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How to Move Your Office Successfully

When moving your office, there is more to a successful move than just throwing stuff in boxes. It’s a large task to move an office. Planning and coordinating the move is the key. So below are some suggestions on how to better accomplish this task.

Planning the move

Floorplan line drawingFirst of all, you will need to create a viable timeline that will cover all the areas and stages of your move. If you have a small office, ideally then you’ll need about three months of preparation. For a medium to large office, you’ll need about six to eight months of preparation. You’ll need to have meetings with your employees involved in the move to make sure everything will go smoothly. You need to start organizing as soon as possible.

Next, you’ll need to have the layout and other information on the place where you’re moving. If you can get the layout or the blueprint of the space, then you’ll be able to identify where the doors, windows, outlets and storage areas are located for office furniture space planning. This will allow you to figure out where everything is going to go and if you need to identify any issues such as needing more space for the reception area or meeting rooms; for example. This way if there are any problems with the new space, you can hire carpenters or painters to enlarge spaces which need to be opened; or to paint walls.

Have regular meetings

Schedule meetings with your moving team from each section of your business. A department manager from each area can be assigned to be sure each employee packs up files, personal items and anything of that nature. Have regular meetings to keep abreast on how things are moving along. This way if there are questions or details which need to be resolved, it can be better done. Keep everyone informed of the progress being made to limit stress, worries or concerns.

Figure out a budget

Office MoveIf you have a budget you’re working with; you need to figure out what the movers will cost before the first piece of packing tape is ripped off and applied to boxes. When you are searching for a mover, find one that specializes in moving offices also.

So, after you research and find movers that you like, ask them the questions that you need to have answered by them. For example, asking representatives of the company moving the office to come and access what your move is going to cost. You should get several different quotes from companies and compare prices and service guarantees. Be sure to ask about insurance coverage on your belongings. You also want to see proof of the moving company’s comp and liability insurance. This way you’re covered if something happens to your belongings or to one of the moving men.

Get rid of items not needed or that you’re going to replace

This is the time to get rid of worn furniture or desks, copiers, printers; even office supplies which won’t be needed. If you don’t need them or you’re going to replace them, why pay to have them moved and then thrown away? This way you can order new or refurbished furniture and have it delivered directly to your new place of business.

Make a contact list of your clients

When you move, let your clients and customers know. Make a list of everyone that is a customer, client, supplier, and representative to do this the best way. This will require assigning someone to do this task so that no one is overlooked. It’s essential your customers, clients, suppliers, and representatives don’t go elsewhere during your move. Let them know how your business will operate during the move and how you will handle all incoming and outgoing business.

Also, let them know how the move will improve service. People like stability so turn the move into something positive.

When you bill clients, remind them to update their contact information so any payments sent to you will be sent to the new address. Change the address on your business website and anywhere that you advertise.

Before you know it, moving day will be here. Planning will make things run smoothly. Soon your new place of business will be up and running.


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Strategies for Designing a Multi-Generational Work Environment

If you have a business, you most likely have a multi-generational work environment among your employees. It could comprise four generations who need to work together and co-exist peacefully. These generations are:

  • Team unity photoThe Baby Boomers: These workers were born between 1946-65. This generation has stability, responsibility, and a formality about them. They also have a sense of loyalty and value quality. Because of the economic downturn, many are putting off retirement and trying to replenish savings, or waiting until retirement funds have recovered.
  • The Generation X: These workers were born between 1966-77 and are the smallest group. In this generation, usually, both parents were working which gave this generation a strong sense of self-reliance and independence. They love results and being compensated for their time.
  • Millennials, or Gen Y: These workers were born between 1978-95. They grew up in a smaller family, are close and connected to their parents. They want leadership and are open to being mentored by senior coworkers. They’re especially good at multi-tasking and are good with technology
  • Generation Z or Generation 2020: These workers were born after 1995 and saw technology as an extension of themselves. Their interpersonal skills have gaps, but they have a strong work ethic. They desire order, predictability, and structure.

