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Allsteel Cubes Can Be the Answer for More Office Privacy

Not every good idea that seems right is right. Sometimes this is because human nature is not taken into account. Or we have assumptions on human nature, like people like working as close to friends or coworkers as much as possible, so that an idea can take off that doesn’t always work. This may be the problem that can happen with the open office.

Because there are some studies which show that the open office isn’t as popular with many office employees as the traditional style of office. The open office does give a sense of purpose to the employees. With the right employees, it can be a wonderful idea, but the design of it can be harmful as well. It can cause interruptions in attention spans, decreases productivity and creativity; and even affect workers’ health.

Allsteel 6x4 CubicleOne of the problems is that the worker’s personal space is cut down considerably. Instead of having a personal area, they may just have part of a desk. This is because the traditional cubicle is replaced with open spaces. You have the same idea of having your own desk, but they are joined to other desks. You may even share a work table with other employees.

The thought is that if you can get workers together at the same table, they will be better able to share information. It promotes brainstorming sessions as well when working on projects. It can also lead to employees bonding together. It can be an important part of corporate culture where all employees are placed on the same level of importance because everyone is needed; where the boss is more of a mentor and where people are made to feel like a close-knit family.

But this kind of environment can affect a person who has claustrophobe because they feel that they are being pinned in all around by other people. This can affect the health of people like this, both physically and mentally. Plus; there’s all the noises of other people working, talking, opening and closing folders and having earphones set at perhaps too high a volume.

Some companies have made compensation for all these distractions by offering spaces that are quiet that so employees can work undisturbed when it is needed. But in most places, this is considered a waste of space because some people may be less productive. Others may just use it with the excuse that they need quiet, though what they really want is a space for a little relaxation above the time allotted for the normal break. When quiet spaces are made available then, it may become an option to be productive in these spaces rather than the productivity that’s expected in the open office.

Allsteel Cubicle Corner Top CapWhen working in open spaces, it can be irritating, noisy and distracting too. It can take away the worker’s psychological privacy which is a crucial part of focus and creativity. The open workspace can erode morale and cause more absenteeism. Human nature is to be social, but it’s also to have personal space even on the job. Because with open space offices, instead of seeing just a pair of feet under a partition, a person might be at someone’s elbow all day with other people always being in the corner of both their eyes.

It’s not just like the old-fashioned secretarial pools in some open space offices. In some, employees may be inches from each other all day long.

So, if you, as a business owner are having any of these difficulties with your employees, you may want to consider installing a few cubicles instead. Allsteel cubicles can be the solution to this issue. 6×4 used cubicles are sold in pods, but they can be customized into rows or be sold as standalones for an additional fee.

They have a one box file pedestal with a laminated work surface. Power whips are available for extra cost. The dimensions they have are a 6’ spine with a 4’ wing. They should be professionally installed though since they don’t come with instructions for installation. They may not come with keys. You can purchase keys at your local locksmith though, or at  The 6×4 Used Cubicle by Allsteel – Sold In Pods can be found at this link.

If you would like a cost-effective way to keep your employees happy and give them privacy, then check out the Allsteel pods today.


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Why Should You Purchase Steelcase Avenir Cubicles?

Office cubicles are used in most offices and have benefits for both the employees and the employers. One of the benefits for the employees is that they can exchange ideas back and forth more readily because there are cubicles designed with lower walls between the divides of the cubicles. Another key benefit is that the separate cubicles also can have doors that can be closed when employees want privacy and they don’t want to be interrupted. This is important if employees need time for deep concentration on important projects.Steelcase Avenir Cubicle Workstation

The benefits for the employer is that a well-designed office where employers welcome employees making workspaces extensions of the employees’ personal tastes is a welcoming place to work in. This leads to higher productivity and a happier workforce. This means greater profits and less employee turnover. All this can be accomplished with cubicles since the employees have walls and individual spaces that they can decorate.

Also, if your office has an open floor plan without walls, employees can become too easily distracted by other employees’ conversations, phones which are ringing and other distractions. Cubicles with walls help to eliminate the distractions.

