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Why Employees Need Lockers

There are several reasons why your employees may need lockers in your office space. When you have office lockers it permits your employees to have some personal spaces in the office. Also because many offices have a shared workspace, protection of personal belongings may become an issue. Having a safe space to put personal items can relieve worries about theft or loss. That issue can be overcome with private lockers.

Why lockers are a good idea

Steelcase Answer Tower StorageIf you have staff who work out of different offices during the week, you should provide lockers for storage. Additionally, if you have sales representatives who travel and then report back to the office, they may need some private spaces also. Not all these employees may need their own private desks because they wouldn’t be in the office a lot, but having a place to store personal items may be needed.  For instance, maybe a place to put changes of clothing or outer garments if they wear coveralls out on service calls. At the end of the day when they come back to the main office then, their personal items can be picked up, and they know that the items have been secure.

Another reason too for private lockers is that sometimes desks get too cluttered with staff who are permanent. To keep a tidy and clean working environment, a place to put coats, boots, umbrellas will keep your office looking professional. Nothing may turn off a new client more than to see personal clutter all over the office because employees can’t properly store things. In addition, to help your employees keep a focused mindset, keeping clutter to a minimum helps.

Additionally, if your employees are working with sensitive or important information, a locker can provide a secure place to store this temporarily. This is handy if the person is working late or overtime and needs to put the papers somewhere safe until they can go back into the file cabinets in the morning if you have the cabinet key and you’re not in the office.

What locker would work for your office?

Lockers come in different types, and there is one that will work for you. Be sure to check all the specifications of the locker before you purchase it though. It should suit the purpose for which you are buying it. As an example, if you run a “hot desk” where employees switch from desk to desk, a locker space would work perfectly for this type of situation. This would allow these types of employee to have a place to put their personal items as the desks are not a good option because of all the employee movement.

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On the other hand, a double tier locker has the same features, but they are mounted one on top of the other. These are usually shorter than the single tier lockers. A box style office locker for personal storage space is often used in offices also. These are made from plastic, wood or steel.

In addition, if you have a small business, you may only need a 6-tier commercial locker. This type of locker works well if all your employees have their own permanent personal desks. Then they would only use if for personal items such as purses or other items of that nature.

Another use for lockers is to have your employees place their mobile phones in them. The phones would be available for breaks and lunches, but wouldn’t interfere or distract other employees. Everyone’s phone would be locked up in a safe place, but accessed easily when needed.

So, having personal office lockers in your office may be a good idea. Your employees will have a place to put personal items. Your office area won’t be cluttered and will look professional.