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How Healthcare Furnishings Differ from Standard Office Furniture

One of the most common complaints from office workers are back and neck pain. Most of these complaints can be traced back to whatever chair or desk they are presently using. Now workers will adjust their bodies to their chairs so that they can keep being productive, but that isn’t how the body was designed. So, this can cause the spine to misalign. A person hunching over a desk which is too low then or a chair that isn’t close enough to the computer can be a real problem causing a loss of productivity and profits for a business. When this happens, the result can be shoulder and neck pain as well as chronic headaches for workers also which leads to turnover rates rising.

Another concern is that the basic seated position in a normal office chair can lead to the shortening of hamstrings and cause the hip flexors to tighten. This will cause chronic lower back pain as well as sciatic pain. The reason for this is that the people involved are trying to keep their legs perpendicular to their torso. This puts a lot of strain on the tendons and muscles of the legs and hips. Again, productivity goes down and turnover rates go up.

Discomfort and chronic pain can be one of the causes in loss of focus.

Herman Miller AeronSome reasons for this kind of pain are listed below:

  • A desk which infers with movement and restricts leg room.
  • Shelves and cabinets which the person has to stretch to open or to reach.
  • Back pain as well as shoulder pain from badly designed furniture.
  • Eye strain, headaches and migraines from poorly placed furniture in relation to computer screens.

The benefits of ergonomics

The way a person sits affects the way and length of time, they work. If they are in pain, the pain is distracting and cause loss of work production too. Breaks are taken more frequently just so that the person can get up and walk around to relieve the pressure on the back and in the legs. However, with the proper chair, the person is more productive and not in pain. Office furniture which is ergonomic has been designed to support a person’s natural function, well being, and facilitate comfort then. For example, below are some of the benefits of an ergonomics chair.

  • Steelcase Leap V2 in Red FabricWhen a person’s body is in the correct posture, the body stays aligned and there is less discomfort experienced. When an adjustable chair is used, it permits a person’s feet to remain flat on the floor too. The knees remain at a 90-degree angle and parallel to the person’s hips for good body support.
  • If a person sits in a chair without a head rest, it causes both shoulder stiffness and a sore neck. The headrest will support the person’s head while talking on the phone or writing a report though.
  • If a person doesn’t have proper support for the back and spine, it can cause stress on the body. This can cause minor to severe pain. The backrest of the chair should be tall enough then to support the entire spine. It needs to follow the curve of the spine at the right angle to fit the person’s body.
  • When sitting in a hard chair, it puts pressure on the hips. Selecting a chair that’s padded with a seat depth that’s sufficient will help to reduce this kind of stress and pressure. The chair needs to have seat depth of 2-4 inches when it’s measured from the back of the person’s knees then.

The chair a person sits in should be user friendly. Because discomfort and pain are distracting and take away focus on work. This disrupts co-worker teamwork too when people are in pain. With ergonomic chairs though, productivity improves, attention is retained and creativity and problem solving is at the front where it belongs.

Ergonomic office furniture promotes employee well being and provide better levels of energy. It adds to greater cognitive focus because there are less physical distractions caused by pain and discomfort. It improves the circulation of the body and reduces strain in the neck and shoulders.

When all ergonomic office furniture available is considered, the workplace is a better place.


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How to Keep Your Desk Professional Looking

Did you know that you can lose up to an hour a day because your desk is disorganized? But if your desk is well organized and everything is in its place, this can help with work productivity and set the tone for your day. This is because when you can’t find something, not only does it take extra time to find it, but it causes stress.

Getting your desk organized
It’s easier to maintain your desk once it’s organized and when everything has its own a place. This is especially true for the mess that happens when you just toss something on your desk thinking that you’ll tend to it later. So, you’re better off to just take that extra minute and put everything back in place. But organize first if you haven’t done so because then you’ll have a home for everything. All this will save you time when it’s time to find something again, and your desk won’t be three folders thick with papers. For more organizational tips, below are some suggestions on how to keep your desk looking professional:

  • Denmark Staged U-Shape with Right Return in American Walnut LaminateOffice supplies: There are different places to put office supplies in an organized way. If the supplies are used every day, then they can go on a desk or on a small file cabinet by your desk. If the item is only used once or twice a week then it can go in a drawer either at the side of your desk, or under your desk. Also, keeping like items together instead of having them in different drawers is another tip.
  • Sticky notes: Sticky notes are wonderful. Sticky notes can easily spread before you know it though. A few on your desk or monitor and the next thing you know, they’re all over everything. Sticky notes are good for short-term reminders only. If you have a lot of reminders, put them on an electronic document device or in a binder just for that purpose.
  • Personal knickknacks: A few personal photos or maybe a souvenir from the beach can give your eyes a pleasant break from work. However, cluttering the top of your desk with too many mementos can be distracting and messy. Three personal items on your desk in sufficient.
  • Keep your e-mail inbox under control: Communication by email is a great way to get things done, but it can also be a distraction as well. So, you should designate certain periods of time only to check emails throughout the day.
  • Make a space for incoming papers: You need to have a place for incoming papers otherwise they will be all over your desk. If you control your paper flow, then you’ll know what needs finished and what is already completed.
  • Make sure trash makes it to the garbage can: When you have something in your hand that’s trash, don’t put it down for later to put it in the trash. Otherwise, it will most likely end up on your desk. Nothing is worse than a cold half-empty drink cup that spills over those important papers because you didn’t put it in the trashcan.

Other helpful tips

green apple on desk

Some other helpful tips to keep on track. For example, prioritize what’s important on your desk to keep the work flow moving. If your work becomes backed up, it’s easy to kill productivity and get mired down. By prioritizing and keeping only active projects, documents and what’s relevant on your desk though, then the flow will keep moving. One way to do this is to group projects according to priority.

In one pile, stack what’s important and urgently needs completed. In the second pile, stack what’s urgent, but not as important when compared to what’s urgent and needs completed. In a third pile, put what’s important, but not necessarily urgent to do now. In the fourth pile, stack what’s not very important and non-urgent. Have a vertical file folder too so that the folders can be stacked side-by-side. This way, files aren’t stacked on top of each other where one may then become overlooked.

Finally, keep your desk clean by using disinfectant wipes. With all the germs which are spread around an office, wiping off your desk, phones and keyboard throughout the day can keep you healthier. Then at the end of the day, give everything one last wipe so that the next day you start out with a clean desk space.

A cleared off desk will also help you to clear your mind so that you can work efficiently.


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Standing Desks and Improved Performance

Standing desks are becoming popular because studies have shown they can improve employee performance for a number of reasons. The positive effects of hybrid standing desks, which allow employees to both sit and stand, can benefit both individuals and the company. Research has shown that employees can significantly improve their health and productivity by using this alternative work setup. Exact configurations of desks can vary, but the principle of the desks in general is the same. They allow employees to move around more during the day instead of being in a sedentary position for long periods of time.

Everyday Electric Lifting Table with Laminate TopWhat are some of the advantages of standing desks? For starters, people who use them tend to have more energy throughout the day. They experience far less fatigue and even experience less hunger than people who sit all day. Keep in mind that standing desks don’t mean that the person is expected to stand all day. They should combine standing with a sitting option so that people can move back and forth throughout their workdays. However, even standing for part of the day makes a big difference in employees’ mental and physical health.

Sitting down all day long is bad for your health. When you are sedentary all day, you don’t burn very many calories and your muscles don’t get any exercise. People who spend most of their days sitting are at higher risk for serious health problems. Increased standing brings positive effects. When you stand, you burn significantly more calories, even if you only do it for part of the day. You’re more likely to remain alert when you’re on your feet. This will help you avoid the midday slump in energy and productivity that most people experience. Some schools have started using standing desk options because it helps children concentrate and burn excess energy during the day.

Standing desks help improve people’s mental health as well as their physical health. Regular activity can improve your mindset. Studies have shown that people’s moods improve when they use a desk that promotes movement. Researchers have found that people have less tension, depression, fatigue and confusion when they use a desk that allows them to sit and stand. People also show improvements such as increased energy and better focus.

Dnemark Lifting Manager Desk Right Return GrayThere are some disadvantages to standing desks and you shouldn’t adopt them for everyone just because they are a popular trend. When they’re used properly, they have benefits, but like anything else, improper use brings problems. If you’re uncomfortable, you’re not going to be able to concentrate. Standing desks are a great fit for some people, but others want the option to sit. People who aren’t trained to use the desk correctly will have problems. They need to be taught to adjust the desk to the right height and take time to sit when necessary. If the desk isn’t configured correctly, it can cause physical problems for employees.

No one should stand at a desk for a full day. It’s important to alternate standing and sitting or you will start to experience back pain. Foot pain can also be a problem. These desks give employees the benefits of standing but allow them to sit when they feel muscle strain. There are some strategies that make standing easier. Soft mats help reduce foot and back pain. Employees should wear shoes with good support. High heels and other uncomfortable shoes aren’t a good fit for standing desks. Over time, most people find a good sitting to standing ration. It may be 85 to 15, 70 to 30 or another number that fits. It will be different for everyone.

