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How to Choose the Right Stool

There are many uses for stools in the business world. You probably have a use for stools in your business if your think about it. The break area, for instance, if it’s small could probably be a little roomer with stools instead of chairs. If you have a small break room with just a microwave and an apartment-sized refrigerator and a few chairs, you can make it a little bigger then by replacing the chair with stools. Add a counter, some nice lighting; maybe a snack machine and some stools under the counter. You’ll have more room to move around, and your employees will it enjoy too.  The Izzy+ Hannah Stool is a perfect stool for this type of situation. It’s a modern design and armless.


Leaning stools

An interesting stool is a leaning stool. Leaning stools are used with sit/standing desks. The benefits of a leaning stool are increased productivity, less backpain, increased comfort and better moods and energy levels because you are using the right furniture for your body on the job. With a leaning stool, it will take a few days to get used to it though. Studies show, however, that using a stool instead of a regular office chair helps with circulation in your legs and circulation to your lower body and feet. So, this stool will also help to reduce pressure on your lower back.

There are several styles of leaning stools.

  • Stool with blue seat cushionThe saddle stools are good for when you are reaching for work with 2 hands. They do have a wide stance and saddle pressure, so it may take some getting used to.
  • Leaning and standing stools are almost as high as when you stand. These seats work well if you’re working on a fixed activity, but not if you need to move around a lot.
  • The bicycle seat stool is smaller than the saddle seat stool and costs less. But the smaller seat makes it less comfortable when sitting for long periods.
  • The perch stool costs less and is more rugged, but can be uncomfortable after a while. You can also slip forward off the flat seat if you’re not careful.

Though the seats can lack comfort if you sit too long, they are good if you are in and out of your desk often. This is especially true since sitting too long in a chair even if comfortable can cause health problems because of the reduction in blood circulation over an extended period of time.

Other stools

Ergonomic Task Chair Stool with High BackA drafting stool has a higher seat to reach a counter or a bar height work surface. These stools usually have a foot ring around the cylinder of the stool so that you can rest your feet when sitting on the stool. Task stools, computer stools and stools which are multipurpose have many advantages for people who use them. The stools can help maintain your posture and increase comfort. If you’re half-sitting on your work stool, you can get up more easily to move around and stand up without as much stress on your body. Being able to move around helps to reduce pain in your back, knees, joints and other sections of your body. The Herman Miller Ergon Armless Stool has an adjustable foot bar and seat height to make you as comfortable as possible.

Task stools have become a big part of the sit and stand movement in the office. Specialists have discovered that when people sit for a long period, it can hurt your body. You can develop injuries, fatigue, muscle cramps and discomfort and pain. It’s been found that using stools can improve work performance. So, Steelcase Leap V2 Used Task Chair  has upper back force, a back stop and adjustable seat heights. It has lumbar support with lower back firmness. The stools have good height, width, pivot and depth with the arms as well as seat depth

Another use for stools is at a conference table. So, there are stools which will reach to the height of a conference table without a problem. Also, with stools, you have more elbow room without hitting your arm on the chair beside you when the table is crowded. With stools, when the meeting is over, the stools can all be pushed under the table for a more streamlined and neater appearance in the office too. A good example of this stool is the Steelcase Think Used Conference Chair; it has an adjustable height, a sliding seat and tilt tension. The arms are small and fixed. It has a fabric seat and back.

As you can see, there’s a stool for every need in an office.