As you can see, a one size fits all will not work when setting up a work environment here when these groups are co-mingled. To get these groups to work together can take some doing. Because of the differences in ages in the groups, diversity can cause discomfort, conflict, stress, and frustration. But if a work environment is provided that’s comfortable for everyone, then they can co-exist on terms that everyone likes.

What about desks and workspace?

Denmark Adjustable Height Desk with CredenzaThe Baby Boomers have been used to sitting at a conventional desk and doing their jobs. However, with the standing desk becoming popular, more of them are requesting these. Some Baby Boomers now prefer to stand rather than sit at a traditional desk because of back pain too. Also because there is more information about what harm sedentary living can cause, getting up and moving around is popular with all the generations involved in the workplace.

So standing desks are more and more opted for because employees of all ages are requesting alternative office furniture and design space to work healthier. They’re asking for adjustable height desks, aerodynamic chairs and other things to help them work better and more comfortably.

What about office design?

Traditional office design has the dark wood furniture and the executive desk on pedestals. This type of office is distinguished looking and old school. Many Baby Boomers still like this kind of office design. However, there is a new type of furniture which is designed which is sleek with bright colors. With times changing, elegant designs are replacing the traditional type of office furniture.

Everyday 36x72 Bow Front Desk Laminate Top Upgrade Only, GrayContemporary design comes in many different colors and styles also. The furniture here can embrace comfort not just in being plush, but in the sense of being designed so that productivity can be better gained. This furniture is designed to consider how the body is at rest and when moving. Since the office furniture comes in various types of materials too, it gives an employee a chance to express personal style as well as giving them better support for their bodies.

For example, conference seats are no longer the hard wooden chairs with thin cushions to sit on. The contemporary style of seating for conference tables is for furniture that is richly luxurious and comfortable.

Another thought additionally here should be given to the open office layout as a design. Boomers may not like the open space office after using cubicles for most of their careers in the beginning, but there is a way to keep everyone happy when creating an office design, however. Here, the open offices need to have places where privacy and quiet can be found. Boomers are more prone to wanting more peaceful spaces to thinkin. Boomers who still like the traditional touch can have traditional furniture mixed with contemporary pieces too to have a more updated look in the office that everyone will enjoy working in.

Keeping all the employees happy and even the owner of the company can be a delicate business.


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Different Types of Desk Styles to Choose for Your Office

When redecorating your office, deciding on a new desk to fit your style may be a little difficult. Because there are so many different styles and choices in the styles to pick from. Do you go with an impressive executive double pedestal desk or with an L-shape desk? Maybe a U-shape desk is more your style. Or if you want to interact more with your co-workers, then you can always choose a Peninsula, otherwise known a P-top or Bullet top desk; or even a partner desk.

Denmark Executive U-shape Desk with Hutch in Gray LaminateThe choices are numerous, and it helps to know a little about each one before making your selection. So, this article will review the desks so that you can get a better idea on what you might be interested in. There are also links below the article so that you can see the desks and get more information on the choices offered. But before you click on the links, below are different types of desks as well as their descriptions so that you’ll better know about the desks and their functionality:

The executive desk with double pedestals: This is a type of executive pedestal desk that has a pedestal on each side of the desk. A small platform known as a plinth is what the pedestal sits on usually. The pedestals aren’t just for looks but also have sets of drawers or small cabinets inside. The drawers are not all the same size. A small drawer may be on the top for office supplies with a larger drawer on the bottom for files.

Sometimes in the middle of the desk is a center drawer which comes in handy. This type of desk is a freestanding unit, more easily moved from one place to another place and traditionally has a leather top. The rest is made from wood.

The Executive “L”: This executive desk has two pieces. These pieces are a single pedestal main desk and the return. Both of these pieces are usually at the same height of about 29” or 30”. The return on this desk can be either on the right or left side.

The Executive “U”: This is a large desk shaped in a U. It consists of a desk, connecting bridge and a credenza. Sometimes a wall mounted overhead storage unit or a hutch will be included with the pieces

The “L” desk: This “L” desk has a single pedestal desk with only one storage pedestal and a connecting return that only has one storage pedestal.  An “L” shaped executive desk has a “left” or a “right” dealing with its description. This is for where the return is placed.