Good standing desks have features that help people use them. The height of the desk needs to be adjustable. Crouch over or looking up at a desk can cause back pain. The desk height should also be adjustable to your sitting option. Some people sit in traditional office chairs and move the desk down to their seat. Others sit in high seats that match the height of the desk. The desk itself should have enough space for your computer and other items. Most people need to have several things on their desks to work. The desk shouldn’t merely a platform for a computer.

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Herman Miller and Steelcase Top Designs

Herman Miller chairs focus on designs that help workers do their work and feel their best at the same time. Workers are more productive when they are comfortable and have the right seating support. The better their chairs, the better their health will be in the long term. This will lead to improved work products and long-term health improvements for the employee. Companies can feel confident about purchasing Herman Miller products because they are doing the best for their team.

Herman Miller Aeron Used Posturefit SL Size B Remastered V2, GraphiteDid you know the Aeron chair is 94% recyclable? This is not its only advantage, of course. The primary purpose of the Aeron chair is its adaptability. It adjusts to different body sizes, shapes and motions. The chair provides comfort and support to many different body types. Aeron has simple adjustment controls. The chair is available in work airs, stools and side chairs for a variety of office needs.

The Mirra chair takes an unusual approach towards seating. The chair merges the concepts of less materials and more support. Users will find that the chair provides them with a comfortable fit and they won’t need to make constant adjustments to find the right fit. Mira will accommodate a wide variety of sizes, movements and postures while keeping the person’s lower back properly aligned. Mira will help employees stay alert and relaxed while they are working at the computer.

The Herman Miller chair is popular due to its ability to accommodate the differences among individuals. Everyone has physical differences in posture, size, spinal curve and other features. Due to these variations, people sit in different positions. The chair’s matrix of pixels creates back and seat surfaces that will conform to the person and help distribute weight evenly. The chair also promotes all-day movement which is good for physical health in a variety of ways.

Steelcase Think Used Task Chair, Poppy OrangeSteelcase chair models include Leap, Criterion and Think. Each chair model is unique. The chairs are designed to provide comfort and support to users using a variety of designs, technology and construction. Steelcase products are created using environmentally friendly materials and processes. You can feel confident that you are purchasing products that are good for both your employees and the environment.

Leap is a Steelcase designer that offers an office chair that has a wide range of adjustments. It gives your body fully support. It doesn’t just fit the average person. The Leap chair provides support for many different body shapes and sizes. The Leap chair is available in the standard Leap model and the Leap Plus model.

The chair is designed to increase productivity and comfort. Studies support the increase in productivity. Leap chairs are based on research about the spine, the upper and lower back and posture. The chair is designed with these principles in mind to reduce strain and increase support. The Leap chair line includes the Work Chair, the Stool, the Work Chair with Headrest, the Leap WorkLounge and the Ottoman/Table. The Leap Plus chair provides all the benefits of the Leap chair and is designed to support users who weight up to 500 pounds.

Criterion is another Steelcase designer that provides a chair designed for comfort that lasts all-day. Users can take advantage of seven different adjustments on the chair which offer a wide range of support. In fact, the chair provides support through the entire range of seating postures. Criterion is designed for long-term comfort and is perfect for people who spend long hours in their chairs on the phone, in office meetings or using the computer.

The Criterion chair has a number of unique features. These include many adjustable options including arms, tilt tension, height, seat depth, back height, seat height and more. The chair also features durability through solid construction, resilient and stain-resistant vinyl, a reinforced frame and more.

Think is another one of Steelcase’s most popular designs. Why? Because engineers designed the chair to be simple, smart and sustainable. The chair automatically adjusts to the body to provide support. It’s customized for mobile users so that it can be used in meetings, at computers, in collaborative groups and for any type of task. Think is sold in two styles: seated and stool height for multiple applications.

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Why Employees Need Private Working Space Away From Management

As a manager, it’s your job to monitor your employees’ progress on their tasks. This doesn’t mean that you need to stand over them while they’re working. This probably won’t give you a good assessment of what they’re accomplishing anyway. It’s more likely to intimidate them. There are better ways to keep up with worker progress on tasks and goals. These include one-on-one meetings, status reports and reviewing portions of completed work.

Employees need to have private working space away from their managers to feel comfortable doing their work properly. It makes people nervous when they feel like they’re being watched while they work. They get nervous and wonder if they are constantly being evaluated. This can cause stress and make workers less productive.

