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Picking Office Chairs that are Comfortable and Attractive

The reception area of your office is the first place that new visitors see. First impressions tend to last so it’s important that your reception office is attractive and welcoming. Since visitors often have to wait for a few minutes when they arrive, your office furniture and chairs are a key part of the environment. You want them to have the impression that your office is well-organized, professional and neat.

Lammhults Side Chair in YellowYour chairs should blend in naturally with the other office furniture, such as the reception desk and tables. They shouldn’t clash or look like they were bought cheaply at a yard sale. Most of all, the chairs should be comfortable. No one likes to sit in a stiff or lumpy chair. The chairs should be in good condition as should the rest of the chairs in your office. Good chairs will keep your visitors content and relaxed while they wait. Groups of people shouldn’t feel cramped while they are sitting.

Your office furniture indicates your company’s level of professionalism. However, you do not have to spend an outrageous amount of money finding office furniture that is comfortable and functional. You can find attractive chairs at reasonable prices through office furniture liquidators. Often, they have attractive and comfortable chairs that will easily fit into your budget. Avoid going to big box office chains; they sell chairs but often at a significant markup.

Your office chairs should be well-constructed and in good condition. You may need to clean them occasionally, especially the arm rests. Customers will notice if the chairs are neglected. The office furniture shouldn’t have broken backs, rips in the fabric or unbalanced legs. In some offices, owners choose to have a few higher chairs for patrons that may have difficulty sitting in lower seats. This is especially true for doctor’s offices that have older or handicapped patients.

If your office visitors tend to include children, you may want to have some smaller chairs in fun colors. You can also find chairs with small tables attached. These are extremely useful when visitors need to fill out paperwork or organize papers while they are waiting. You should also consider whether your visitors would appreciate armrests which can make chairs more comfortable for longer waits. High backs are also a good comfort feature for office furniture.

Cordelia by goSIT New Modern Executive Mid-Back Chair, WhiteStyle is an important consideration when it comes to office furniture. Consider how the office furniture will blend in with your existing decor. You can find chairs in a variety of styles including modern, classic and art deco. Some chairs feature wood which should coordinate with the other types of wood in the office. If you try to put different types of wood together, they may clash and create an unattractive and unprofessional appearance.

Chairs come in a wide variety of patterns. You can mix and match patterns and solid colors so that the room has visual interest. Be sure to consider the artwork and filing cabinets in the room to ensure that the chairs blend properly. Take the flooring into consideration as well. All these elements should be blend together to create the professional look you want to project.

You can find well-made office furniture products from brands like Herman Miller and Hon. There are many options for reception area chairs. Some companies offer refurbished chairs that appear brand news. You can find chairs with subtle patterns. You can also purchase chairs made from leather or leatherette that add distinction to the reception area. Some chairs resemble recliners while others have a more standard style. You can even find loveseats that are an attractive addition for the office.

Make sure your reception area has adequate space for the chairs you order. You don’t want the area to appear cluttered by too many chairs. On the other hand, you should have enough office furniture to accommodate the typical number of visitors. Count the average number of visitors you have daily during an average week. You should order enough accommodate that number of visitors plus a few additional chairs.

New or refurbished brand name office chairs can be a significant investment but they pay off in the long run. They will last longer than cheaply-made chairs. The chairs will also go a long way towards creating the look and image you want to project in your office.