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The Benefits of Budget Friendly Humanscale Chairs

There is probably nothing worse than sitting in an office chair that’s uncomfortable. It hurts your back; the arms won’t adjust and when you do stand up you can’t walk straight till the kinks work their way out. This is not only painful, but it cuts into your productivity. You can’t concentrate at work if you’re hurting too. So, this is where the Humanscale Freedom Chair comes into play.

Why Humanscale Chairs?

Humanscale Freedom Task ChairWhen you’re looking for an office chair, ergonomic support is the best way to go. Ergonomic chairs come in all sizes and shapes also such as with the Freedom Chair. They additionally have an assortment of settings so that you can choose the settings that fit your body perfectly. You can adjust the arms to the height that you’d like then as well as your seat height also. You work output will improve just because of the way that you’re comfortably sitting.

What’s different about the Freedom chair?

One of the first differences you’ll notice about the Freedom Chair is that is has less levers and knobs. Most chairs have enough knobs to become confusing, but the levers and knobs on the Freedom Chair aren’t. Because most of the chair’s movements are made automatically, there are fewer adjustments to be made manually then.

So, you can make the manual adjustments that you want to make. So, the height of the seat is adjusted by a paddle which is positioned on the underside of the chair to the right. All you need to do is to raise it to the height you wish and release the paddle to lock it in that position. Next, you’ll need to adjust your seat so that your legs are comfortable. The paddle for this is under the seat along the front edge. When you raise the paddle, you can slide your seat in and out. When you found the perfect seat depth, then you release the paddle to lock it in place.

Now onto the height adjustment. For the height adjustment, the lever is behind the chair on your right. So, when you press it, you can move the back up and down. When you’ve found the perfect spot for your back, release the lever to lock it. Additionally, the seat will pivot an inch when you recline, and the chair also has a wonderfully shaped low lumbar support.

Humanscale Freedom Task Chair with HeadrestThen there’s the arm adjustment. You wouldn’t really think that adjusting the arms on a chair would make much difference but you’d be surprised. Because where your arms are affects where your back is. So, the arms of the chair are supported from the back of the chair on the Freedom Chair. They’re on extended tubular steel supports. A great feature too is that anytime the arms aren’t going to be in use, you can lower them to seat level and they disappear. When you want them back up again, you grip the front edge of the arms and give them a little twist backwards. This causes the arms to be released and you can lift them up or down to where you want them to be. Just let go of them when you have them in the position that you want them in.

Finally, there is the optional headrest. It has two vertical supports which you use to adjust it with. Here, you reach over your shoulders, grip it on each side and pull or push it to raise it, or lower it to the level which suits you. The best part is that the rest is a curved shape. This allows you to either rest your head or your neck on it. In the recline position, the support is comfortable.

And the rest

Because of the heavy counter balanced mechanism, it does all the heavy lifting without effort which is why it needs so little in lever or knob control. The counter balance sense’s the user’s weight and automatically moves the seat and back of the chair where it should be. Also, because of the automated inbuilt controls, it will adjust to whatever your needs are.

In addition, it comes in gray, black fabric and black leather to match any office décor.

If you have an office chair which is hurting your back or is just plain uncomfortable, check out this chair.