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Tables for Small Spaces

Knoll Reff Used 2 Drawer 36 Inch Lateral, Maple

Tables are used in offices for many different reasons. You may need a few in the breakroom to replace older ones or perhaps because you’ve hired new employees. You may need tables for your training room or even some for your reception area. Whatever your need, there is sure to be a table to fill it. Just find a table which complements your office or whatever room you need it for.

Types of tables

72 Inch Used Round Plastic Folding Table, White SpeckledSince there are different types of tables for small spaces, let’s go over a few. For example, there are the folding tables which can be set up for a display of products or even for an impromptu meeting. A goSIT  60 Inch Round Plastic Folding Table is one such table. It has a plastic top, and its metal legs fold up quickly. This table can be stored when the meeting is over easily too. It can be put in a closet out of the way until it’s needed the next time.

Training tables which are small and can be stacked to take up less space when you’re finished using them are also something to think about. These tables sit inside one another for storage and can be placed against a wall or in a closet when not in use. A good example of these are goSIT Mobile Nesting Training Tables. These tables are modern training tables that are on casters to move wherever you need them to be. They fold down for nesting in storage, taking up less space than regular tables. They’re easy to clean and have a folding latch and four casters with two that lock.  The corners are rounded so that no one is bumping into sharp corners. They come in a range of sizes.

Breakroom tables and reception area are two more places that need tables which aren’t too large. Employees enjoy sitting a few at a table, or pulling a few tables together if sitting with a larger group of colleagues too. Or a small table is perfect in the reception room for placing drinks, or even placing a small lamp for extra light. This table, the Steelcase Vecta Used Laminate Half Round Table is great for both. It has a laminated top for easy cleaning and is a half round shaped. This can be easily pushed against a wall or placed against another one for more tabletop if a longer table is needed.

Everyday 24x24 Laminate End Table, CherryAnother table which can be used in the reception room is the Espresso Laminate End Table. This table will create an inviting space in any reception area. Use it in a waiting area or office. It also works well between the waiting room chairs against a wall for placing the magazines.

Adjustable height tables are for when you’re tired of sitting and want to stand and work. If you want to stand and work, then you can raise the height of your desk. When you’re ready to sit back down you can lower it again. Ikea Galant Used 47×63 Adjustable Height Laminate Table Left Bend is an example of this kind of office table. It has a laminated top which makes wiping it up easy and three metal legs which are adjustable.

As you can see, tables have many uses in an office. So, tables can be used in the lobby for clients to place their refreshments on, or for the magazines that are neatly placed for them to read while waiting. Tables are needed for the breakroom too for the magazines and for the refreshments and lunches. Tables can be used in a training room for meetings and training programs also. Adjustable tables can be used for when employees don’t feel like sitting anymore, but feel the need to stretch and stand while working. For small spaces, there are tables which measure 26 inches wide and can hold up to 100 pounds safely. And with small tables, they can be stored easily and put together when the need arises. You can’t cut a larger table after all.

Whatever the need is for a table in your office, check out the links below.