman Miller Embody Used Task Chair, BlackNo two office workers are created exactly the same. Think about the people you work with. Their differences probably include posture, shape, size and spinal curves. They often sit in different positions. The Herman Miller Embody Chair is designed to accommodate these differences and make all people comfortable. The chair features a dynamic matrix of pixels. These create back and seat surfaces that conform to the individual and distribute the person’s weight evenly. The armrest accommodates all types of arm heights and ranges. The seat itself will adjust to a variety of thigh lengths so that every person will feel comfortable.

The Herman Miller Embody Chair’s designers created it not only to make sitting more comfortable, but to improve health. The chair allows movement throughout the day which can help stimulate the mind and body which promotes alertness and productivity. You’ll have the advantage of more oxygen flow because the chair has a narrow backrest that allows you to move your arms freely. The chair is available with arms or without, depending on the individual’s preference.

When you look at the chair, you’ll notice that it looks very similar to the human spine. This is an intentional design that helps the chair adapt your individual movements. When you move, the chair moves so that your spine is properly aligned. The chair never needs to be adjusted to keep your body in the right position. It gives you constant support no matter what position you want to sit in.

Herman Miller Embody Used Task Chair, Black RhythmThe tilt of chairs is important to your body’s health. You’ll find that the construction of the chair provides you with a variety of benefits. It can potentially improve your health in a variety of ways such as lowering your heart rate, greater oxygen flow to your brain and better blood circulation. Your back also needs constant support without the need to readjust the seat. The best kind of tilt is the kind of chair that that has rotation points in the seat and the back. The back itself should be in a fixed position in relation to the chair. This sort of tilt helps your body move into the best seating postures.

Do you get overheated easily when you’re sitting, especially for a long time? The Herman Miller Embody Chair addresses this issue. It has a textile cover that is skin-like. The purpose of this cover is to circulate air which helps you stay cool. It doesn’t matter how long you sit, you’ll still feel cool and fresh.

If you’re concerned about the environment, you’ll find that Herman Miller Embody chairs will meet your standards. At the end of the chair’s lifetime, it is 95% recyclable. The chair is also made in a facility that uses only renewable energy. You can be confident that you’re purchasing a product that is made with the least possible impact on the environment.