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My Cubicle Makeover

You can tell a lot about a person by their office. The design of your office should be a direct reflection of your personality. It’s also many peoples first impression of you. Do you want to be perceived as strong and sophisticated or are you coming across as simple and sloppy? If you have ever heard of the saying dress for the job you want the same should be said about the presentation of your workspace.

When I first started my position I was very excited about the design options that lay before me. I have this beautiful custom Knoll cubicle with a sliding glass door and metal polka dot base. Because I have a glass wall and am essentially visible to all, I knew that what I put in my cubicle was not only a direct reflection of myself but also of the company. I wanted to showcase the fact that cubicles don’t have to be boring but I knew I needed to choose some bold items.

First thing I changed in my cubicle was the neutral desk that was a shade of beige. I knew that wood didn’t really go with the style I was looking for so I swapped it out for a custom metal polka dot desk to match the outside base. The metal look is clean cut and sleek while the polka dots added some texture and uniqueness.

Storage is a must have. While you want your desk to look comfortable and cozy you don’t want to come off as messy and unorganized. Adding in vertical files under the desk is a great way to save yourself some space. Typically these items are no frill items however now you can get them with a custom padded top with fabric to not only add to your design but to also put out as an extra seat if need be.

Next I needed a bucket chair and I needed to add some color so I decided to make this item my pop of color. I hit the warehouse looking for the item I desired but I didn’t quite find anything that was exactly what I had in mind so I decided to get one reupholstered. I chose a comfortable chair that had great shape and clean lines. I reupholstered it with smooth red leather. It was bold and colorful as well as the company color. Not to mention a strong use of red in design also symbolizes things such as energy, power, leadership, courage, and joy.

Before and After Side Chairs

Now that I had chosen the main items that I wanted to reflect the company it was now time to choose my personal knickknacks that showed my personality and made me feel creative and productive in the workplace. Two must haves in personal items for me are a framed picture of loved ones and a plant or flower to help reduce stress. To add to my style I threw in some vintage inspired items such as a white teacup for pencils and a glass bird. For my finishing touch I add artwork to add more color as well as inspiration.

My Cubicle Makeover

I hope that my cubicle makeover inspires you to make a few changes of your own. Here are some closing things to remember: Design matters and customization doesn’t need to break the bank ask us about our reupholstering and custom desk top options.