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The Versatility of Storage Cabinets

Having a successful filing system depends upon the type of cabinets and the system which you want to use. Since files and folders contain pertinent information about your business, having easy access to them is important also. So, a filing system which is easy and efficient to use can make all the difference in the world when you have a potential client sitting in the chair in front of you. This means to have the right system, you need the right storage cabinets.

The vertical filing system

Anderson Hickey Used 4 Drawer Legal Vertical File, BlackThe vertical filing system with the right storage cabinets will save space in your office. If you have a lot of wall space, the types of storage cabinet used with this system is perfect. You can store your files and have a prompt retrieval whenever information or paperwork is needed.

In some models of cabinets, like the HON 600 Series Steel Receding Door Six-Shelf File, you’ll get 6 doors that will flip up and slide in. The shelves are fixed with 2 binder dividers for each shelf. The cabinets will fit letter size documents and can be locked. The depths of the drawers are what lets the files stand in position. The depth of the drawers can range from 15 to 28 inches depending on the cabinet.

When using a vertical filing cabinet, the folders go into the cabinet to be stored vertically in relation to each other. The folders which are used for this have a back part which is taller and have the information about what’s in each folder on the taller side of the folder. So, the front side is shorter so that you can see the information on the back part of the folder. Each folder has different information and is placed either by using the numerical or alphabetical order system for storage of documents. These order systems are used along with vertical one being discussed.

So, with a vertical filing system, this will also allow you to hang files using a suspension method. The files hang with their ends upright and open which allows you to insert important papers into the file. It doesn’t have to be removed from its position to be able to do this. The cabinet has rails and the folder s are attached by metal bars that clasp on either bar end. Then the folds are hung from the rails by the clasps. To know what file is what, a metal plate with the identification of the folder is attached to the end of the rail.

Other types of storage cabinets

There are other types of storage cabinets too. The 2 Door Slide Storage Cabinet has two sliding doors and adjustable shelves for those difficult to fit items in your office. There are also tower cabinets which have 2 file drawers with top storage, an adjustable shelf and tall side storage.

Morgan Executive Credenza in Gray LaminiateThe Mobile Storage Cart/Cabinet has a white laminate top with an enclosed cabinet with 2 doors. It also has 2 hanging hooks, one on each door, 3 inner storage shelves with one that’s divided. It rolls around on 4 heavy duty casters and locks. What’s additionally nice about this cabinet is that it can go where you need it easily since it’s movable.

The Morgan Double Door Melamine Storage Cabinet is an attractive storage cabinet that’s perfect for a contemporary office space. You can store office supplies, paperwork or anything that you want kept secure and locked away. It has 2 hinged doors, a melamine finish with wedge shaped pulls and shelves.

The Mahogany 4-Door Storage Credenza is beautiful; it’s a solid piece of furniture that will last for years to come. It will fit in both traditional and contemporary settings because of its classic lines and silvery trim which is under the top and at the base. The credenza also has 4 doors and an inner adjustable shelf. The handles are brushed nickel.

Managing your files effectively

If you don’t manage your files effectively, it won’t matter what cabinets you use. Here’s some hints then on how to get the most out of your file cabinets:

  • Don’t save documents which aren’t necessary. If you have too many documents that have no relevance in your folders, you’re wasting space, and you won’t be able to find the important papers.
  • Choose a filing system and stay with it. If you’re going to use the alphabet to file, then use it for all your folders. If you decide to use numbers, then stay with the numbers. Use subfolders in your main folder and give shortened names to what the folders relate to too.
  • File related files together in one folder. For instance, for a project, file everything which pertains to it in one folder instead of in five different ones.

Keeping your file cabinet organized will help you in your business.