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Storage Options for Offices

Devon Metal Used Storage Cabinet 72 Inch, Putty

Storage is an ongoing concern in every office environment. Employees need a lot of different tools to do their jobs effectively, including technology, manuals, files, portable electronic devices, references guides and other job-specific tools. A cluttered office or desk makes it difficult to be productive. It also sends the message that the person is unorganized and unfocused. This can make the wrong impression on customers and colleagues. Security is also a concern. Many documents contain confidential information and employee belongings need to be protected.

Manhattan Executive Desk SetOften, the cause of clutter is a lack of sufficient storage space. Employees have many resources for their job that they don’t use all the time. When the items aren’t in use, they should be able to put them out of sight. This helps reduce the clutter and it also helps employees be more efficient. When they have space, they can keep their most needed items close at hand. They’ll be able to access them quickly instead of having to weed through stacks of other items.

There are a variety of storage options for offices and workspaces. There are different types of file cabinets, credenzas, bookcases, multimedia storage, wardrobe-style cabinets and more. These items can be found in styles that will fit the décor of virtually any office. Storage products come in different sizes and shapes so they can fit into smaller or unusually-designed spaces.

Before you purchase any storage items for you or your company, carefully consider employee needs. Ask yourself questions like:

  • Are storage needs likely to grow over time?
    • If so, you’ll want to consider add-on pieces, such as filing cabinets that you can add side-
  • What types of items do we need to store? Books? Paper? Files? Equipment?
    • This will determine whether you need filing cabinets, multimedia storage, a credenza,
  • Do we need to store everything that we have or can we purge some of it?
    • Paper documents collect over time. An occasional purge is often necessary to control the accumulation. Some documents are out of date and unnecessary. These can be shredded. Other items can be stored electronically. However, there will be some that need to be readily accessible and filing cabinets and drawers are a good storage solution.
    • Technology can collect quickly as well. Before you know it, employees may have several pieces of equipment at their desks. Some could be obsolete. Others may be crucial to their work. There are many storage solutions for technology including media cabinets, specific types of desks and credenzas.
  • How private does the storage need to be? Does it need to be locked?
    • Lots of documents need to be secured from public access to protect customers and
    • Consider employee privacy when it comes to storage. Employees need to store some employees. Technology may need to be stored securely to prevent theft. In these cases, look for locking cabinets and cabinets. personal items at their desks such as purses or papers with private information. They need to be protected from theft, both of their belongings and of their identities. This is why secure storage is so important.

Herman Miller Meridian Medium Tone 42 inch Flip TopFiling cabinets come in many styles and sizes. They are made with different wood stains and laminate and can coordinate perfectly with your existing office furniture. You can find cabinets with two, three and four drawers. Some are large and tall and some are smaller, designed to accessorize desks. You can choose vertical or lateral styles, depending on your preference.

Pedestals are a storage option you may not be familiar with. They can be mobile or stationary. Employees find these helpful for storing items under tables and desks. Many different styles, types of wood and colors are available so you can coordinate them with your existing desks and tables. They are a great choice for smaller, out of the way storage. Some units have locks to protect confidential information or employee possessions.

Do you have team members that come in and out of the office during the day? If desks aren’t appropriate for their storage needs, consider lockers. You can find professional lockers that include hangers, dial locking, key locks, filing and other helpful features. Your company has many choices when it comes to storage so research your needs and options carefully.