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New Power Grommets on the Morgan Series

Have you ever been in a meeting with a group of people and every single one of them needed a power outlet? This is becoming a common situation in the modern work world. People need to charge laptops, phones and handheld devices in order to participate in meetings. With older conference tables, you would be scrambling to plug everyone’s equipment in. Some people would not be able to plug their computers or devices and they would run completely out of batteries.

Morgan Executive Left Return Melamine L Shape Desk, Black and White

Situations like this can make meetings very inefficient. In modern office settings, most people keep their information on their computers or handheld devices. Most people don’t sit at their desks for long periods of time, so their devices need to be charged on a regular basis. Although batteries are becoming more and more efficient, they still don’t last forever. When people are in meetings, it’s not unusual for them to access important information on their devices in order to participate effectively. If they can’t charge their devices, they will have serious problems. Most meeting rooms have a limited number of outlets. In addition, the outlets aren’t usually situated a convenient place. They’re usually against walls or behind furniture People shouldn’t have to huddle in corners to use their computers or handheld devices while they’re charging. If a conference call or Skype conversation is taking place, it makes it all but impossible for people to participate.

These situations have led power and communications systems being installed in office furniture. These systems are referred power or data grommets. Power grommets are convenient outlets for cables that make life much easier for office workers. They provide added functionality to conference tables so that they can be used for charging and multimedia functions.

It’s not just the lack of charging stations that cause problems in meetings. The lack of appropriate cables and connectors would also be disruptive. Many modern meetings include audio-visual elements. It’s not unusual for meetings to include Skype so that people at other locations around the world can fully participate in the meeting. People expect a variety of different elements, depending on the topic of the meeting, such as livestreaming video, music, sophisticated graphics, integrated design elements and much more. To meet expectations, your conference room needs to be set up to accommodate modern equipment.

The Morgan series of furniture now has added functionality in addition to its attractive design. The goSit brand Racetrack Conference Tables and desks now feature power grommets. These modern conference tables and desks are available in a variety of attractive laminate colors including gray, black, teak, white and zebra. The zebra lines also offers powered desks and tables in wood veneer. The Morgan line hosts a wide range of desk and conference table options perfect for the whole office, including 6 foot, 8 foot, 10 foot and 12 foot.