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How to Move Your Office Successfully

When moving your office, there is more to a successful move than just throwing stuff in boxes. It’s a large task to move an office. Planning and coordinating the move is the key. So below are some suggestions on how to better accomplish this task.

Planning the move

Floorplan line drawingFirst of all, you will need to create a viable timeline that will cover all the areas and stages of your move. If you have a small office, ideally then you’ll need about three months of preparation. For a medium to large office, you’ll need about six to eight months of preparation. You’ll need to have meetings with your employees involved in the move to make sure everything will go smoothly. You need to start organizing as soon as possible.

Next, you’ll need to have the layout and other information on the place where you’re moving. If you can get the layout or the blueprint of the space, then you’ll be able to identify where the doors, windows, outlets and storage areas are located for office furniture space planning. This will allow you to figure out where everything is going to go and if you need to identify any issues such as needing more space for the reception area or meeting rooms; for example. This way if there are any problems with the new space, you can hire carpenters or painters to enlarge spaces which need to be opened; or to paint walls.

Have regular meetings

Schedule meetings with your moving team from each section of your business. A department manager from each area can be assigned to be sure each employee packs up files, personal items and anything of that nature. Have regular meetings to keep abreast on how things are moving along. This way if there are questions or details which need to be resolved, it can be better done. Keep everyone informed of the progress being made to limit stress, worries or concerns.

Figure out a budget

Office MoveIf you have a budget you’re working with; you need to figure out what the movers will cost before the first piece of packing tape is ripped off and applied to boxes. When you are searching for a mover, find one that specializes in moving offices also.

So, after you research and find movers that you like, ask them the questions that you need to have answered by them. For example, asking representatives of the company moving the office to come and access what your move is going to cost. You should get several different quotes from companies and compare prices and service guarantees. Be sure to ask about insurance coverage on your belongings. You also want to see proof of the moving company’s comp and liability insurance. This way you’re covered if something happens to your belongings or to one of the moving men.

Get rid of items not needed or that you’re going to replace

This is the time to get rid of worn furniture or desks, copiers, printers; even office supplies which won’t be needed. If you don’t need them or you’re going to replace them, why pay to have them moved and then thrown away? This way you can order new or refurbished furniture and have it delivered directly to your new place of business.

Make a contact list of your clients

When you move, let your clients and customers know. Make a list of everyone that is a customer, client, supplier, and representative to do this the best way. This will require assigning someone to do this task so that no one is overlooked. It’s essential your customers, clients, suppliers, and representatives don’t go elsewhere during your move. Let them know how your business will operate during the move and how you will handle all incoming and outgoing business.

Also, let them know how the move will improve service. People like stability so turn the move into something positive.

When you bill clients, remind them to update their contact information so any payments sent to you will be sent to the new address. Change the address on your business website and anywhere that you advertise.

Before you know it, moving day will be here. Planning will make things run smoothly. Soon your new place of business will be up and running.