So, with cubicles, there is a proper balance between openness for collaboration with other employees and privacy. It’s provides for work areas that are private enough for employees to work in, but not too private so that they can get lost in unproductive time. In addition, cubicles help keep work contained in the area it needs to be done in so that it isn’t spread out everywhere. There are file drawers, shelves and laminated work surfaces to keep everything under control in cubicles too.

Cubicles also give a professional appearance to your office layout; this improves cooperation and interaction among your employees. When your employees want to have privacy without interruptions they can simply close their doors then. If they want collaboration and interaction with fellow colleagues, then the door can be opened. It’s so simple. So, you will find that your employees will get more work completed faster.

The Steelcase Avenir Cubicles

The Steelcase Avenir furniture system has the reputation for unmistakable value and high performance ratings in businesses around the world. The Steelcase Avenir Cubicles are an extremely popular cubicle system. Installing one of these cubicles, either singularly or in pods, is a great way to improve your office environment. With these cubicles, your office will have a quality air that will project professionalism to your customers and clients.

On top of that, Steelcase is one of the leading manufacturers of office cubicles and has been in business for 50 years. Their brand of cubicle is one to be trusted. Below is where you can purchase these cubicles for your office.

7 x 6.5 Avenir Used Work Stations by Steelcase – Sold in Pods

Steelcase Avenir CubeThese 7 x6.5 Avenir Used Work Station by Steelcase are only sold in Pods. The pod has a laminated work surface and a 1-2 drawer lateral file. The upholstered panels have glass tops with power whips available for an extra cost.

These pods come in:

  • Blue fabric which is Guilford Open House Lapis 2334
  • Silver fabric which is Burch Metallation, Stainless Steel
  • Laminate which is Wilsonart Frosty White
  • White Paint which is Appliance White
  • Peds/Lats: 4799 Platinum

The dimensions are Depth 6.5’x x Width 7’ x Height 7’ x Height 54”

The keys may not be available, but can be purchased from a local locksmith or from

7 x 13 Avenir Used Work Stations by Steelcase – Sold in Pods

These 7 x 13 Avenir Used Work Stations by Steelcase are sold only in pods. The work surface is laminated and has a 1-2 drawer lateral file. It also includes a 1-Box, box, file pedestal and 1 shelf. The upholstered panels have glass tops and power whips are available, if needed, at an extra cost.

Large Steelcase Avenir StationThe colors the cubicles can be bought in are:

  • Silver fabric which is Burch Metallation, Stainless Steel 7476
  • Blue fabric which is Guilford Open House Lapis 2334
  • White paint which is Appliance White
  • Laminate which is Wilsonart Frosty White
  • Peds/Lats: 4799 Platinum

The dimensions are: Depth 13’ x Width 7’ x Height 54”

These cubicles don’t come with instructions so professional installers will have to be used.

Keys may not be available, but can be purchased from the local locksmith or from

The best cubicles are made by the best company, Steelcase; so buy the best.


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How to Personalize Your Cubicle

If you work in a cubicle, the blandness of it can sometimes be counterproductive. Looking at gray walls and the other dim color schemes can take your creative ideas and dull them down. So, what can you do to change the décor in your cubicle to make it more of an extension of yourself? Below are some suggestions; just keep in mind what the office policies are about decorating upgrades allowed in a workspace.

