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Benefits of Armless Chairs

Have you ever thought about using armless office chairs for you where you work? If you have always sat in a chair with arms, then it might take a little getting used to a chair without arms, but there are advantages to an armless chair. If you think about it, sometimes arms on an office chair do get in the way. For example, when you lean over to throw trash in the garbage can and the chair arm jabs you in the rib. Plus, armless chairs provide unrestrictive sitting and allow you to slide easier in and out. In addition, you can get closer to your desk without the arms in the way. So, what are the other advantages to armless chairs?

Armless Mesh Back ChairOne reason to use an armless chair is that this will save space. If you think about it, a chair with arms does take up a lot of room if you have a lot of them. So, armless chairs would be great in the training room, meeting areas and conference rooms where you have many employees. They slide nicely under the desk and tables when not being used too which gives a neat and uncluttered appearance. They are also wonderful in a reception room where you need many seats for people who are waiting for appointments.

They are additionally more economical because you are paying for less material. There is less upholstery, frame supports and fabric used than with a chair with arms. When a set of arms is added to a chair, it increases the price of the chair. Too, since arms of chairs are under constant pressure, they can be the first thing that will need replaced on a chair. Even though the chair may be under a warranty, if the arms break, it can take a few weeks to replace them if it is done in office. This means you’ll be using a chair with an uncomfortable broken arm in the meantime, or having to have it clutter someplace where people will put things on it and damage it further. Plus, if your chair isn’t under a warranty, then you must buy a new one which may be an unaccounted-for expense.

In addition, these chairs are a great budget friendly option for a smaller business which is watching what it spends. Even without the arm’s too, it’s made for commercial seating so it will uphold to the abuse of daily use.

Used Steelcase Leap V1 without ArmsNow, when you order a chair which has arms from your office supplier, it needs to be measured to be sure it will clear your desk. You need to measure how tall your desk is also and figure the measurements of the chair arms into the equation, the seat; plus the overall height of the chair. An armless chair will eliminate this problem because it will slide under a desk or workstation without issue.

Also, if you have a work station which is ergonomically designed and has a keyboard that is installed under your desk, chair arms may get in the way. It can be difficult to use your chair and the keyboard this way, and you could end up in an unnatural position. This will put strain on your neck and your wrists. An armless chair will allow the keyboard to slide up and out naturally without interference.

It may take time getting used to using an armless chair and to get comfy; however, you will soon be used to the flexibility of movement and the freedom to put your arms wherever you want. You need a folder from your filing cabinet? Lean down and pull one out. Do you need to slide over and reach a co-worker’s desk for paperwork for the team project? You can roll over and reach her desk in one easy movement.

And the Leap armless task chair has lower back firmness along with upper back force for a more comfortable chair.

So, if you’re looking for a new type of chair to try out in your office, which is less expensive and allows more freedom of movement, try an armless chair.