Manhattan 36x72 24x48 Bullet L-Shape Desk Right Return, Cashmere GrayThe Bullet desk: This Bullet desk is sometimes used in the place of a standard desk in an office. It’s also called a D-top desk, peninsula desk, Key-top and P-top desks.  It takes the place of the standard desk in the “L” desk configuration. The Bullet desk looks like the cross section of a bullet when looked at from above. It has a rounded end and is usually supported by a post made from metal. This type of desk is great for multiple users that are meeting at the desk.

The Partner Desk: The Partner or Partner’s Desk is a double desk. It’s two pedestal desks made as one large desk joined in the front. It’s used for two people to work facing each other.

Deciding what desk you want is more of a personal choice that anything. It is also a functional choice. So, do you want something large and impressive? Or do you want a desk which other people can sit around and go over a team project? Perhaps you like the idea of sharing a desk, sharing ideas and facing across from someone. The right desk would make it handy to pass files back and forth and check each other’s progress.

Or maybe you want lots of room to spread out, like the Executive U? So, with the right choice, you can make for your office one of comfort and functionality. Again, if you would like to see these desks, just follow the links.


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The Benefits of Budget Friendly Humanscale Chairs

There is probably nothing worse than sitting in an office chair that’s uncomfortable. It hurts your back; the arms won’t adjust and when you do stand up you can’t walk straight till the kinks work their way out. This is not only painful, but it cuts into your productivity. You can’t concentrate at work if you’re hurting too. So, this is where the Humanscale Freedom Chair comes into play.

Why Humanscale Chairs?

Humanscale Freedom Task ChairWhen you’re looking for an office chair, ergonomic support is the best way to go. Ergonomic chairs come in all sizes and shapes also such as with the Freedom Chair. They additionally have an assortment of settings so that you can choose the settings that fit your body perfectly. You can adjust the arms to the height that you’d like then as well as your seat height also. You work output will improve just because of the way that you’re comfortably sitting.

What’s different about the Freedom chair?

One of the first differences you’ll notice about the Freedom Chair is that is has less levers and knobs. Most chairs have enough knobs to become confusing, but the levers and knobs on the Freedom Chair aren’t. Because most of the chair’s movements are made automatically, there are fewer adjustments to be made manually then.

So, you can make the manual adjustments that you want to make. So, the height of the seat is adjusted by a paddle which is positioned on the underside of the chair to the right. All you need to do is to raise it to the height you wish and release the paddle to lock it in that position. Next, you’ll need to adjust your seat so that your legs are comfortable. The paddle for this is under the seat along the front edge. When you raise the paddle, you can slide your seat in and out. When you found the perfect seat depth, then you release the paddle to lock it in place.

Now onto the height adjustment. For the height adjustment, the lever is behind the chair on your right. So, when you press it, you can move the back up and down. When you’ve found the perfect spot for your back, release the lever to lock it. Additionally, the seat will pivot an inch when you recline, and the chair also has a wonderfully shaped low lumbar support.

Humanscale Freedom Task Chair with HeadrestThen there’s the arm adjustment. You wouldn’t really think that adjusting the arms on a chair would make much difference but you’d be surprised. Because where your arms are affects where your back is. So, the arms of the chair are supported from the back of the chair on the Freedom Chair. They’re on extended tubular steel supports. A great feature too is that anytime the arms aren’t going to be in use, you can lower them to seat level and they disappear. When you want them back up again, you grip the front edge of the arms and give them a little twist backwards. This causes the arms to be released and you can lift them up or down to where you want them to be. Just let go of them when you have them in the position that you want them in.

Finally, there is the optional headrest. It has two vertical supports which you use to adjust it with. Here, you reach over your shoulders, grip it on each side and pull or push it to raise it, or lower it to the level which suits you. The best part is that the rest is a curved shape. This allows you to either rest your head or your neck on it. In the recline position, the support is comfortable.

And the rest

Because of the heavy counter balanced mechanism, it does all the heavy lifting without effort which is why it needs so little in lever or knob control. The counter balance sense’s the user’s weight and automatically moves the seat and back of the chair where it should be. Also, because of the automated inbuilt controls, it will adjust to whatever your needs are.

