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Allsteel Cubes Can Be the Answer for More Office Privacy

Not every good idea that seems right is right. Sometimes this is because human nature is not taken into account. Or we have assumptions on human nature, like people like working as close to friends or coworkers as much as possible, so that an idea can take off that doesn’t always work. This may be the problem that can happen with the open office.

Because there are some studies which show that the open office isn’t as popular with many office employees as the traditional style of office. The open office does give a sense of purpose to the employees. With the right employees, it can be a wonderful idea, but the design of it can be harmful as well. It can cause interruptions in attention spans, decreases productivity and creativity; and even affect workers’ health.

Allsteel 6x4 CubicleOne of the problems is that the worker’s personal space is cut down considerably. Instead of having a personal area, they may just have part of a desk. This is because the traditional cubicle is replaced with open spaces. You have the same idea of having your own desk, but they are joined to other desks. You may even share a work table with other employees.

The thought is that if you can get workers together at the same table, they will be better able to share information. It promotes brainstorming sessions as well when working on projects. It can also lead to employees bonding together. It can be an important part of corporate culture where all employees are placed on the same level of importance because everyone is needed; where the boss is more of a mentor and where people are made to feel like a close-knit family.

But this kind of environment can affect a person who has claustrophobe because they feel that they are being pinned in all around by other people. This can affect the health of people like this, both physically and mentally. Plus; there’s all the noises of other people working, talking, opening and closing folders and having earphones set at perhaps too high a volume.

Some companies have made compensation for all these distractions by offering spaces that are quiet that so employees can work undisturbed when it is needed. But in most places, this is considered a waste of space because some people may be less productive. Others may just use it with the excuse that they need quiet, though what they really want is a space for a little relaxation above the time allotted for the normal break. When quiet spaces are made available then, it may become an option to be productive in these spaces rather than the productivity that’s expected in the open office.

Allsteel Cubicle Corner Top CapWhen working in open spaces, it can be irritating, noisy and distracting too. It can take away the worker’s psychological privacy which is a crucial part of focus and creativity. The open workspace can erode morale and cause more absenteeism. Human nature is to be social, but it’s also to have personal space even on the job. Because with open space offices, instead of seeing just a pair of feet under a partition, a person might be at someone’s elbow all day with other people always being in the corner of both their eyes.

It’s not just like the old-fashioned secretarial pools in some open space offices. In some, employees may be inches from each other all day long.

So, if you, as a business owner are having any of these difficulties with your employees, you may want to consider installing a few cubicles instead. Allsteel cubicles can be the solution to this issue. 6×4 used cubicles are sold in pods, but they can be customized into rows or be sold as standalones for an additional fee.

They have a one box file pedestal with a laminated work surface. Power whips are available for extra cost. The dimensions they have are a 6’ spine with a 4’ wing. They should be professionally installed though since they don’t come with instructions for installation. They may not come with keys. You can purchase keys at your local locksmith though, or at  The 6×4 Used Cubicle by Allsteel – Sold In Pods can be found at this link.

If you would like a cost-effective way to keep your employees happy and give them privacy, then check out the Allsteel pods today.