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How to Buy a New Office Chair

There are certain things to consider when buying a new office chair when you run a business. It should have features which adjust such as seat height because your office desk’s leg room may be different than the ones in the display room. It should also be comfortable as well as durable; allow for airflow and have seams which aren’t put together where they irritate the skin. So, to help with your chair choice, below are some other ideas to think about before you go out and pick your new chair for the office:

  • Steelcase Leap Electric BlueWill the chair be used often? If you sit in your chair for long hours and don’t take frequent breaks, you may want to do some splurging on your chair. So, since you put in long hours, you may want to consider a chair with ergonomic adjustments. If you are only in your chair for a few hours daily though, then other considerations here such as style and budget could influence your decision.
  • What is the kind of work that you do? If you’re the type of person who moves around a lot while working in an office, or are in a space with other people who are at their desks a lot, you may want a chair with rollers. Then you could help your employees without getting up and down, up and down. So a chair with scuff resistant rollers which allows the chair to roll smoothly may be perfect here. Or if you don’t sit for long periods, you may not need a chair with padding or arms. But if you’re at your computer for long periods of time, a chair with a higher back and deeper seat will help to support lumbar muscles.
  • How do you sit? If you find that you lean forward often when in a chair, there are task chairs which have a more forward tilt. But if you recline when you’re working, for example when talking on the phone, you may need a chair that tilts and allows for the range of motion that you use. If you are a bit on the unconventional side though, perhaps you enjoy sitting with a leg slung over an arm of a chair at times, then you may want to choose a chair with width and depth adjustable armrests.
  • Preexisting aches and pains: If your back acts up, purchase a chair with lumbar support. If you’re legs ache when in one position for too long, then a chair with a sloped front to encourage better circulation is the best chair to use. However, even if buy a good chair, you should still get up and walk around every so often to help prevent muscle pain.
  • The type of flooring in your office? Casters on chairs generally roll smoothly if the floor is smooth. But if your floor is carpet, that could be another matter. A new chair mat with the new chair may work best in this instance because it would also preserve your carpet.
  • Haworth Zody Black Leather with Gray FrameChoosing upholstery: There are several options to choose from when thinking about upholstery on a chair. For example, for airflow, mesh is an excellent choice and it helps keep you cool if you sit for long hours. Mesh works good too at keeping moisture and heat from building up. For a luxurious plush feel, leather is wonderful, but it will retain your body’s heat. For easier cleaning, vinyl is a great choice, but it will retain body heat also. A fabric chair is prone to staining, but it’s comfortable. You can buy chairs with fabric though that are stain repellent as well as having breathable fabric. Additionally, molded foam chairs are the most commonly used office chairs. Molded foam will contour to the shape of a person’s body too.
  • Weight capacity and seat size: Many office chairs will adjust enough so that they accommodate the assorted shapes and sizes of people. But if you have a large frame or a small frame, there are special chairs that will fit you better.
  • A warranty: An office chair must stand up to abuse every day. The company you buy your office chair from should also have a straightforward and fair warranty then which they stand behind. For the higher-end model of office chair, the more inclusive and longer the warranty the better. There are some warranties though which won’t cover standard wear and tear, but other warranties may.

Deciding what office chair to buy for your office should be based on your personal comfort and the amount the chair will be used.