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Mixed Material Trends in Office Furniture

The trend to use mixed material in office furniture is catching on. When you use texture and color in your business office, it gives it a more personalized and inspired look. The old “everything has to match” look is out and a more eclectic look is in. The idea is to make the office feel unique by not repeating the same furniture pieces over and over, as well as by using the same materials and colors. The most common trend is to mix metal and wood elements together for a subtle, but workable look. An office which appeals to the senses too helps with productivity.

Some ideas for your office

When you think about it, there’s a lot of space in many businesses. So, you may have a room for training, a conference room, a break room plus the assorted offices. So below are some furniture ideas for those rooms and what might work for you:

  • goSIT New Mobile Nesting Table 59 Inch with White Base, MahoganyThe training room: In a training room, you don’t want a lot of distractions because you want your employees to focus on what is being said or taught. Modern furniture may be the perfect choice for you then for this kind of business setting. You may want to choose tables which are lightweight and easy to move also. Being able to move the table around into various positions is an option which is good because of the different number of employees and topics discussed when training is in session. You may want to consider a table with a basic work surface additionally with a sleek profile and a metal base which is functional, but still looks good.
  • The conference room: In the conference room, Mahogany Round Veneer tables could be used for round table discussions. This particular kind of table has a wood veneer table surface and a metal base. It is 54 inches in diameter and 29 inches tall. You could add the Steelcase Think Chair for the office which shifts into three comfortable reclining positions too with a push of a button. It rolls smoothly on five casters. It additionally comes in a yellow line pattern with black frame. This type of furniture gives a professional vibe while leaving a good impression on any visitors.
  • The break room: The break room is where your employees go to eat lunch or take 15-minute breaks. So instead of the dreary cafeteria look, you could make it cheerier with a few 36-inch café tables. A table which has a metal base with a laminated top and a wood veneer top is sure to brighten things up. If the tabletop is white with maple trim, you add blue vinyl chairs also with silver frame; it will make the breakroom a relaxing place.

Tree Truck Table GlassOther colors used in office furniture

Office furniture is being lightened up from the black walnut and dark wood tones which have been used so frequently up to now. Blonde wood tables, shelving which is light oak and wood furnishings which are mixed are being used more and more. In addition, the colors of sky-blue, peach and white are showing up more offices. More of a relaxed beach theme then than the Wall Street look in the office is being used. Also, marble and bronze are being mixed with bleached wood surfaces, which sends the message of elegance rather than stuffiness.

Reflective surfaces and offices

Another material trend in the office is the use of frosted glass and marker board. When glass is incorporated, sometimes using reclaimed wood as the material for the storage unit doors and hutches, it reflects light in a space which otherwise would be dark. Additionally, surfaces which are writable are being used for the work surfaces. In some desk designs, a writable work surface is made over the entire desk, or fabric tiles are replaced by marker board. The surfaces are erasable.

The thing in all of this is that an office that is friendlier adds to productivity. It is not done just to be modern. The office also must be functional.

To close, to update and modernize your office, look into purchasing furniture that uses mixed materials.

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