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Why We Love Our Steelcase Leap V2 Chairs

The Leap Chair took 4 years of research with 11 studies done; using 27 scientists, and 732 participants to test it. Because of this research, information was obtained about how people sit which led to the advanced seating technology of today. So, the Leap Chairs are a wonder to sit in. The back of the chair moves when you move your back. When your arms move, the arms of the chair moves. When you move in your seat, the seat moves as well. This is the first chair designed to mimic and to support the spine as it moves.

What kind of features does the Leap Chair include?

Why We Love Our Steelcase Leap V2 ChairsThere are many ergonomic features of the Leap Chair. One is that the chair’s back moves to support the entire spine when a person changes position. This helps to reduce hunched over posture and lower back sag. These positions can weaken the disc walls, can cause the spine to deteriorate and they stress back ligaments. The chair also has slats in the back and in the seat to help the spine. A special foam in the chair allows breathability to control the balance of moisture and heat for a more comfortable feeling when sitting too. The comfort of the person sitting was a high priority with the design.

In addition, it has an adjustable seat depth that will adjust to different shapes of a person’s body so that you have long-term comfort if you are seated in one. With the lower back firmness control, you can set the control to your degree of firmness you like too so this helps keep the natural curve of the lower spine healthy. Additionally, the telescopic arm controls move the chair arms in and out; plus forward and back for a more natural position. The arms also pivot and adjust up and down for better support of the neck, shoulders, forearms and wrists.

Plus, when you want to recline, you can glide your seat forward. This allows reclining without leaving your Vision and Reach Zone. This will allow you to stay oriented with your work, and because you are in more varied positions that help the spine, there’s less pressure on the spine. On top of that, the edge of the seat will flex when you lean forward or recline which relieves the pressure on back of the legs. Too, there’s an upper back force control. This lets you set the control at the correct amount of push back which will let you recline. Whatever your body size is, it allows just the right amount of support for reclining.

How these features affect your body

Back Side of Steelcase Leap V2 Task ChairResearch shows that your spine doesn’t move together as a single unit, but separately. So, when you recline, your lower spine moves forward and your upper spine moves backward. Everyone’s spine moves differently, no two are alike. Each part of your back requires a different type of support then. So, the lower part of your back needs support that is constant and firm. Your upper back needs more support as you go into a reclining position though. Plus, your vision and reach can impact your posture as well. These discoveries were the guidelines for the design of the Leap Chair.

So, the Leap Chair moves along with you when you are seated in one which reduces pressure on the spine and helps to increase the blood flow to the brain. This also sends oxygen to your muscles by allowing for better blood flow in the body. Since the changes in your posture will help you be more comfortable, it additionally improves your attention span. The Natural Glide System helps you to recline in a comfortable position and reduces strain on your neck arms and eyes as an added included feature.

The Leap Chair has a patented LiveBack technology which will provide for you with both comfort and adjustability that’s effortless. So, it will adjust to bodies of all sizes and shapes. Because Leap mimics the shape of your spine, it will support your body then. This makes you comfortable so that you can better focus and be more productive as you go through your work day.

The Leap Chair is the best chair for you to get through your workday with comfort; a comfort scientifically designed to give you the greatest health.