  1. Steelcase Leap V2 in Electric Blue FabricWalls: If your walls are made from panels that look like bulletin board material, tacking up your choice of fabric can go a long way to brightening up your space. If your walls won’t take easily to tacks, you can put up removable wall coverings. Motivational posters are another way to add a personal touch, as well as photos and post cards.
  2. Floor: If you floor is a uniform boring color, then you could liven it up with a colorful area rug. However, if you chair has casters on it, you may want to put down a vibrant chair mat instead. So, adding few colorful throw rugs with rubber backing will add a touch of pizazz. Just make sure that they don’t interfere with your chair moving about if that is your style of working.
  3. Lighting: Lighting can affect both mood and productivity. Overhead fluorescent lighting can cast harsh shadows and cause eyestrain. To help solve that problem, spot lighting can help. So, you could add a small accent light to help reduce the glare. Consider hanging a string of miniature colored lights or even a full spectrum light too. A spectrum light gives the same effect as sunlight so it will improve your mood.
  4. Temperature: If your cubicle is in the frigid zone, a small portable heater may be the answer to a more comfortable temperature when you are working. However, if your cubicle is the furthest from the air conditioning, a desk fan may be a good idea to circulate the air to keep you cool.
  5. Furniture: If it can be done, see if your office manager will order an ergonomic comfortable chair. You sit in a chair for most of your working day and sitting comfortably will make you more productive. If not, maybe you could order a replacement chair with your boss’s permission that you pay for, just make sure that it can be delivered to your cubicle.
  6. close-up of stylish desk with designed equipmentAccessories: Think about adding one or two live plants or maybe a betta in a bowl. Some of the bowls have a betta with a live plant in the bowl. If you aren’t good at keeping either of them alive, then a silk arrangement could do the trick. A good quality silk arrangement looks very much like the real thing. Another idea is to invest in a tabletop biosphere or an air fern. Neither requires much upkeep or fussing with. Another thought is to place a few fun items such as stuffed animals or a small collection of personal decorative things. But keep in mind that this is work cubicle, so don’t over clutter or bring in something which would be deemed inappropriate.
  7. Privacy: Being in a cubicle and having your co-workers right beside you can cause privacy issues. Additionally, sometimes a co-worker walking by may want to stop and chat when you’re in the middle of an important piece of work. One way to stop this is to put up a folding screen if permitted or, at a last resort, you could wear headphones so that you can slip them on when you don’t want to be disturbed. Make sure you get a supervisor’s permission.
  8. Clutter: Keeping clutter down in a cubicle can take some work, but it will brighten the atmosphere when things are neat. So be sure to discard or file any papers when they aren’t needed anymore. Decorations in a large office and decorations for your cubicle are two different things too. So too many pictures or mementos in a small cubicle can give a feeling of being overwhelmed and crowded. It can be as distracting and busy as an overload of noise

Decorating your cubicle can be fun as long as it doesn’t get out of hand.


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The Herman Miller Ethospace Cubicles

Cubicles are great solutions for many office spaces. They help teams work together more effectively because they are sitting in a common area. Cubicle configurations make the most of the office space that you have available. They are also significantly cheaper than individual offices. You don’t have to buy the expensive desks, chairs and storage solutions needed for offices. Cubicle environments help individuals be more accessible to their team members.

Herman Miller Ethospace GoldCubicles typically provide the storage and technology access that all team members need. Another advantage of cubicles is that you can reconfigure the space when necessary. Cubicles are typically set up in pods which are set groups of cubicles. They’re available in convenient sizes like pods of four, six or eight. These pods provide flexibility. If team structures change, you can relocate employees to different areas. If you have multiple pods, you can rearrange them to fit new situations.

Herman Miller Ethospace cubicles from NOL are great value for anyone looking for high quality cubicles. The Ethospace cubicles are designed to be both attractive and durable. They have sturdy frames which allow them to last over the long term. Herman Miller is a well-established brand with a commitment to quality. They have a great reputation in the industry and you can’t go wrong with their products.

If you shop retail stores or websites for cubicles, you’ll probably experience sticker shock almost immediately. However, you don’t need to skimp on quality and purchase cheap cubicles. Instead, consider using a furniture liquidator like National Office Interiors & Liquidators (NOL.) They have a consistent track record when it comes to providing high quality, used office furniture at reasonable prices. NOL purchases attractive, functional and durable used products. You can purchase the items you’re looking for and received outstanding values.

NOL occasionally purchases items that are in good condition but may have some minor damage. These issues may include small nicks and worn fabric. NOL often refurbishes the items so they are in like-new condition. The company will always provide accurate and detailed information about any items they offer. You won’t experience any surprises upon delivery.

You can see The Herman Miller Ethospace cubicles online at If you’re near an NOL store, you can also see available options in person. You can visit showrooms in Phoenix, Arizona; Dallas, Texas; Norcross, Georgia; Chicago, Illinois; Houston, Texas and Tustin, California. NOL offers nationwide delivery and, in some cases, will provide on-site assembly.

