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Herman Miller My Studio Cubes

The cubicle or cube has long either been revered or scorned, and there doesn’t seem to be an in between. Maybe it’s all the movies of drudgery being done in office cubicles that causes the scorn. After all the old style cubicles have become their own matrix world.

The Stereotype

The stereotype for the old cubicle is that everyone is like a mouse on a wheel. Or that everyone works like drones stamping widgets. It speaks to not being comfortable and having four white walls with the view of feet sticking out on all sides.

Herman Miller My Studio 8x8 - V DeskSure, the boss in the old movies in the above scenario gets an office and feels at home. The boss is comfortable. The office of the one in charge is big enough to have lunch brought into it. The employees eat tuna or cheese sandwiches on cramped desks that don’t even have room for a real plant.

But there is a modern, cozy, eloquent design which will be explained later that breaks this mold and stereotype. It gives the employee comfort, functionality and a classy home-style feel for his or her workspace.

Now cubicles were designed to give the employee privacy to work at the job with fewer interruptions. Cubicles in actuality can be personalized too by adding photos, material fabrics on the walls, curtains and anything else to make them more comfortable too and less sterile. Also, cubicles can be formed into pods of various numbers. The stereotype given above really never all that true for a long time. Cubicles in modern offices aren’t tin cans anymore.

Maximizing Space

So, cubicles will fit more employees into less space which is helpful if an office which isn’t an overly large one. The company then can have the staff that is needed to do the assignments given to it to help customers and not pay the rent for a bigger space.

Another option instead of cubicles is the open space concept. This is where all the workers are side by side in rows. The problem with this concept is that there is a lot of noise and intermingling of workers. Distractions can abound. Some people wear earbuds and play music to drown out the noise and confusion though. Imagine looking across from someone all day long or sitting within elbow reach of another person though? Some office workers aren’t happy with this type of workspace either. It can feel like a cafeteria setting if done in the wrong way.

Herman Miller My Studio 8x8 - Pods of 10Then there’s the combination of both for the workspace; using both the cubicle for people who need their privacy to work and open space for people who like to work in the open space concept. You even have cubicles just used for brainstorming often, or the breakroom The problem though can be that the brainstorming room becomes the timeout room for just plain old goofing off. Anyway, It can be difficult sometimes to make a work area where everyone is happy about everything.

But if you do go with cubicles using the concept of the cubicle only, or the combination of the cubicle and open space work environment, there is a cubicle that is designed to be functional and cozy. This is the My Studio Environments by Henry Miller. It takes the matrix out of the cubicle, and it’s eloquent too.

Cubicles with Privacy

TheMy Studio Environments by Herman Miller are cubicles which are comfortable then. They have a V Desk work surface and a bullet top workstation. Their sliding glass doors are frosted and the cubicle’s glass panels are frosted for privacy. There’s a whiteboard for note taking. The color is tan with maple tops, and the dimensions are Spine 8′ x Wing 8′ x Spine height 54″ x Wing height 65. ″

The thing about these cubicles is that they give the feeling of working in a private office. They look both modern and eloquent. Throw in the family pictures and designs on the wall, and everything fits into place. Not just because of the added things the employee brings but because the whole design is eloquent, and the personalized touch is the bonus.

With the purchase of a Herman Miller My Studio Cube, employees will work better and have a peaceful environment.