In addition, it comes in gray, black fabric and black leather to match any office décor.

If you have an office chair which is hurting your back or is just plain uncomfortable, check out this chair.


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Lighting Up Your Office

An office which is poorly lit makes for an uncomfortable working environment. Also, many companies will have different types of lighting depending upon what type of work is done in the office. There are some common things to take into consideration when choosing what kind of lighting is needed for the office though. The different factors involved can make for a wrong lighting decision and cause lighting issues so you need to consider functionality along with style.

Below is some advice on lighting up the office:

  1. Light bulbChoose the right bulb: This is the first thing to decide about is choosing the right light bulb. Bulbs are measured for intensity and color according to the Kelvin scale. So the balance of the light provided by bulbs with these considerations is important then so that lights in an office create the same color temperature throughout the office. Also, the wrong light bulbs can create a work environment which is boring because they can make an office almost mechanical in appearance. A 6500K florescent bulb is the best lighting and a low intensity light on the desk will improve the clarity of work.
  2. Use task lighting with overhead lighting: Task lighting bulbs which have a low glare are good because of health considerations. Because using strong overhead fluorescent lighting can be the cause health issues dealing with hyperactivity and sleep problems. Gooseneck lamps are the best source of light for a desk then because these task lights can be directed where they’re needed.
  3. Choose the right size of bulb: The size of your office will determine the size of the light bulbs that you need because bigger bulbs will have more watts. If you have a small office, then you’ll buy small bulbs. If you have a large office, then you’ll need large bulbs. So how big your office is will decide the intensity of the bulbs that you will need to use. Considering how big your office then is an important part of deciding what is the appropriate lighting needed.
  4. The use of indirect lighting: Direct lighting can cause eye strain as well as severe headaches. Side lamps can help with this problem at a computer desk. If you have both types of lighting, the overhead lights can be turned off and just the side lamps used. Be sure to distribute the lights evenly around the office so it reaches all the corners or you’ll have a scary sci-fi effect.
  5. open pantone sample colors catalogueChoosing neutral colors: The colors you paint your walls can have an effect on your lighting. Don’t choose bright or dark colors, stay with neutral. Colors which are neutral reflect less light and work well with modern office lighting.
  6. Using natural light: Natural lighting comes with health benefits as well. It plays an important role when choosing the lighting for your office. If you want to mix natural lighting with artificial lighting then, be sure to purchase low-wattage task lights too which are warm colored to enhance workspace clarity. If your office doesn’t have access to natural light, then purchasing bulbs which mimic natural light is a good idea.
  7. User control: It’s important for each person to have control of a light source. Each individual will have different lighting needs. Additionally, employees may need different types of lights throughout the workday. This is especially true if they have multifaceted workloads that they are keeping up with. By providing different light sources though, then the users have control and they’ll be able to choose which lighting source that they would like to use.
  8. The age of the employee: if you have employees over the age of 50, the requirements for light is double of that of 25-year-olds. So, keeping this in mind before making any major purchases will save you money in the long run from lower productivity from inappropriate lighting. Ask your employees how the current task lighting is working for them too and what you could do to improve the lighting situation. This will help you to make the right decisions when making your task lighting purchase.

The lighting in your office can make a difference in your office production.


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Create a Space for Guests in Your Office

Do you have frequent guests in your office? If so, it’s important that you create a comfortable, inviting space for your guests in the office, whether they are from within the company or visitors from outside. Guests need to feel welcome no matter the reason for their visit. There are things you can do to make them feel welcome including setting up your office the right way and purchasing certain types of furniture.

Marina by goSIT Modern Fabric Couch, GrayIf guests need to wait for appointments, make sure there is a comfortable area for them to rest while they are waiting. Place an adequate number of lounge chairs in the reception area. You should calculate the maximum number of visitors you could possibly have in your office at any time when you purchase chairs. Be sure to have other items to make your guests comfortable. These include tables, magazines and coat racks. Some companies have restrooms in the reception area to allow guests to freshen up. You could also offer refreshments such as coffee, tea and water for people who are waiting. If your company has a receptionist, he or she should let guests know that restrooms are available and offer refreshments. The receptionist should also let guests know that you have been notified of their arrival and will meet with them as soon as possible.

