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Selecting the Right Wood Finish for Your Office

When you are buying your office furniture, you’ll get the most pleasing results if all the pieces you purchase are in harmony. They should blend in together or contrast in an attractive way. The wood finish on office furniture pieces is a critical part of achieving visual harmony. Your office furniture style also makes a significant impression on visitors, clients and even employees. It sets the tone for how people should behave and interact in the office environment. You shouldn’t pick wood finishes on a whim because you may not end up with the result that you want. Instead, carefully consider your decision since you have a wide range of choices.

Morgan Wood Veneer L-Shaped Desk with Modesty PanelThere are a lot of options when it comes to wood finishes. For example, you can choose either laminate or real wood for your office furniture. Laminate is a man-made material that is printed to look as if it has a wood finish. Laminate is available in a variety of colors just like real wood. Laminate is popular because it costs quite a bit less that solid wood furniture. Some office furniture stores offer both standard and upgraded laminate finishes. The upgraded finishes may involve slightly more cost, but if you want a certain look, the investment is typically worth it.

Another advantage of laminate is that it is very easy to customize without a large investment. People often think that wood is always preferable to laminate, but the reality is that laminate comes in many attractive styles. Laminate is typically available in more colors than wood so you will have a wider range of options.  You can purchase laminate in traditional wood colors like mahogany, cherry and espresso. You can also purchase the furniture in less traditional colors like white, light blue, hunter green and black. This will allow you to create a unique look to your office space.

Laminate tends to be harder than wood. Laminate office furniture has a very long lifespan, even if it has to be moved on a frequent basis. Wood is susceptible to scratches and will need to be refinished at some point. You typically won’t have those concerns if you choose laminate.

Wood office furniture is still a good investment, although it involves more cost than laminate. Some people vastly prefer the feel of real wood. You can find good bargains on refurbished wood furniture if you are hoping to reduce costs. If you choose this route, you should be careful to find refurbished furniture that matches your d©cor. The office furniture pieces should coordinate well with your paint or wall paper, chairs, tables and other items.Cambridge Wood Veneer Series

Wood and laminate office furniture can come in a variety of colors. You should consider how the color will look in your office. Some colors are much darker than other. Dark furniture can look sophisticated, but it can also make the room look smaller. If the paint and flooring are dark as well, the room can seem dark and unwelcoming. Lighter wood styles can brighten up a room and make it seem larger. However, it should blend with the flooring and paint or it will stand out and look unattractive.

Common office furniture wood finishes include cherry, espresso, mahogany, maple and walnut. Espresso finishes are very attractive because they are dark and lend elegance to the area. Cherry is still a dark finish but brighter than espresso which appears almost black. Walnut can have a variety of shading. Some walnut furniture is even available in white. You should carefully consider wood finishes when you are selecting office furniture because the pieces are important focal points in your office.

You should also consider formality when selecting wood finishes. Do you want a casual, open look to the office? Or, do you want the office to appear formal and traditional? These are important considerations because they make an impression on clients and visitors. Many law offices and financial firms choose conservative wood finishes like cherry and mahogany because they create a highly professional look. However, if you want your environment to be friendly and welcoming, consider lighter finishes like walnut or a lighter-colored veneer so that visitors and clients can relax and be informal.