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Creating a Contemporary Office

Creating a contemporary office space can be intimidating for some people, because they are not sure exactly what contemporary looks like. People often believe that the word contemporary means a specific look, color, or style. However, that just isn’t quite accurate. Contemporary simply means developed recently or modern. Modern means whatever is new, trendy, and updated with the latest features.

Creating the design you want does not mean avoiding natural woods or only decorating only with white either. It doesn’t have to be intimidating or confusing. The following ideas can help guide you in your decision making, but don’t let these ideas make you think you should shy away from mixing and matching. Using an eclectic style is often exactly the look contemporary designers go for, so why shouldn’t you?

  • Remove physical dividers – Walls or tall cubicles tend to cut people off from one another. Designs that are open are what it’s all about in today’s workplace. Create collaborative spaces that inspire creativity. Team centered work areas for sharing ideas help others envision a company with innovation and flexibility.
  • Design – Contemporary design means clean lines that are aesthetically appealing. That doesn’t necessarily mean using straight, sharp lines either. Your design can incorporate circles, waves, ovals, or a mix of all of them if done in a tasteful way. Geometric architectural construction is currently very popular.
  • Lighting – Creating the right mood is what it’s all about and while you want it to be bright, you do not want it to be glaring.
  • Overall vision – The room should be inviting, not stark looking and lonely. Consider the space you are addressing and use it wisely. Efficiency is just as important as function and design.
  • Storage – Modern furniture makers have found very creative ways to incorporate many, to all of your storage needs into their designs. Expect to see built-in shelves, filing cabinets, and storage cabinets.
  • Color – Contemporary furnishings tend to lean toward monochromatic colors combined with shiny, metal surfaces. Some designs go lighter and then add bright pops of color, while others choose to bring wood tones into their design.
  • Art – Contemporary art is what is popular in the here and now. It uses artists that are presently living in the 21st century. It reflects current events and issues of the surrounding world and society.
  • Integrated technology – Contemporary furnishings take into account all the newest gadgets we use in the modern world. That may be as simple as having wire management, or as elaborate as including multiple ports to run the variety of popular gadgets available.

The primary decision to make is what will transform your space, while still keeping it professional. To sum it up, what you want is to construct an inviting space that encourages employees to collaborate, discuss, and move about. It has become such an attractive concept that even many executives are moving out into the open. It’s also popular with clients that see an up-to-date environment that is progressive and in motion. If your employees are happy, the customer perceives it and reflects that same excitement towards the business as well.