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What You Should Know About Laminate Furniture

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You’ve probably heard about laminate furniture, but you may not know a lot about it. Since it’s not natural wood, you might worry that it’s cheap or it’s not long-lasting. Actually, this is a misconception. Laminate furniture can be attractive and durable. It can also be extremely cost-effective. If you take the time to learn more about laminate, you may find that it’s the best option for your office furniture.

Everyday 36x72 Double Pedestal Laminate Desk, MahoganyOne of the advantages of laminate is the many options that are available. It is made in hundreds of colors, patterns and finishes. This means you can find products that will match nearly any décor. You can find it in the colors that coordinate with your already existing furniture. In most cases, you can find a piece that works with what you have. Even if you can’t find an exact match, you’ll be able to find a piece that coordinates with your existing furniture.

Laminate is typically available in solid colors such as shades of black, shades of white, gray and many different shades of brown. Patterns can be understated or more obvious. Laminates that mock real wood are popular choices. You can find laminates that mock lighter shades of wood, medium wood colors, redwood and dark wood hues. All of these options provide a modern look that can work with many different decors.

Many people love the classic look and styling of real wood furniture. The problem is that real wood furniture is a large financial investment. Not only is wood expensive, it requires special care and needs to be treated gently so that it doesn’t show wear. Since the cost is so high, you’ll be highly motivated to take extra care of the pieces. That makes it difficult in a busy office when more than one person is around the furniture.

You won’t get the exact classic look of wood with laminate, but you can still purchase attractive, furniture that gives your office a professional look. There are many practical aspects when it comes to laminate. It can take the kind of abuse that comes along with day to day use in an office environment. Its durability makes it a good choice for high traffic areas of the company.

What does durability mean? It’s extremely resistant to water – including hot and cold liquids. The surface of laminate doesn’t scratch easily, unlike real wood. It works well for conference tables, cafeteria tables, work stations, training tables and shared desk areas. Think about how often these areas are used. They are easily susceptible to scratching and permanent damage if they aren’t made of the right material.

Everyday 30x60 Single Pedestal Laminate Desk, MahoganyThere are disadvantages to laminate that you should be aware of before you make a purchase. It is not the solution for every furnishing issue. It isn’t always made of the highest quality material which means that it could look unrealistic. This is especially true when it comes to wood veneers. If they’re made cheaply, then they will look like a bad facsimile of real wood.

The best way to go about buying laminate is to find a reputable brand. That way, you’ll know that the product is well-made and you won’t have to deal with the problems that cheaply made laminate present. You know you’ll have a high quality product when you purchase from a reputable manufacturer.

Purchasing high quality laminate furniture doesn’t have to be expensive. Laminate furniture isn’t highly priced to begin with. However, you can work with a furniture liquidator to reduce your costs. A good liquidator will offer brands like Arrowood, Captivate, Flourish, Hiland, Escalade, Clever, Casbah and Eloquence. Other brands you may consider include WaveWorks, Renegade and Fringe. A good liquidator can recommend other brands.

Furniture liquidators can save you money because they offer high-quality second-hand furniture. Good liquidators will provide information about the condition of the pieces. Used furniture can be a great bargain and it doesn’t have to look out of date. You can furnish your office for a reasonable price with laminate furniture and the items will be durable and last for years.