Keilhauer Talk Used High Back Single Seater Lounge, GreenThere are some other reasons that employees need their distance from management. As a manager, you probably have very different things on your agenda than your team members do. You probably have to participate in a variety of conference calls. You need to hold meetings with individual employees. Some of your meetings can easily distract employees. They may overhear information that should be kept confidential.

If you have an office with a door, you can shut it when you’re discussing confidential information. This is a good idea because if employees overhear parts of your discussion, they can jump to conclusions and begin spreading rumors that have little basis in truth. Closed door discussions allow you and employees to have one-on-one discussions that don’t need to be heard by anyone else. If you don’t have an office with a door, find a conference room where you can have private discussions. This is better for everyone because it reduces distractions and protects confidentiality.

Team members need to be free to talk to one another in the office. It shouldn’t be a free for all, but people need time to get to know one another. Team bonding is an important part of building an effective team. Occasional casual conversations, jokes and work stories are commonly shared among employees. This is normal and important for team growth. However, this kind of interaction will be seriously stunted if the manager is too close by. Employees are reluctant to have casual conversations because they don’t want their management to think they are wasting time. Constant talking in the office is a problem if it disturbs other team members but occasional conversations can strengthen relationships.

6x8 My Studio Environments by Herman Miller Used Cubicles - Sold in RowsIt’s important to keep in mind that a manager holds a different role as a part of a team. The manager is responsible for worker productivity and can’t be as casual with employees as they are with one another. Some managers struggle with this, especially if they were promoted from within the team. Unfortunately, it’s healthier if there is some distance between managers and their team members. If managers become too close with individual employees, it can be interpreted as favoritism and lead to tension among team members.

On some projects, employees need to think and analyze. Sometimes thinking, researching and analyzing doesn’t exactly look like traditional work. There may be times when it appears the person isn’t doing anything when that is not the case at all. The individual may be doing the kind of deep and creative analysis that you expect from them. This can’t always be done by typing on the computer. It may involve sketching out scenarios on a notepad, organizing thoughts with post-it notes or other similar activities. The problem is that the employee will probably become self-conscious if he or she thinks management is watching. People don’t want to give the impression that they’re being unproductive. However, if this is the kind of work they need to do, it’s important that they have a private place to do it where they won’t feel judged.

It’s easier for you as a manager to have some private space of your own away from the team. You’ll have fewer interruptions which will help you get significantly more work done. Most managers report that interruptions are the biggest barrier to their productivity. You will have more quiet space to do your work. You are much less likely to be distracted by team discussions and banter which means you will get much more done on a daily basis.

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Health in the Workplace

Your attitude towards health in the workplace is important. While you may see employee health as a good thing, it actually has tangible benefits for your business. First of all, the healthier your employees are, the less likely they are to miss work. Next, they will be happier and more productive. Your insurance costs may lower as employee health improves. When workers see that you are investing in their health and wellness, they are much more likely to feel invested in the company and their work. In the long run, the time and money you spend on employee health will benefit your company substantially.

There are a wide range of things that you can do to improve employee health in the workplace. Some are as simple as adjusting the furniture that your employees use. Ergonomic chairs are popular tools to help improve comfort and help reduce stress on the body. If someone sits in a chair that is not ergonomically designed, pressure can build up on various parts of the body. Sitting will be hard on the spine, the legs, feet, thighs and buttocks. These kinds of chairs make it much more relaxing for workers to sit and they won’t need to get up and stretch to release the pressure on their necks and spines.

goSIT New Electric 36x72 24x48 L-Shaped Lifting Table w Gray FrameErgonomic chairs are available in a wide range of fabrics and styles that can fit in with any office design. You aren’t limited to merely buying ergonomic office chairs. Other types of ergonomic chairs are available. These include meeting chairs, waiting room chairs, conference room chairs and even in raised stool styles. You can find comfortable seating for almost any situation.

You can also make employees more comfortable with adjustable height tables. How can these help in the workplace? Employees can adjust the tables to fit their body height so they won’t have to lean over or use pillows or books to reach the height of the table. This can be helpful in work groups or training sessions when you need to use multiple tables. You can find adjustable tables that are designed for training, meetings, conferences and single use.

Keyboards are another way to promote employee health in the workplace. You may not associate keyboards with worker health, but they can make a surprising difference in worker comfort. Ergonomic keyboard approaches include the keyboard itself and also the keyboard tray and mouse. Ergonomic keyboards are designed to minimized muscle strain for the typist. They are created in a variety of styles such as split, contoured, handheld, angled and other styles. Ergonomic keyboards aren’t just for people who use desktop computers. They can also be connected to laptops so that frequent users can minimize the strain on their hands.

