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Creating a Useful, Practical Training Room

If your team is creating a training room, you have a lot of options for making the room functional and practical on a budget. If you already have training rooms, they may need an occasional upgrade to maximize their functionality. There are a wild variety of items that can improve your training room and make it simpler to set up and use for many different types of training classes.

Many departments struggle with small space for training. If the furniture is too large or isn’t functional, the room can seem cramped even if there are only a few participants in the room. One solution for creating space is nesting tables. These tables are created to be moved and stacked to create space when necessary. If more room is needed, the tables can be spread out to accommodate more participants.

goSIT New Mobile Nesting Table 59 Inch with White Base, WalnutNesting tables are a popular choice for training rooms and other group meeting rooms. Why? Nesting tables are simple to move and typically have features that make them attractive additions for training rooms. They are mobile so they can easily be stored when not in use. Look for tables with metal trays underneath which can accommodate keyboards and other equipment. There are other options for training rooms, such as work tables. These are perfect for training sessions where participants need to spend quiet time studying or preparing for group training exercises.

Most companies purchase standard training tables for a room. Although these don’t need to be the only tables in the room, they are an important staple. These tables come in a variety of sizes which means they will fit into any size of room. You can also mix and match tables. For example, you may want a longer, larger trainer for the front or back of the room, where the trainer will be teaching. This will give the trainer room to organize materials and equipment. Adjustable tables are ideal because trainers can adjust them to their heights and equipment needs.

Whether you choose nesting tables or standard tables, it’s important to make sure that you have adequate seating for the room. There’s nothing more frustrating than scrambling for chairs right before a training session or meeting. It’s a good idea to invest in comfortable chairs so that participants aren’t distracted by uncomfortable seating. Adjustable chairs can make all the difference in comfort for participants.

goSIT New Mobile Nesting Table 70 Inch, WhiteMost offices have extra stacking chairs available in case of overflow or if someone wants to observe a course. It’s a good idea to have extra seating available so that you can accommodate any unforeseen needs as quickly as possible. That way, no one has to go on a scavenger hunt for chairs at the last minute. Even if your backup chairs aren’t as high-end as the classroom chairs, your visitors will appreciate having a chair readily available.
A training room can serve more functions than merely providing a location for standard training classes. It doesn’t need to sit empty when training classes aren’t in session. If you have the right equipment, you can use the room for many different purposes including:

  • Staff meetings: You can enhance staff meetings by using glass marker boards and technology to share information and collaborate on team issues.
  • Project meetings: Training rooms provide many different collaboration tools including computer equipment, flexible meeting spaces, workspaces and other tools that can make project meetings productive.
  • Quiet workplaces: When training rooms aren’t in use, they can serve as quiet workspaces for people who need extra concentration. If your training department has a reservation system, people can reserve workspaces in the room when it’s not in use.

Furnishing a training room doesn’t have to break your budget. Don’t assume that you have to go to big box furniture stores to find equipment for training rooms. Office furniture liquidators have a variety of products that can meet your needs at much better prices than other stores. You may be able to purchase used equipment that has been cleaned and restored so that it is indistinguishable from new pieces. Furniture liquidators often purchase these items from companies that are moving or going out of business. They are a great resource for revamping training rooms at a reasonable price.