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Conference Tables and Storage Credenzas

Choosing a conference table

Morgan 10ft Conference Table StagedA conference table can be many sizes; having different shapes. It can also be made from an assortment of materials such as wood, marble, glass, synthetic materials or any combination of these elements. Additionally, when deciding upon what kind of table to use, how the table will be used and who will use it are important factors. So, for corporate meetings, a long solid wood table may be the best choice. If you’re planning on having small discussion groups, then a modular table may be the choice that you want.

One of the things to keep in mind though is that the conference table is the main focus of the conference room. You don’t want a table that is too big then for the room which would overwhelm it or one that is too small which would make it insignificant. So, take measurements to be sure that your table choice will fill the center of the room to the right proportions. You also need to consider what other equipment you’re going to have in the conference room to be sure that you have the right amount of space that you’re going to need. In addition, when measuring, you need to take into account the door and ceiling heights as well as the window placements.

So, make a mental checklist. On your checklist put the equipment needed in the conference room.  You will need to know too on your list where the power sources are and where the furniture and equipment is going to be placed in relation to the power sources. So, if AV and teleconferencing equipment is going to be used on a regular basis, you may want to think about a conference table which has wire management touch or data/power access ports. No matter how big or small the space is that you have for your conference room, there will be a table which fits. The Associate Series offers wood conference tables of all kinds for this. What sets this series apart is the ability to seat two people at each end on of 5′ wide tables as well as the quality of the furniture.

Once you have chosen your table, then you will need to position the rest of the furniture in your conference room. Below is a general chart for furniture spacing:

  • When placing each chair around the table, there needs to be 30” between chairs.
  • Between the wall and the table there needs to be between 48-56” for clearance.
  • Between the table and one wall there needs to be 60” for main aisle space.
  • Between the back of the chair and the wall, there needs to be 16” when the chair is pushed in so that there is the ability to walk along the table when the chairs are being used.
  • There should be 24” between the wall and the back of the chair without having to turn the chair sideways to get out of the chair if this is not a walking area during presentations.
  • Between the easel/visual display board and the table there needs to be 56”.
  • To present material on the wall, there needs to be 30” of free space for standing at the head of the table.

Choosing a Storage Credenzas

Everyday Gray Storage CabinetA storage credenza can store many different types of office necessities. A credenza usually has cabinets, filing compartments and drawers with a long top that makes a good work surface. A storage credenza comes in traditional and modern styles as well as being made from materials like wood or hard plastic.

Another thing is that your desk and the finish on your credenza don’t have to exactly match. If you want to be a little eclectic, purchase a light wood credenza against the dark wood of a desk. Then repeat the light wood tones with perhaps some dark wood throughout your office in other wood pieces and even with the lamps. In addition, small spaces aren’t an issue with a credenza because it doesn’t have to be deep. These will also work under a window if you’re short of wall space.

The right conference table will give your conference room the look that you’re aiming for. The right credenza will give you extra work space, plus room for office supplies hidden and out of sight. With the correct choices, you can have a well-made conference room

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