If the guest is from inside the company, you should have chairs outside of your working space for the person to wait, if necessary. No one should have to stand while they are waiting to meet with you. Give the person the opportunity to feel comfortable while you are waiting. Anytime you have a visitor, whether from inside or outside, do your best to meet with the person on time. Even though you have other obligations, it sends a bad message if you intentionally make the person wait. It’s bad etiquette, even if you outrank the person within the company. Never abuse your power by intentionally delaying a meeting.

It’s especially important that guests feel comfortable in your office as this is where they are likely to spend their time during their visit. Typically, you will meet with someone so that you can work together on a project or issue. You may need to spend time collaborating so that you can both accomplish goals together. In these situations, it’s important that you have an adequate working space.

Jersey Factory Clearance Left Return P Top U Shape Desk, MahoganyWhen you want to collaborate with a few people, a p-top desk configuration may be the best choice for you. This type of desk has an area for you to sit down and do work on your own. It also has a built-in meeting table that will accommodate a few guests. You can sit at this type of desk with your visitors and work on a project together around the table. Purchase nice chairs to go along with your desk. Make sure you have an adequate number of chairs to fit around the visitor section of the desk. The chairs should be in good shape and comfortable so that guests feel welcome.

If you have a larger working space, you may opt for a separate conference table to work on your projects. This is especially appropriate when you don’t need to use technology during the project. The conference table will put everyone on equal footing since people are not meeting at your desk. Again, it’s important that you have adequate, comfortable seating for everyone. It’s a good idea to have one more chair than you think you need just in case of an extra visitor.

There are times when people will meet with you in front of your desk. It’s important that when they sit in front of your desk, they don’t feel uncomfortable or intimidated. The best way to handle this is to ensure that they have comfortable chairs that are well-made and in good condition. The chairs should come up to the height of your desk instead of sitting low. When the chairs are low, they can make the other person feel diminished. Don’t use chairs to intimidate people. Instead, make sure that they are raised to the same height as your chair so that your visitors feel appreciated and respected.

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How to Design a Sleek and Modern Workspace

Do you want to upgrade your office to make it look as modern as possible? Do you want a sleek, neat look that will send the message that your company is current and up-to-date? It’s possible to achieve this look if you select the right furnishings and accessories. You have to ensure that all parts of your office fit in with the look you want to achieve. You can’t combine older pieces with modern items and hope to attain a modern look. Consistent style is a must.

Modern Office CredenzaMost modern office pieces share some similar design concepts. They are typically black, white, glass or feature certain types of wood. Chairs are often made of mesh or have unusual cushion colors. The design is minimalistic style. The overall style is simple and uncluttered. Furniture has few accents or decorations and is generally unadorned. This makes it easy to blend modern pieces together. Keep in mind, though, that modern and other furniture styles tend to clash.

You can purchase modern furniture pieces for all your office needs. When it comes to storage, there are modern shelved bookcases that are built into desks or are separate. Other storage items include cabinets, mobile pedestals, storage credenzas and wall unit storage. Modern versions of these pieces have a sleek, clean look that will give your office a modern look.

Your desk does not have to be traditionally-styled to be functional. There are a variety of modern-styled desks that can meet your needs both work-wise and stylistically. Options include traditional configurations like L-shaped, manager desks and desk stations. These desks can be highlighted by other modern options like chairs, visitor chairs, meeting tables, credenzas, bookcases, lamps and side tables.

The reception area of your office gives your visitors their first impression of your company. That’s why it’s important that you take special care to send the right message using this area of the office. You can find many modern pieces for reception areas such as lounge chairs, used cinema chairs and leather reception chairs. The receptionist seat could be a stylish stool or modern chair. Glass coffee tables and modern lamps and side tables should complement the chairs you select. Take the time to pick out appropriate artwork and rugs for your reception area. They should match the style of your furniture. Pick out the small details carefully, including pen holders, lamps, phones, plants, door handles and other features. They should either complement the other parts of the office or be neutral enough that they won’t be noticed.

