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Different Types of Desk Styles to Choose for Your Office

When redecorating your office, deciding on a new desk to fit your style may be a little difficult. Because there are so many different styles and choices in the styles to pick from. Do you go with an impressive executive double pedestal desk or with an L-shape desk? Maybe a U-shape desk is more your style. Or if you want to interact more with your co-workers, then you can always choose a Peninsula, otherwise known a P-top or Bullet top desk; or even a partner desk.

Denmark Executive U-shape Desk with Hutch in Gray LaminateThe choices are numerous, and it helps to know a little about each one before making your selection. So, this article will review the desks so that you can get a better idea on what you might be interested in. There are also links below the article so that you can see the desks and get more information on the choices offered. But before you click on the links, below are different types of desks as well as their descriptions so that you’ll better know about the desks and their functionality:

The executive desk with double pedestals: This is a type of executive pedestal desk that has a pedestal on each side of the desk. A small platform known as a plinth is what the pedestal sits on usually. The pedestals aren’t just for looks but also have sets of drawers or small cabinets inside. The drawers are not all the same size. A small drawer may be on the top for office supplies with a larger drawer on the bottom for files.

Sometimes in the middle of the desk is a center drawer which comes in handy. This type of desk is a freestanding unit, more easily moved from one place to another place and traditionally has a leather top. The rest is made from wood.

The Executive “L”: This executive desk has two pieces. These pieces are a single pedestal main desk and the return. Both of these pieces are usually at the same height of about 29” or 30”. The return on this desk can be either on the right or left side.

The Executive “U”: This is a large desk shaped in a U. It consists of a desk, connecting bridge and a credenza. Sometimes a wall mounted overhead storage unit or a hutch will be included with the pieces

The “L” desk: This “L” desk has a single pedestal desk with only one storage pedestal and a connecting return that only has one storage pedestal.  An “L” shaped executive desk has a “left” or a “right” dealing with its description. This is for where the return is placed.

Manhattan 36x72 24x48 Bullet L-Shape Desk Right Return, Cashmere GrayThe Bullet desk: This Bullet desk is sometimes used in the place of a standard desk in an office. It’s also called a D-top desk, peninsula desk, Key-top and P-top desks.  It takes the place of the standard desk in the “L” desk configuration. The Bullet desk looks like the cross section of a bullet when looked at from above. It has a rounded end and is usually supported by a post made from metal. This type of desk is great for multiple users that are meeting at the desk.

The Partner Desk: The Partner or Partner’s Desk is a double desk. It’s two pedestal desks made as one large desk joined in the front. It’s used for two people to work facing each other.

Deciding what desk you want is more of a personal choice that anything. It is also a functional choice. So, do you want something large and impressive? Or do you want a desk which other people can sit around and go over a team project? Perhaps you like the idea of sharing a desk, sharing ideas and facing across from someone. The right desk would make it handy to pass files back and forth and check each other’s progress.

Or maybe you want lots of room to spread out, like the Executive U? So, with the right choice, you can make for your office one of comfort and functionality. Again, if you would like to see these desks, just follow the links.