The Herman Miller Ethospace cubicles that NOL currently provides are 6 feet deep, 6 feet wide and 24 inches in height. The structures have 70 inch glass on the aisle ways, which allows for increased light and easier interactions with coworkers.

Each cubicle comes with some standard features. These include:

  • a one file pedestal
  • a whiteboard
  • monitor arms

Herman Miller Ethospace GoldThe cubicles are also powered. Depending on the cubicles, some may have additional accessories. You can choose from a range of colors, including orange, green, blue and gold, depending on availability. Whether you’re adding cubicles to an already existing area or furnishing a new space, color choices will allow you to set the tone for the office. You don’t have to purchase cubicles in large quantities in order to get them at discounted prices. The Herman Miller Ethospace cubicles from NOL are available in pods of six, which is a convenient configuration for many office environments.

When you purchase these cubicles from NOL, you have an advantage that you are likely to receive from other furniture liquidators resellers. NOL offers a great warranties. Believe it or not, the warranties can last for up to 10 years as long as the item is used reasonably. If you find that an item is defective, contact NOL during the warranty period they will provide a comparable replacement. The security of a warranty gives you confidence in your purchase. If you have problems with the items, the company will support you in solving these issues.

If you need to reconfigure your office or furnish it from scratch, you’re likely to find that cubicles provide flexibility, cost savings and help you build a friendly office environment. You should investigate the Herman Miller Ethospace cubicles that NOL offers because the company offers high quality at bargain prices. You may find that these cubicles are the office solution that you’ve been looking for.  

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The Haworth Premise Cubicles

Steelcase Used U-Shape Adjustable Height Desk Set Left Return, Maple

When you need to furnish or upgrade your company’s furnishings, you have a lot of options. You also have to deal with guidelines and restrictions every time you embark on this type of project. These may include the office style, number of employees, available space, predicted company growth, pre-existing furniture, the project timeline and, of course, your budget. If you want a successful, attractive and cost-effective solution invest some time in researching your options. Not all office furniture is created equally.

6x8 Premise Used Cubicles By Haworth - Sold in PodsCubicles are a great solution for office configuration. They have many advantages over other office configurations. First of all, they provide privacy for employees which they won’t have in an open seating plan. Cubicles also provide a sense of equality. Everyone has the same amount of space so they don’t feel that some people are favored over others. These layout plans can help employees concentrate because they reduce environmental distractions, such as office traffic and the constant interruptions that accompany open office spaces.

Cubicles can be a great way to manage your office furnishing budget. When you have individual offices for employees, the cost can be considerable. You’ll need desks, storage and many other items for an office. Cubicles combine typical office features in one smaller space. They’re cost-effective and will help you get more for your money. If you purchase cubicles through an office furniture liquidator, you can find high quality options at a reasonable price. You’re also helping the environment by re-using items that are in excellent condition.

The worst thing you can do is buy cheap, substandard cubicles. They’ll fall apart quickly and you’ll need to replace them so quickly that you’ll lose money. Low-cost cubicles look cheap and won’t help your office look professional and inviting. That’s why you should invest in a quality, reasonably priced brand of cubicles. The Haworth Premise series of cubicles provide high quality cubicles that will outfit your office in style. They are modern and well-constructed.

The basis of the Haworth Premise design is flexibility. Products are created so that they can easily be reconfigured as your office needs change. This will reduce the need to buy more items and will cut your costs over the long term. The company’s products are manufactured using recycled materials. Because they are flexible in design, you can reuse Haworth Premise cubicles over the long term, which is environmentally friendly.

Haworth Premise cubicle pods come in two different sizes to fit different workspaces and work styles. One of the advantages of smaller cubicles is that you can fit more into a smaller space. Larger cubicles allow for adequate storage and have more room for meetings. Cubicle pod size options include 8×6 and 6×6 so you can choose what makes sense for your company’s space.

