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The Best Reception Desk for Your Area

A reception desk is more than just a desk; it’s usually the first thing that new clients see when they walk in the door. An attractive, professional desk helps your receptionist make a good first impression with a prospective client. So, the reception desk is a pretty important piece of furniture. A nice reception desk will portray the success of your business, say a lot about your professionalism and your attitude towards customer relations. Investing in a desk that suits your business is a wise idea.

What is your type of business?

The type of business that you have will determine the type of reception desk that you’ll need. So, a desk for a business office will look different than a desk for a hair salon. Therefore, your desk decision will be based upon what you decide achieves the best result for client relations. You’ll also need to decide what the function of the desk will be. Will it only be used when greeting customers and having the phone answered? Or will it be a desk that is additionally used for filing and office work. What the desk is used for will help you then to make the decision on what kind of desk to choose.

Other questions

Some other questions that you may want to ask yourself before purchasing your desk are:

  • Morgan Reception-Black and White-Left Return-01-01How large is the space it’s fitting into? This is important because how large the space is that the desk is going to be put into in relation to the desk size is important. So, if you have a large space and install a small desk, then the desk will look overwhelmed. If you have a large reception desk and place it in a small area, then the room will be overwhelmed by the desk. You want your reception area to have a balanced look, so measure your space accordingly.
  • Will it match the décor and style of the office? Your reception desk should match the décor and style of the rest of your office. So does your office look classic, modern or eclectic? If your office is modern, then adding something with a Victorian flare will probably clash. A reception desk which blends in with the rest of your reception area will also make the office look larger.
  • Where to buy your reception desk? There are different options for buying your reception desk. Looking for a good deal goes without saying, and sometimes you can find a decent desk at a furniture store. However, the best bet is to purchase your desk online. You can save a good deal of money when shopping online. You can also look in more places online to find something that you like. You could then then look around for something similar at a furniture store to see how it fits your office. Then go back and order it online for less money unless you find something that really works there. If you have a reception area which is oddly shaped, however, you may have to have your desk custom made to fit properly.

What to look for in a reception desk

Morgan Reception-Black and White-Left Return-02There are many types of office reception desks for you to choose from. Reception desks can be different shapes, sizes or dimensions and made from many different materials too. The typical reception desk will also have a counter to do transactions on. This allows enough space for a client to hand in any necessary forms, fill out paperwork and still have the receptionist close by to answer any questions. The desk should additionally have space for a computer, phone, keyboard and a grommet hole to contain all the wires and cables of devices that you can port them through. In addition, there should be enough space for organizers, files and necessary papers.

Also, there should be a front panel which serves as a privacy screen for the receptionist. This way the receptionist can stay focused when working and not be stared at by clients or people in the waiting room. A lot of times this type of desk doesn’t include file drawers under the desk. This is to give the receptionist more leg room for swiveling and moving around on the desk chair to deal with customers.

Purchasing a new reception desk for your office is just a matter of what works for your business.