It may take time for typists to adjust to ergonomic keyboards, but studies show that these keyboards can reduce strain and help to reduce workplace injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Another benefit is that once the user gets used to the keyboard, typing speeds tend to increase. Adjustable keyboards can also be beneficial so that employees can adjust the keyboard height to fit them perfectly. This reduces stress on their arms.

Mouse accessories are available that can provide extra support to prevent wrist injuries. Palm support can help many people and gel support sets are available to further help prevent injuries and make workers more comfortable and productive.

Ergonomic mice are also available in many different styles to prevent strain on wrists which can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. A typical mouse doesn’t fit the average user’s hand. It may not fit the person’s hand and doesn’t provide support for the hand. There are a variety of mouse pads that can also provide support and make it easier for people to move their mice and will provide additional support. Raised mouse pads can be helpful in terms of

Ergonomic furniture and accessories involve some up-front costs. It’s tempting to avoid these costs because the evidence of workplace straining isn’t immediately obvious in most cases. However, down the road, the strain of working with less-than-ideal chairs and equipment will have an effect on employees. They may develop problems like carpal tunnel syndrome and back and neck problems. This can reduce worker productivity and may result in more sick days.

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How to Design a Quiet Space

There is a lot of focus on collaboration in the office because it’s so important for getting certain types of work done. It’s true that teams need to meet to complete many different types of projects. The need for office collaboration space is real. Many companies have spent a lot of time creating open spaces in the workplace to foster team work and reduce isolation. However, employees need areas to do their work.

Quiet and private spaces are just as vital as collaboration areas in offices. People need time and space to think and focus on their work and projects. They need an area to focus on their work so they can complete it thoroughly and accurately. Many people also feel drained after a certain amount of interaction with team members. They need a quiet place to recharge their batteries so that they can get their work done. Studies have shown that not only do interruptions and noise make it difficult to concentrate; they can actually increase employee stress levels. Workers know their productivity levels are dropping and they begin to worry about keeping up with their work deadlines.

Herman Miller Swoop Used Ottoman, MagentaThe key to a productive workplace is building appropriate balance between group spaces and individual working areas. Both need to be present so that the office can be as productive as possible. Open space areas are still important so that people can collaborate. However, there need to be private areas as well. There also need to be spaces that teams can meet privately and work quietly without distractions. Spaces for personal conversations also need to be available.

Some research studies have shown that workers feel they have to work away from their main workspace to get any work accomplished. This often means working away from the office. This is often because there is no space for anyone, especially introverted people, to avoid the distractions and interruptions that are so constant in the modern workplace. This doesn’t have to be the case. There are ways to design a modern office that has the feel of a modern, open office while still providing the quiet spaces that workers need to think and produce. You’ll also be able to include space for all employees to conduct private meetings, conversations and phone calls.

Cubicle spaces can play an important part in providing employees with private working spaces. Cubicles can be designed in many different ways. Some cubicle configurations indicate privacy more than others. To increase privacy, consider adding more paneling instead of glass and building the cubicles in a different area from the open spaces of the office. This separation from open areas indicates that the cubicles are meant as private areas as opposed to group spaces. It’s important to keep working spaces away from doors and reception areas. If there is no one at a reception desk or nearby, visitors will automatically wander to the nearest cubicle for help. Constant inspiration will make it difficult for workers to concentrate. Paneling around the area outside of the cubicles can indicate the area is reserved for private work space.

8x6 Knoll Morrison Used Cubicle, GrayTaller cubicles are also good options for private work spaces. The higher walls help block out noise and indicate a private area to the people in the area. You can also purchase cubicle workstations for individuals or two people that provide private space for getting computer or desk work completed. Cubicles don’t work for every privacy issue. They can’t provide shield personal or confidential conversations. Sometimes, complete privacy is necessary. Often, managers or employees need to make phone calls individually or in groups that can’t be overheard. In these cases, companies can provide small rooms with doors that shut and lock. Rooms can be reserved if necessary. People can use the rooms to place calls without anyone overhearing what they are saying so that sensitive information won’t be overheard.

Sealed conferences rooms and offices should also be available for quiet work and private conversations. Some meetings involve sensitive, private information. Other times, both small and large meeting groups need to be free from interruptions. There have to be private spaces so that these groups can do the work they need to do in peace and quiet.