10.5x7 Premise Used Work Stations By Haworth, Sold as a Row of 3You can choose between Haworth Premise pod or row style cubicles. The pods are available in sets of four. Each pod includes a tower, a pedestal, a laminated work space and an overhead. The pods are powered. The available colors include tan and putty. Cubicle rows are offered in rows of two and are available in tan and putty colors. They include a tower, pedestal and laminated work space.  

Sometimes, you need to stand alone cubicles for certain purposes. Haworth Premise stand alone cubicles are available in the size 8×12 and the color gray. This type of cubicle offers a great deal of versatility. The desk is in a U shape and includes space for guest chairs which makes the area perfect for small meetings. Stand alone and cubicles are often used for supervisors and managers. They can be placed in a more private area than pod or row style cubicles. This allows for minimal distractions, confidentiality and small group discussions.

Stand alone cubicles include several features. There is a hanging storage bin which allows employees to store information securely. Hanging storage also prevents desk clutter. The area is attractive and includes upholstered panels, two pedestals and laminated desktop. The cubicle is also powered.

If you purchase Haworth Premise products through National Office Liquidators (, you’ll find high quality used items at significantly reduced prices. The company offers a 10 year warranty on the items that they sell. Nationwide shipping is also available. This makes shopping cost-effective and convenient.

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How to Design a Quiet Space

There is a lot of focus on collaboration in the office because it’s so important for getting certain types of work done. It’s true that teams need to meet to complete many different types of projects. The need for office collaboration space is real. Many companies have spent a lot of time creating open spaces in the workplace to foster team work and reduce isolation. However, employees need areas to do their work.

Quiet and private spaces are just as vital as collaboration areas in offices. People need time and space to think and focus on their work and projects. They need an area to focus on their work so they can complete it thoroughly and accurately. Many people also feel drained after a certain amount of interaction with team members. They need a quiet place to recharge their batteries so that they can get their work done. Studies have shown that not only do interruptions and noise make it difficult to concentrate; they can actually increase employee stress levels. Workers know their productivity levels are dropping and they begin to worry about keeping up with their work deadlines.

Herman Miller Swoop Used Ottoman, MagentaThe key to a productive workplace is building appropriate balance between group spaces and individual working areas. Both need to be present so that the office can be as productive as possible. Open space areas are still important so that people can collaborate. However, there need to be private areas as well. There also need to be spaces that teams can meet privately and work quietly without distractions. Spaces for personal conversations also need to be available.

Some research studies have shown that workers feel they have to work away from their main workspace to get any work accomplished. This often means working away from the office. This is often because there is no space for anyone, especially introverted people, to avoid the distractions and interruptions that are so constant in the modern workplace. This doesn’t have to be the case. There are ways to design a modern office that has the feel of a modern, open office while still providing the quiet spaces that workers need to think and produce. You’ll also be able to include space for all employees to conduct private meetings, conversations and phone calls.

Cubicle spaces can play an important part in providing employees with private working spaces. Cubicles can be designed in many different ways. Some cubicle configurations indicate privacy more than others. To increase privacy, consider adding more paneling instead of glass and building the cubicles in a different area from the open spaces of the office. This separation from open areas indicates that the cubicles are meant as private areas as opposed to group spaces. It’s important to keep working spaces away from doors and reception areas. If there is no one at a reception desk or nearby, visitors will automatically wander to the nearest cubicle for help. Constant inspiration will make it difficult for workers to concentrate. Paneling around the area outside of the cubicles can indicate the area is reserved for private work space.

8x6 Knoll Morrison Used Cubicle, GrayTaller cubicles are also good options for private work spaces. The higher walls help block out noise and indicate a private area to the people in the area. You can also purchase cubicle workstations for individuals or two people that provide private space for getting computer or desk work completed. Cubicles don’t work for every privacy issue. They can’t provide shield personal or confidential conversations. Sometimes, complete privacy is necessary. Often, managers or employees need to make phone calls individually or in groups that can’t be overheard. In these cases, companies can provide small rooms with doors that shut and lock. Rooms can be reserved if necessary. People can use the rooms to place calls without anyone overhearing what they are saying so that sensitive information won’t be overheard.

