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The Herman Miller Ethospace Cubicles

Cubicles are great solutions for many office spaces. They help teams work together more effectively because they are sitting in a common area. Cubicle configurations make the most of the office space that you have available. They are also significantly cheaper than individual offices. You don’t have to buy the expensive desks, chairs and storage solutions needed for offices. Cubicle environments help individuals be more accessible to their team members.

Herman Miller Ethospace GoldCubicles typically provide the storage and technology access that all team members need. Another advantage of cubicles is that you can reconfigure the space when necessary. Cubicles are typically set up in pods which are set groups of cubicles. They’re available in convenient sizes like pods of four, six or eight. These pods provide flexibility. If team structures change, you can relocate employees to different areas. If you have multiple pods, you can rearrange them to fit new situations.

Herman Miller Ethospace cubicles from NOL are great value for anyone looking for high quality cubicles. The Ethospace cubicles are designed to be both attractive and durable. They have sturdy frames which allow them to last over the long term. Herman Miller is a well-established brand with a commitment to quality. They have a great reputation in the industry and you can’t go wrong with their products.

If you shop retail stores or websites for cubicles, you’ll probably experience sticker shock almost immediately. However, you don’t need to skimp on quality and purchase cheap cubicles. Instead, consider using a furniture liquidator like National Office Interiors & Liquidators (NOL.) They have a consistent track record when it comes to providing high quality, used office furniture at reasonable prices. NOL purchases attractive, functional and durable used products. You can purchase the items you’re looking for and received outstanding values.

NOL occasionally purchases items that are in good condition but may have some minor damage. These issues may include small nicks and worn fabric. NOL often refurbishes the items so they are in like-new condition. The company will always provide accurate and detailed information about any items they offer. You won’t experience any surprises upon delivery.

You can see The Herman Miller Ethospace cubicles online at If you’re near an NOL store, you can also see available options in person. You can visit showrooms in Phoenix, Arizona; Dallas, Texas; Norcross, Georgia; Chicago, Illinois; Houston, Texas and Tustin, California. NOL offers nationwide delivery and, in some cases, will provide on-site assembly.

The Herman Miller Ethospace cubicles that NOL currently provides are 6 feet deep, 6 feet wide and 24 inches in height. The structures have 70 inch glass on the aisle ways, which allows for increased light and easier interactions with coworkers.

Each cubicle comes with some standard features. These include:

  • a one file pedestal
  • a whiteboard
  • monitor arms

Herman Miller Ethospace GoldThe cubicles are also powered. Depending on the cubicles, some may have additional accessories. You can choose from a range of colors, including orange, green, blue and gold, depending on availability. Whether you’re adding cubicles to an already existing area or furnishing a new space, color choices will allow you to set the tone for the office. You don’t have to purchase cubicles in large quantities in order to get them at discounted prices. The Herman Miller Ethospace cubicles from NOL are available in pods of six, which is a convenient configuration for many office environments.

When you purchase these cubicles from NOL, you have an advantage that you are likely to receive from other furniture liquidators resellers. NOL offers a great warranties. Believe it or not, the warranties can last for up to 10 years as long as the item is used reasonably. If you find that an item is defective, contact NOL during the warranty period they will provide a comparable replacement. The security of a warranty gives you confidence in your purchase. If you have problems with the items, the company will support you in solving these issues.

If you need to reconfigure your office or furnish it from scratch, you’re likely to find that cubicles provide flexibility, cost savings and help you build a friendly office environment. You should investigate the Herman Miller Ethospace cubicles that NOL offers because the company offers high quality at bargain prices. You may find that these cubicles are the office solution that you’ve been looking for.