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Creating a Motivational Space

Motivating employees is on every executive’s mind. They are constantly looking for techniques to inspire employees and help them feel engaged in the workplace. The truth is that motivation is complicated. There is no one way to inspire employees and therein lies the difficultly. Workers need to be motivated in a variety of ways. These include their involvement in team projects, their ability to achieve goals, the sense of contributing to company goals, the atmosphere they work in and many other factors. Analyzing motivational factors should be an ongoing process to ensure that employees feel engaged. Company and project circumstances change on a regular basis so it’s important to stay on top of employee engagement constantly.

Herman Miller Everywhere Used 42x42 Collaboration Table, GrayCollaboration is a key part of modern workplaces. People typically work on teams and these groups needs places they can meet together as a team. Sometimes these teams change on a rapid basis so it doesn’t make sense to seat the people together permanently. This is why it’s important to create collaboration areas in the workplace in several different places around the company. Often, these are large tables configured for meetings. These tables also double as workstations and allow team members to hook up computers and other necessary technology for project work. These collaboration areas allow employees to work together easily.

When collaboration is simplified, it contributes to team motivation. Employees are able to get to know their team members well. They learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses so that they know who to turn to during particular project challenges. Communication is simplified so that employees don’t have to deal with the frustration of dealing with multiple emails and phone calls to deal with simple issues. They can resolve problems quickly and simply through immediate conversations. They can brainstorm and come up with exciting new ideas on the spot in their collaboration area. Team members don’t have to schedule meetings to keep one another updated on basic information. They can connect quickly and easily. When it’s time for a project team or a department to regroup, the collaboration area can quickly be disbanded, reconfigured or repurposed for another group.

It may surprise you to learn that privacy can also be motivating for employees. Why? Because it is so hard to come by in an office environment. Privacy can be a rare commodity. Everyone needs privacy sometimes. The chance to be alone is necessary for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, people just need to recharge their batteries. Perhaps they need to have private conversations or make phone calls they don’t want others to overhear. Employees feel that their company cares about them if they have a private area for these types of needs.

Privacy is also important when it comes to accomplishing goals. Employees feel motivated when they are able to complete their projects and achieve the goals their managers have set for them and the goals they’ve set for themselves. Often, workers need a private place to work uninterrupted so that they can finish their projects in a timely manner. Collaboration is important, but employees need time to think, plan and analyze. If they don’t have these opportunities, they will feel frustrated and overwhelmed. That’s why a private area to work will motivate employees.

Steelcase Move Stack ChairsWhat about motivational quotes? They’re popular in many workplaces. Do they really work? They can if they are used correctly. It’s important that the quotes aren’t overused motivational posters that everyone’s seen. The motivational quotes need to be relevant to the company and the type of projects that employees work on. Motivational quotes can be on posters, plaques, screen savers, white boards, television monitors and other easily viewed areas. Not only should the motivational quotes be unique, they shouldn’t stay in the same place for too long, otherwise, employees won’t notice them after a while. Rotate motivational quotes on a regular basis so that everyone has the chance to see something new.

Many corporations stick with bland, generic colors in their offices. They try to ensure that the office has a professional look. However, many of these colors tend to be dull and uninspiring for the people that sit around them. Consider using more inspirational and fun colors in the office. Consult with a designer to find colors that will motivate people instead of making the office drab and dull.