Sealed conferences rooms and offices should also be available for quiet work and private conversations. Some meetings involve sensitive, private information. Other times, both small and large meeting groups need to be free from interruptions. There have to be private spaces so that these groups can do the work they need to do in peace and quiet.

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My Cubicle Makeover

You can tell a lot about a person by their office. The design of your office should be a direct reflection of your personality. It’s also many peoples first impression of you. Do you want to be perceived as strong and sophisticated or are you coming across as simple and sloppy? If you have ever heard of the saying dress for the job you want the same should be said about the presentation of your workspace.

When I first started my position I was very excited about the design options that lay before me. I have this beautiful custom Knoll cubicle with a sliding glass door and metal polka dot base. Because I have a glass wall and am essentially visible to all, I knew that what I put in my cubicle was not only a direct reflection of myself but also of the company. I wanted to showcase the fact that cubicles don’t have to be boring but I knew I needed to choose some bold items.

First thing I changed in my cubicle was the neutral desk that was a shade of beige. I knew that wood didn’t really go with the style I was looking for so I swapped it out for a custom metal polka dot desk to match the outside base. The metal look is clean cut and sleek while the polka dots added some texture and uniqueness.

Storage is a must have. While you want your desk to look comfortable and cozy you don’t want to come off as messy and unorganized. Adding in vertical files under the desk is a great way to save yourself some space. Typically these items are no frill items however now you can get them with a custom padded top with fabric to not only add to your design but to also put out as an extra seat if need be.

Next I needed a bucket chair and I needed to add some color so I decided to make this item my pop of color. I hit the warehouse looking for the item I desired but I didn’t quite find anything that was exactly what I had in mind so I decided to get one reupholstered. I chose a comfortable chair that had great shape and clean lines. I reupholstered it with smooth red leather. It was bold and colorful as well as the company color. Not to mention a strong use of red in design also symbolizes things such as energy, power, leadership, courage, and joy.

Before and After Side Chairs

Now that I had chosen the main items that I wanted to reflect the company it was now time to choose my personal knickknacks that showed my personality and made me feel creative and productive in the workplace. Two must haves in personal items for me are a framed picture of loved ones and a plant or flower to help reduce stress. To add to my style I threw in some vintage inspired items such as a white teacup for pencils and a glass bird. For my finishing touch I add artwork to add more color as well as inspiration.

My Cubicle Makeover

I hope that my cubicle makeover inspires you to make a few changes of your own. Here are some closing things to remember: Design matters and customization doesn’t need to break the bank ask us about our reupholstering and custom desk top options.

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Setting up a Professional and Organized Office with File Cabinets

Why is having an organized and professional office important? There are a variety of reasons. First, the organization of your office makes an impression on clients and other visitors to your office. A cluttered office gives the appearance of a lack of control. If papers are strewn throughout the office, you and your employees may have difficulty finding what you need when you need it. This wastes time and effort. Confidentiality is also an issue. Some papers contain sensitive financial, legal and personal information. They should be stored safely and securely so that confidentiality is ensured.

FireKing Used Legal Vertical File Cabinet, BlackA file cabinet is fundamental to your office’s organization. You need to set up a functional and easy-to-use filing cabinet system so that everyone will be inclined to use it. If you throw together a filing system haphazardly, it may not fit your employee’s needs and they’ll abandon it, which leads to the disorganization and clutter you were trying to avoid in the first place.

The amount of filing cabinet space you need will vary based on your business. A filing cabinet system can be a significant investment, which is why buying gentle used cabinets is a great idea. It’s important that you approach this investment wisely. Don’t invest in cheaply-made cabinets. They often buckle over time and the drawers become difficult to open. This will discourage employees from using the file cabinet.

File cabinets come in many different shapes and sizes. Don’t jump to the first one that catches your eye or has the right price tag. Instead, think seriously about your needs. Your employees may have valuable input about their needs as well. Many offices have multiple storage needs. Some files need to be stored centrally so that all employees can access them. In this case, large filing cabinets are appropriate. Other papers including confidential information and should be kept out of the main part of the office.

There are many different types of filing cabinets including the traditional vertical filing cabinet, lateral cabinets, lockers, wood files and pedestal filing cabinets. These can differ greatly in style and function and it’s important to consider your investment carefully ahead of time.

