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The Advantages of Glass Marker Boards

Collaboration is an important process in work environments, whether in large meetings or during one- on-one interactions. You can exchange emails and materials and discuss issues over the phone, but sometimes, a meeting is the best way to work together to share information, solve problems and spur new ideas. To collaborate as effectively as possible, you need good collaboration tools. They don’t have to be complex. It’s not necessary to have high end technology or other expensive items to share ideas effectively. Good collaboration tools can be as simple as a meeting room, chairs, a table and a surface for sharing ideas.

People like to see options, charts, numbers and other information during certain meetings so all the information is available at all times. They don’t have to refer back to their notes or repeatedly ask the same questions. That’s why it’s good to have a visual collaboration space where people can record information. For the tool to work, they should be able to add new information or remove details that are no longer relevant. Some people use flip chart paper to record this kind of information. It is also possible to share information through a computer and projection system. However, people often prefer a more casual tool like a white board that anyone can write on during the meeting.

4x6 Inside Job New Glass Marker BoardWhen you think of white boards, you probably think of the traditional white board that is a slight variation on a chalkboard. They are plain and functional and you don’t notice them much around the office. These are very popular for meetings and brainstorming sessions because they allow people to share ideas and visualize them. The boards are also a great way to record diagrams, steps and other important information so that meeting attendees can record them later.

There are some disadvantages to standard white boards. They are certainly more attractive than blackboards. They are more environmentally friendly than flipcharts or other disposable items. But, white boards don’t age very well. You’ve probably seen plenty of white boards that need to be replaced. Over time, they appear stained, scratched and you can make out faint writing from other sessions. They look messy and unprofessional over time. Some companies choose to constantly replace them, but this can be costly if the boards are used regularly.

Modern offices can take advantage of a new product that will replace the white board while providing all of the same functions. Glass marker boards are becoming more and more popular with companies everywhere. Glass marker boards are attractive and can add a decorative touch to the office. In fact, they are one of the cheapest ways you can add a sophisticated touch to your office.

When you use a standard white board, you often have problems with ghosting. This means that the words or pictures you’ve drawn are still slightly visible after you’ve erased them. Most white boards need to be treated with special cleaners on a regular basis to remove ghosting. However, you can’t stop a meeting or training session to thoroughly clean a board. Thus, the board starts to look messy and cluttered after a while.

4x6 Glass Marker Board - Factory ClearanceGlass marker boards don’t have issues with ghosting. The boards won’t absorb the marker in the way whiteboards do so they are significantly easier to clean. They are perfect for environments where they’ll be used heavily. Glass white marker boards don’t stain and can handle constant use.

Glass marker boards are magnetized, which offers a great advantage for users. While using the marker board, you can hang papers from magnets directly onto the board. This is especially effective when you are using the board by yourself or in a small group. This is helpful when you have to refer to notes, share definitions or other types of information.

When you’re redecorating an office or looking for ways to modernize it, glass white boards are one of the simplest ways to add some sophistication to the room. They have a very modern appearance and blend in well with other types of decorations. You can find them in more than one size and hang them vertically or horizontally to customize the look of your meeting room, training room, office or other environment.