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New Heavy Duty Folding Tables by goSIT

For new heavy duty folding tables, goSIT has the new models that are out. These tables can be used in your conference room for the extra tables that you’re going to need if you are having an in-town conference with other business people. Or if you are just having an event like a retirement party, or even just because you need the tables for regular work. So, you just open them up, and you have all the extra table tops you need for all the people at work.

goSIT Heavy Duty Folding Table in Gray LaminateThe heavy duty folding table can also be used in the breakroom or lunchroom. This is especially handy if the room is used for another event later in the day which won’t be using tables. The tables can be broken down and stacked neatly against the wall until needed again.

For displays of your merchandise at an expo, these tables will pack up and travel too. Unfold them; set them up, and you can display whatever it is that you’ve brought to show interested buyers. They travel easily and can be carried by two people.

For training sessions, these tables have enough tabletop room for everyone to spread out their documents also. They can even be used by the presenter to setup their presentations, slideshows and whatever else they would need to do with the tables.

goSIT also makes an adjustable folding table for those times when you need a table that’s just a little higher. It’s great for presentations which need to be seen from the back of the room or something along that nature.

Other advantages of heavy folding tables

Imagine these situations. The rooms are all set up with regular folding tables. The problem is that they look tacky. The legs on some are wobbly. It looks like you are having a conference in a laundry room. Or, just as bad, you have a table with drinks and food on it. But someone bumps into the table, and this shakes the table so that food or drinks fall onto the floor. Or you put a device on a table that you are pitching or something that is somewhat heavy that you need for a speaker. But when you place the item on the table, the table collapses before your eyes right in front of you prospective customers.

These examples are given because we’ve all had to deal with a table that is not heavy duty at home where something like the examples above have happened so they are easy to visualize. But this kind of thing is not what you want to happen in a business setting. So, with the use of a heavy table, these problems can be avoided. Additionally, costs can be saved because the tables are sturdier so that when you store them, they have less chance of being damaged by the weight of other things being placed by them. They also won’t damage easily when they’re used, or in the set up.

The goSIT new heavy duty tables

goSIT Adjustable Height Plastic 30 x 72 Folding Table, WhiteThe goSIT Hard Plastic Folding Table is 72 inches long and has a black plastic top. It can give you the table space you need and is quickly setup. The total size is 73 inches long by 30 inches deep. It is 29 inches tall. The legs are black and metal.

This goSIT 72 Inch Hard Plastic Folding Table is granite white and has silver gray legs. With it you can setup the extra room you need quickly and take the table down just as fast. It’s 72 inches long, 30 inches deep and 29 inches tall.

This table is a goSIT Adjustable Height Plastic 30 x 72 Folding Table in white. It has adjustable height because the tan legs can be made higher or lower. It has a white plastic top. The dimensions are 30 inches in depth, 72 inches in width; and the height ranges from 24-36 inches. This table is great because it allows you to make the table higher or lower according to your needs.

goSIT makes a table that will handle your every need in your office. From breakrooms, to conference rooms to training sessions.