Your company’s conference room is another important room when it comes to visitors. They are likely to spend most of their time in the conference room so it’s important that projects the right style. You can purchase modern conference tables and chairs that will look attractive and complement the rest of the office. Be sure that the chairs are comfortable as well as modern since meetings can last for a long time.

Clarus Go! Mobile Used 40x73 Glass White Board, BlueThere are other details you can use in a conference room or training room to create a modern atmosphere. Did you know you can purchase glass marker boards? These look extremely modern. You can find them in unusual shapes. Some even appear to hover off of the wall which enhances the unusual effect. Whiteboards are available in a variety of styles. Some even have the capability to print the text and drawings that you have written so that you can save the information.

If you have a training facility in your office, you can find modern items to supply the room. First, you can purchase stylish, stackable conference chairs. These are useful since you may be addressing various- sized groups at any one time. Nesting training tables are also popular for the same reasons. The tables are simple to store in small places. You can pull out as many or as few as you want at any time. Some nesting tables also have the advantage of being mobile so that you can move them easily at any time. This will give you the ability to move tables around the room or to other rooms when necessary. Nesting tables are made in modern styles that will fit in with the office decor you have selected.

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How to Hide Your Office Clutter

Managing office clutter can be very challenging for many people. Their jobs may involve a great deal of paperwork and documents which can create a mess if there is not an appropriate document management process in place. Books, binders, client files, promotional materials and correspondence can quickly accumulate and make the area appear messy.

In some cases, people can clean off their desk and throw away or forward documents that should go to another employee. However, some workers need to have a large amount of material on hand to do their jobs effectively. Unfortunately, if this creates a mess, it can create a negative impression on clients and other employees. A messy desk implies carelessness and disorganization. It also slows people down. If the area is cluttered, it takes more time to find the right materials quickly.

Often, desk and office clutter occurs when employees do not have the right office furniture. A desk typically has a limited amount of storage space and cannot store large amounts of materials. There are many office furniture options for helping employees stay organized.

Herman Miller Used 2 Drawer 36 Inch Lateral File, WhiteLateral file cabinets are great pieces of office furniture that can help you manage clutter. The files face the side instead of forward. Often, these types of file cabinets can provide you with more storage space than traditional file cabinets. You can use some of the space for file storage and the rest of the space for a variety of materials. This kind of office furniture can accommodate items in a variety of shapes and sizes. Many people use lateral file cabinets to store binders, books, manuals and promotional materials. Lateral file cabinets usually have rods that can be adapted to hang letter-sized or legal-sized file folders.

Bookcases are another way to help manage clutter for some employees. For example, some workers need quick access to books, journals, manuals and reference materials. Books take up a lot of space in desks or other small office furniture items. Books look messy when they are stacked on desks and often fall over and create another mess. A bookshelf is designed to hold these materials neatly. The worker can organize the books in a logical style for their needs including alphabetical, chronological or another style.

Herman Miller Canvas Used 30 Inch Storage Cabinet with Cushion Top, Metallic SilverStorage cabinets are another type of office furniture that can help office workers manage clutter. These cabinets have upper cabinets with doors. They have adjustable shelves that can be used to store technology, books and promotional materials. The bottoms of the cabinets include lateral file storage drawers. Typically, the cabinet has two or three drawers. This kind of office furniture is multi-functional to help employees organize a wide variety of items. Storage cabinets are available in a variety of wood colors and grains. They can be an attractive addition to any style of office. Another advantage of storage cabinets is that the upper doors can be closed to hide clutter.

There are office furniture products that help manage the clutter that results from technology. Often, computers, printers, scanners and phones create a tangled mess of cords that appears unattractive. In some cases, office furniture items like cabinets can hide some technology items, especially those that aren’t used often. Some desks feature space for printers and computer accessories so that they are readily accessible to the office employee but aren’t visible others.

