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Standing Desks and Improved Performance

Standing desks are becoming popular because studies have shown they can improve employee performance for a number of reasons. The positive effects of hybrid standing desks, which allow employees to both sit and stand, can benefit both individuals and the company. Research has shown that employees can significantly improve their health and productivity by using this alternative work setup. Exact configurations of desks can vary, but the principle of the desks in general is the same. They allow employees to move around more during the day instead of being in a sedentary position for long periods of time.

Everyday Electric Lifting Table with Laminate TopWhat are some of the advantages of standing desks? For starters, people who use them tend to have more energy throughout the day. They experience far less fatigue and even experience less hunger than people who sit all day. Keep in mind that standing desks don’t mean that the person is expected to stand all day. They should combine standing with a sitting option so that people can move back and forth throughout their workdays. However, even standing for part of the day makes a big difference in employees’ mental and physical health.

Sitting down all day long is bad for your health. When you are sedentary all day, you don’t burn very many calories and your muscles don’t get any exercise. People who spend most of their days sitting are at higher risk for serious health problems. Increased standing brings positive effects. When you stand, you burn significantly more calories, even if you only do it for part of the day. You’re more likely to remain alert when you’re on your feet. This will help you avoid the midday slump in energy and productivity that most people experience. Some schools have started using standing desk options because it helps children concentrate and burn excess energy during the day.

Standing desks help improve people’s mental health as well as their physical health. Regular activity can improve your mindset. Studies have shown that people’s moods improve when they use a desk that promotes movement. Researchers have found that people have less tension, depression, fatigue and confusion when they use a desk that allows them to sit and stand. People also show improvements such as increased energy and better focus.

Dnemark Lifting Manager Desk Right Return GrayThere are some disadvantages to standing desks and you shouldn’t adopt them for everyone just because they are a popular trend. When they’re used properly, they have benefits, but like anything else, improper use brings problems. If you’re uncomfortable, you’re not going to be able to concentrate. Standing desks are a great fit for some people, but others want the option to sit. People who aren’t trained to use the desk correctly will have problems. They need to be taught to adjust the desk to the right height and take time to sit when necessary. If the desk isn’t configured correctly, it can cause physical problems for employees.

No one should stand at a desk for a full day. It’s important to alternate standing and sitting or you will start to experience back pain. Foot pain can also be a problem. These desks give employees the benefits of standing but allow them to sit when they feel muscle strain. There are some strategies that make standing easier. Soft mats help reduce foot and back pain. Employees should wear shoes with good support. High heels and other uncomfortable shoes aren’t a good fit for standing desks. Over time, most people find a good sitting to standing ration. It may be 85 to 15, 70 to 30 or another number that fits. It will be different for everyone.

Good standing desks have features that help people use them. The height of the desk needs to be adjustable. Crouch over or looking up at a desk can cause back pain. The desk height should also be adjustable to your sitting option. Some people sit in traditional office chairs and move the desk down to their seat. Others sit in high seats that match the height of the desk. The desk itself should have enough space for your computer and other items. Most people need to have several things on their desks to work. The desk shouldn’t merely a platform for a computer.