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How to Incorporate Vintage Furniture into Your Office Décor

When you’re thinking about incorporating vintage furniture into your office décor, it takes balance and harmony. With balance and harmony, you can create an office which is both welcoming and comfortable.

But, this doesn’t mean that you have to split the furniture 50/50 down the middle with fifty percent of contemporary furniture and fifty percent vintage furniture. If you do this, then your office will look like a mishmash of poorly designed furniture. You need to pick a style which is dominant and then mix the second style into it with decorative accessories; or smaller pieces.

Another point is not to clutter up your office with senseless accessories. If you want your vintage pieces to show up, don’t cover them then with picture frames or other needless cluttering items. Most of the time when decorating, accessories are grouped in threes too. So, you a chair, an end table and desk that match. But with incorporating mixed pieces, you count each piece as one and then find decorative accessories to tie the three pieces together with the whole office.

Incorporating vintage pieces into your office

Knoll Exeter by Davis Allen Used Vintage Wood Side Chair, Stained OakOne way to incorporate a vintage piece is to have it updated. You could change the upholstery, give it a new coat of paint or change the color of the stain. If you have vintage accessories, you can update the look with a unique modern pattern then and unconventional bright colors.  Or, you could let a professional designer combine the two styles in the office and fuse them into one the new look.

Below are some vintage chair suggestions for your office then to start you along:

Knoll Exeter by Davis Allen Used Vintage Wood Side Chair, Stained Oak

This chair is known as the birdcage design and was designed by Davis Allen for Knoll in 1983. It’s a mid-century style modern chair with a padded upholstered seat. It has ample proportions and a gently curved back which is as appealing to the eye as it is comfortable to sit in. The color is a tan design fabric with a brown stained oak frame. The dimensions are 21.75″ wide x 24″ deep x 32 tall, and the seat is 18.5″ wide x 18.5″ deep. This Knoll Exeter chair is a piece of art!

Arcadia Used Leather Side Chair, Black

This is an Arcadia Used Leather Side Chair with a cherry wood frame and upholstered leather with a back-stitching detail. It’s an excellent addition to your office.

Bernhardt Eaton Square Used Wooden Arm Chair

This Bernhardt Eaton Square wooden armchair will bring a touch of vintage to your office. The chair is mahogany with a wood frame, and wood cutout patterned back in the traditional style. It has an upholstered seat that is multi-colored.

Fairfield Chairs Reupholstered Used Caster Wheel Accent Lounge

Fairfield Chairs Reupholstered Used Caster Wheel Accent LoungeThis lovely piece is a black recycled leather lounge chair with seated mobility. It is not only comfortable, as well as stylish, but this upholstered chair will create a furniture focal point in your reception area. The accent chair is of a traditional flowing design with comfortable wrap-around arms. The smooth wood legs have caster wheels on the bottom to move easily from one room to another. This exploratory piece has both style and convenience and will be a wonderful accent to your reception or office areas.

Traditional Maple Side Chair

The Traditional Maple Side Chair has a cut out patterned top and an upholstered seat and back. The wood frame is maple as well as the arms too. The seat has a royal blue pattern. This chair will look lovely in your reception room or office as an accent piece. The Dimensions are a seat depth of 20″ with a width 22″, the seat height 19″ and the back height is 32″.

No matter which lovely chair you choose for your office, it will be sure to give it that vintage look when designed into the office and when set in the right place to bring about a classy look.