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Brand Name Chairs Under $100

Steelcase Used 2 Drawer Veneer Lateral File, Mahogany

Chairs are some of the most important items in your office. When people are sitting in uncomfortable chairs, they’re restless and irritated. They spend a lot of time fruitlessly trying to make the chair more comfortable. If some chairs in the office are more comfortable than others, workers may argue over who has the right to the best chairs. In addition, cheap chairs end up costing more money than they save over the long term. However, if you have high quality chairs, people won’t have these problems. There are reliable brands that make excellent products that workers will appreciate.

Herman Miller Ambi Used Task Chair, Black

Buyers are often surprised by the amount of money they need to invest when it comes to buying chairs. It’s tempting to go with a cheaper, low-quality chair because of the significant cost difference. However, buying inexpensive chairs doesn’t provide value in the long run. First of all, the chair won’t last long. It won’t be constructed out of durable equipment and is prone to falling apart quickly. Secondly, the chair won’t adjust to fit multiple users. Think of all the different people that may use a chair over the years. The ideal chair can be adapted to keep everyone comfortable. If you buy cheap chairs, you’ll end up buying new chairs constantly, which won’t save money.  

A good chair provides many benefits. What features should a good office chair have? One important feature is adjustability, which means the user can move parts of the chair to fit their bodies.  People should be able to raise or lower chair arms to provide appropriate support. The height of the seat should be adjustable so it can fit people of different heights. Lumbar support is also critical. Proper lumbar support allows individuals to sit in chairs comfortably for longer periods of time.

The chair’s material is important because it ensures the comfort of the individual. Breathable seat materials help people sit for ling periods because they are soft. Hard seats quickly become uncomfortable. Leather can be luxurious but is uncomfortable for some people. Leather can crack if it is not taken care of properly, so it may not be the best option if no one is committed to caring for the chair.

Radar by goSIT Mesh Executive Chair, BlackOnce you know the basics of finding a good office chair, you should consider your budget. Cost is often the first thing people consider when buying a chair. There are many excellent chair options available. You don’t have to settle for a substandard chair in order to manage your budget. There are a variety of brand-name chairs that you can purchase for under $100. If you go to typical office furniture stores or the box office stores, you’ll probably experience sticker shock when it comes to buying brand name chairs.

There are options for finding high quality brand-name chairs for less than $100. Have you considered working with an office furniture liquidator? These businesses purchase high quality used furniture. The furniture liquidator refurbishes the items if necessary. Sometimes, the liquidator offers a warranty on the items you purchase. This approach is a great way to save money on high quality, brand name chairs.

Keilhauer Tom Used Task Chair, Brown

You can find good prices on many types of chairs. These include chairs for breakrooms, computer desks, and conference rooms. You can purchase executive chairs with features like high backs, leather seats, mesh coverings, arm rests and pillow padding. Other chair options include mesh chairs, stacking chairs, side chairs, task chairs and stools. You can even find vintage chairs like lounge seating, caster wheel chairs and wood chairs.

Brand name chairs are available. You can find vintage brands under $100 include Bernhardt Eaton and Cabot Wrenn, Mesh chairs are Gosit, Inside Job, Steelcase, Sitonit and Herman Miller. Executive chair brand options consist of Steelcase, Herman Miller, Knoll, Humanscale, Hon Basyx. Many computer chair brands are available such as Kimball, Steelcase Sensor, Office Master, Knoll Parachute, Hon and Sitonit Seating. There are many other high-end brands available.

You don’t need to compromise and buy low-end chairs. Your company can afford high quality furniture manufactured by well-known brands with good reputations. It’s important to furnish your office with attractive and high quality products. However, you don’t have to pay more than $100 for each chair to furnish your office.