Used Box File Mobile Pedestal, White with Gray CushionA pedestal file cabinet is on wheels so that it can be easily moved in and out of an area. These cabinets are perfect when you need to occasionally move cabinets from one area to another. A pedestal file cabinet can be wheeled under a cubicle desk or table to create space when it’s not needed. This makes it a great option for a smaller workspace. You can find pedestal file cabinets with one, two or three drawers. These choices will help you find the tool that works best for you.

You may find that a lateral file cabinet is appropriate for your office needs. These cabinets allow users to store files side by side so that they can put a large number of files in once place. Many people find these extremely helpful in terms of organizing a significant amount of information. Some users don’t prefer these styles because they have to look at the filing cabinet from the side rather than the front to find information. However, people who need a large amount of information stored nearby often prefer a lateral file cabinet.

Quill Used 2 Drawer 45 Inch Fire File, BlackFire safety is an important consideration when it comes to picking out a filing cabinet. Do you store papers that would be difficult or impossible to replace? Many offices have lost important documents during fires and managers have regretted the decision not to invest in fire-proof cabinets. The best fire safety file cabinets have strong locks that are difficult or impossible to breach. You can use these files to store tax information, legal documents, contracts, human resources paperwork and other confidential files. You can be confident that in the event of an emergency, your most important documents will be protected.

You don’t have to purchase the most expensive office products to get the file cabinet space that you need. You can find discounted furniture from well-known brands like Steelcase, Hon or Herman Miller from furniture liquidators like National Office Liquidators. We also offer refurbished products that look new and function perfectly. This will lessen your up-front investment while still allowing you to purchase high quality furnishings for your office.

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How to Choose the Right Office Chair for Your Workspace

Ever since I moved into my new apartment I have been struggling with my workspace. I live in a small (650sq ft.) 1-bedroom apartment, which doesn’t leave much space for anything, especially an office. However, as someone who occasionally works from home it was something I needed to figure out.

The biggest obstacle was my chair. It’s a great chair however not the right fit for my space or for me. First of all it was too large! I had a hard time squeezing past it to get to other parts of the room, not to mention it was not the easiest object to maneuver. I felt like I was in a constant battle with my office chair. I couldn’t get comfortable in it and my arm always slipped off the arm pieces uncontrollably. I said enough is enough and I went looking for a new chair

Steelcase Leap V2 Plus Used Task Chair, Taupe Line PatternNow as someone who works for a company that sells office furniture you can imagine I didn’t have to look far. But what did I want out of a new office chair? I knew I definitely needed something smaller for a start that was easy to maneuver around the tight space of my room. I wanted arms that wouldn’t slip easily and leave me flat on my face. I also didn’t want to be swallowed whole by some the larger more cumbersome task chairs. I needed something that fit my frame.

So I hit the warehouse. Who knew there were so many different kinds of task chairs? I sat in a few, swiveled around and played with all the adjustments: back support, adjustable arms, seat angle, seat depth, recline, and tilt tension the list goes on… Still unsure I went back to my desk.

I took a good long look at the chair I was sitting in at my cubicle and pondered its performance. I had never felt the same discomfort in that chair as I did in my home office one. I loved how I could customize the features to fit me just like you set your custom chair features in your car. This chair had molded to my every need and I never noticed but perhaps that’s the point. I was able to get my work done without any thought to being uncomfortable.

I thought about it on my journey back home; did I really want a plain black task chair or does my inner fashionista need something bold and colorful? But then I realized. Wouldn’t I be back at square one if I chose a chair purely on if it was feminine enough for me? The point is to be comfortable while seated all day. Plus, I decided I needed something gender neutral to keep both me and my other half happy.

So at the end of the day here I am, swiveling around in my Steelcase Leap V2 task chair, comfortably working without a second thought to whether or not I chose the right chair. Oh, and I later found out that my manager said we recover furniture, so if I wanted to engage my inner fashionista I could maybe this chair will be purple, I haven’t decided yet. Now, all I need to do is find the perfect desk to fit in my shoebox of an apartment.