Merlot U Shape Desk, MahoganyDesks come in a wide variety of styles that can help workers manage clutter, depending on the type of work they are doing. Desk styles include single pedestal, double pedestal, L shaped desks and corner desks. L shaped desks and corner desks often feature computer corners that accommodate computers and accessories neatly and comfortably. Some desks feature computer hutches or storage hutches. These types of office furniture can greatly simplify organization. Some hutches are created to accommodate computers and feature drawers or cabinets above the computer space. Other hutches are created exclusively for storage and organization.

Controlling clutter is an issue throughout the office. You’ll need to examine the reception room, common areas and conference rooms to ensure that you have a clutter management system. Often, the same types of office furniture that you use to organize individual offices or cubicles can be used in common areas. These include filing cabinets, bookshelves and cabinets. It’s important to examine these items because they make an impression on clients and visitors.

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Setting up a Professional and Organized Office with File Cabinets

Why is having an organized and professional office important? There are a variety of reasons. First, the organization of your office makes an impression on clients and other visitors to your office. A cluttered office gives the appearance of a lack of control. If papers are strewn throughout the office, you and your employees may have difficulty finding what you need when you need it. This wastes time and effort. Confidentiality is also an issue. Some papers contain sensitive financial, legal and personal information. They should be stored safely and securely so that confidentiality is ensured.

FireKing Used Legal Vertical File Cabinet, BlackA file cabinet is fundamental to your office’s organization. You need to set up a functional and easy-to-use filing cabinet system so that everyone will be inclined to use it. If you throw together a filing system haphazardly, it may not fit your employee’s needs and they’ll abandon it, which leads to the disorganization and clutter you were trying to avoid in the first place.

The amount of filing cabinet space you need will vary based on your business. A filing cabinet system can be a significant investment, which is why buying gentle used cabinets is a great idea. It’s important that you approach this investment wisely. Don’t invest in cheaply-made cabinets. They often buckle over time and the drawers become difficult to open. This will discourage employees from using the file cabinet.

File cabinets come in many different shapes and sizes. Don’t jump to the first one that catches your eye or has the right price tag. Instead, think seriously about your needs. Your employees may have valuable input about their needs as well. Many offices have multiple storage needs. Some files need to be stored centrally so that all employees can access them. In this case, large filing cabinets are appropriate. Other papers including confidential information and should be kept out of the main part of the office.

There are many different types of filing cabinets including the traditional vertical filing cabinet, lateral cabinets, lockers, wood files and pedestal filing cabinets. These can differ greatly in style and function and it’s important to consider your investment carefully ahead of time.

Used Box File Mobile Pedestal, White with Gray CushionA pedestal file cabinet is on wheels so that it can be easily moved in and out of an area. These cabinets are perfect when you need to occasionally move cabinets from one area to another. A pedestal file cabinet can be wheeled under a cubicle desk or table to create space when it’s not needed. This makes it a great option for a smaller workspace. You can find pedestal file cabinets with one, two or three drawers. These choices will help you find the tool that works best for you.

You may find that a lateral file cabinet is appropriate for your office needs. These cabinets allow users to store files side by side so that they can put a large number of files in once place. Many people find these extremely helpful in terms of organizing a significant amount of information. Some users don’t prefer these styles because they have to look at the filing cabinet from the side rather than the front to find information. However, people who need a large amount of information stored nearby often prefer a lateral file cabinet.

Quill Used 2 Drawer 45 Inch Fire File, BlackFire safety is an important consideration when it comes to picking out a filing cabinet. Do you store papers that would be difficult or impossible to replace? Many offices have lost important documents during fires and managers have regretted the decision not to invest in fire-proof cabinets. The best fire safety file cabinets have strong locks that are difficult or impossible to breach. You can use these files to store tax information, legal documents, contracts, human resources paperwork and other confidential files. You can be confident that in the event of an emergency, your most important documents will be protected.

You don’t have to purchase the most expensive office products to get the file cabinet space that you need. You can find discounted furniture from well-known brands like Steelcase, Hon or Herman Miller from furniture liquidators like National Office Liquidators. We also offer refurbished products that look new and function perfectly. This will lessen your up-front investment while still allowing you to purchase high quality furnishings for your office.